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Swara Yoga / Swarodaya

Swara Yoga is considered to be revealed by Lord Shiva to goddess Parvati which is texted in Shiva-Swaraodaya. This is an ancient knowledge which was limited to the high-level sages. It is concerned with respiration. It is utilized in both physical and spiritual...

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Yoga Asanas for controlling age

10 yoga asanas for controlling age | asanas that keeps you young In this article, we will discuss the Yoga Asanas for controlling age. Asanas can give all-round benefits. Some asanas can be performed for the special purpose as well. In this session, we are going to...

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Yoga Terms that You Should Know

Abhyasa: practice; cf. vairagya Acarya (sometimes spelled Acharya in English): a preceptor and instructor; cf. guru Ahimsa ("nonharming"): the single most important moral discipline (yama) Ananda ("bliss"): the condition of utter joy. In addition to which is an...

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Do You Have To Be Vegetarian To Practice Yoga?

Do you really need to be a vegetarian to practice yoga? It is one of the most controversial topics in the yoga world. Some say you’re not truly practicing yoga if you eat meat. Others say that it is not necessary to eat purely vegetarian diets. There is not a...

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Who is Patanjali?

Who is Patanjali? Patanjali in an ancient exponent of raja yoga and the author of the Yoga Sutras. Yoga Sutras is a series of verses about the eight steps.  Although there are stories, no one knows when he lived or much about his life. Patanajali was a yogi. He grew...

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Is Yoga a Religion?

Yoga is not a religion. It is a kind of philosophy that began in Asia estimated 5,000 years ago. The father of classical yoga is Patanjali. Patanjali wrote the Yoga Sutra. Yoga Sutra scriptures provide a framework for spiritual growth and mastery over the physical and...

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Post On Topics related to Yoga Therapy

44 Benefits of Yoga in Kathmandu

Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word “yuji,”. "Yuji" means union. Yoga is an ancient practice that combines together mind, body and soul. In addition to that yoga incorporates breathing exercises and meditation. Furthermore there are poses designed to encourage...

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Post On Sat karma


Tratak is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘to see or gaze’. It is one of the practices of meditation performed gazing at a certain object. Generally, it is practiced looking at the flame of the lamp. Moreover, it also can be practiced gazing at the symbol, photo, circle,...

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Shankhaprakshalana (The process of cleansing entire digestive tract) Sankhaprakshalana has vital role in yogic detoxification so we can say this is one of the major detox in yoga .  Shanka Prakshalana evacuates and cleanses the intestines and whole digestive track...

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Vaman Dhauti

Vaman Dhauti  (Regurgitative cleansing) Vaman mean 'vomoting' and dhauti mean wash or cleanse so the vaman dhauti mean cleaning of  digestive system by means of vomiting is vaman dhauti. This process is effective to take out acid, indigested food, toxic and other...

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miscellaneous Blog Post

How to Maintain Good Relationship

How to Maintain Happy, Healthy & Good Relationship With Your Partners The good relationship is life's real achievement.  People try to maintain good relationship all their life but their effort becomes futile. A good relationship depends on us, our thinking and our...

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Kriya Yoga Meditation

Kriya Yoga Meditation an ancient meditation technique by Lahiri Mahasaya Kriya Yoga Meditation is one of the ancient meditation technique which was revived by Mahavatar Babaji and his disciple Lahiri Mahasaya in 1861 AD. Lahiri Mahasaya flourished Kriya Yoga...

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Past life Regression Meditation

Past Life Regression Meditation, a Higher-Level Meditation Past life regression meditation is a higher-level meditation which brings to your subconscious mind reveals all the realities of life. The purpose of past-life regression meditation is to take a person in a...

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