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The reasons can be numerous when the visit to Nepal comes in mind. More than ever in the history of human civilization has yoga been as fascinating and curious subject of study and learning as it has been in the recent years. With such highly growing field of study and learning, even the holidays have been prepared to learn and get idea on yoga. In such perspectives of Yoga and its’ booming scenario, Yoga HolidayRead More
In spite of its popularity and overwhelming craze for yoga, one aspect of hatha yoga called asana has been regarded as the yoga. Indeed, hatha yoga is one the ways to reach to the state of yoga by various means and procedures. Even though all kinds of yoga requires certain process and practices, they are not similar. In Hatha Yoga, the substantial concern lies on the asana, shat karma, pranayama, mudra, bandha and meditation.Read More
Ashtanga Yoga is the systematic set of sutras compiled by Maharshi Patanjali. The Sanskrit word Ashtanga means eight limbs. In other words, it is also said the eight limbs yoga. Sage Patanjali has formulated eight limbs as being the path to yoga. According to sage Patanjali, following all the limbs one can realize the state of Samadhi. It has also been named as Patanjali’s Raja Yoga.  However, the commentaries of different yogis vary in theRead More
Astrology has been conceived as one of the most exciting as well as questionable study of knowledge throughout the world. Even though the origin of the practice of astrology has been interrelated to the Mesopotamia, it has left enormous influence in every part of the world coming to this age of time.Read More
Hatha is a Sanskrit word which means ‘forceful’ or ‘willful’. The yoga which emphasizes the forceful or willful practice of yoga is called Hatha yoga in general sense. However, Hatha Yoga absorbs the deeper meaning. Hatha also has been defined as ha which represents prana, the vital force whereas tha represents mind, the mental energy. In other word, it can be stated that hath yoga is the practice which unites and harmonizes the mental and pranic energy.Read More
With the thriving expansion and popularity of Yoga in recent years than anytime else in the history of Yoga, it has been the talk of town and matter of research and interest not only to the people of yogic quest but also to the people who are hectic and indulged in their day to day life activities for progress, success and achievement in their career and betterment in life-style. Read More
The Sanskrit term chakra means ‘wheel’, ‘circle’ and ‘cycle’. In other words, the chakra is energy centre that exist in the subtle body. It has not any shape rather it is the psycho spiritual energy centre. Chakras are those energy centres through which the cosmic energy flows into the human body and these are the life-force energy centers.Read More
Generally the word ‘mudra’ denotes the gesture or attitude. Moreover, this word also has been used as financial term. In financial arena, it refers to currency. However, this implication as a currency totally comes under Nepali and Hindu script. In yogic understanding, the Sanskrit word ‘Mudra’ basically refers to “gesture”, “attitude”, “sign”, “mark” and “seal” which is performed implying the hands and fingers as well as whole body.Read More
Tratak is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘to see or gaze’. It is one of the practices of meditation performed gazing at a certain object. Generally, it is practiced looking at the flame of the lamp. Moreover, it also can be practiced gazing at the symbol, photo, circle, flower, moon, water, leaf or any point. Read More
You may be wondering why Nepal is one of the best choices for the journey of yoga and meditation. As a part of the eight highest peak of Himalayas, Nepal is a deeply spiritual yogic place. It is one of the best countries to host yoga retreats, yoga teacher training, meditation, healing and many more spiritual learning. So, Nepal is being famous as a 'Guru country' (country of yoga Master) all over the world on the path of yoga and meditation.Read More