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Yoga Asanas with Animals name

Yoga Asanas with Animals name | Realization of Various Creatures and Forms If you practice yoga regularly,  you will notice that many of the yoga asanas with animals name and are given with the positions of creatures found in nature. Yoga-Asana (Yogic Posture), third...

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Nine Hindrances in Yoga

Nine Hindrances in Yoga which Interrupt Our Practice & Block yogic Progress The path of yoga is very long and difficult. There are many hindrances in yoga filled hazard and diversion. However, the yogis who have already traveled on the path of yoga stated all the...

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Relaxing Yoga poses

5 Best Relaxing Yoga Poses with benefit and awareness The body also needs relaxation when it gets tired. For the proper conscious relaxation, there are some relaxing Yoga poses. If there are any postural abnormalities, relaxing yoga poses normalize the problems. These...

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Differences between yoga and exercise

yoga vs exercise: Differences between yoga and exercise Most of the people think that yoga and exercise are same. Although both of them aim at improving health and fitness providing proper exercise to the body, they are different to each other. Yoga (like Ashtanga...

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Five Chittas of Human Consciousness

Five Chittas: Kshipta, Mudha, Bikshipta, Ekagra, Niruddha   Chitta is a Sanskrit as well as Pali language word which means the consciousness of the human mind. In the famous book of Patanjali Yoga Sutra, he describes Chitta in detail. We can find the word Chitta is...

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Post On Topics related to Yoga Therapy

Benefits of Yoga in Drug Addiction

15 Benefits of Yoga in Drug Addiction which supports you to quit drug addiction and its effect Are there benefits of yoga in drug addiction? Yes, There are several factors which yoga helps in drug addiction. The best treatment for Drug addiction is Yoga and...

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Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing: a process to balance, harmonize and transform the body's energy Our body is balanced by the energy which it has. If the energy becomes less than necessary for our body, our body starts to be sick. If we can heal by sending energy into our body, we can...

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Yoga for Myopia

Yoga for Myopia (Short-Sightedness) and its Remedies  The short-sightedness of the eyes or the low vision of the eyes is called myopia. In this cases, the distance object looks dim or blurry whereas the close object looks normal.  It means to say myopia causes the...

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Post On Sat karma


Tratak is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘to see or gaze’. It is one of the practices of meditation performed gazing at a certain object. Generally, it is practiced looking at the flame of the lamp. Moreover, it also can be practiced gazing at the symbol, photo, circle,...

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Shankhaprakshalana (The process of cleansing entire digestive tract) Sankhaprakshalana has vital role in yogic detoxification so we can say this is one of the major detox in yoga .  Shanka Prakshalana evacuates and cleanses the intestines and whole digestive track...

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Vaman Dhauti

Vaman Dhauti  (Regurgitative cleansing) Vaman mean 'vomoting' and dhauti mean wash or cleanse so the vaman dhauti mean cleaning of  digestive system by means of vomiting is vaman dhauti. This process is effective to take out acid, indigested food, toxic and other...

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miscellaneous Blog Post

Hair Fall, prevention and Ayurveda

Hair Fall and Ayurveda Ayurveda does miracles in hair fall, and in the maintenance of healthy hair and scalp. In this article discusses the causes of hair fall and the steps to prevent loss of hair." Normal and Abnormal Hair Fall:- If there is a fall of more than 100...

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Ayurveda: Stress Healing & Body Cleansing

Stress Healing & Body Cleansing: A miracle of Ayurveda Fast paced life, skipping breakfast/lunch/ dinners, Chinese/ fast foods/ junk food cultures, busy schedules, sleepless nights, competition & complexity of Today’s World- in this process of hectic growth we subject...

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Sound Healing and importance

Sound Healing Sound is supposed to be the form of a divinity in various traditions and cultures in the world. The sound being the part of life has been conceived as the real nature of the supreme existence of the God. In the Hindu philosophy there is a mantra in...

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