Yoga Teacher Training Course Nepal

       “Come as disciple return as guru (teacher)! : principle of our Yoga Teacher Training course”        

 200 hours  Yoga Teacher Training Course

200 hours yoga teacher training course is designed to immerse students in the intensive and spiritual practices of traditional Astanga yoga and Hatha Yoga focusing on awareness, breathing, proper safe and effective asana, meditation and practical philosophy help you to  live less stressful, contented and harmonious daily life. After completion the course you will gain a professional yoga teacher’s certification from Yoga Alliance International. 200 hours yoga teacher training course  will give you skills and experience to start teaching yoga professionally.

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Yoga Teacher training course

500 Hours advanced Yoga Teacher Training

This 500 hours advanced yoga Teacher Training course allows yoga teachers to expand their knowledge and deepen on yoga  practice. They get higher awareness, good health, flexibility, vitality and steadiness of the mind. When the mind is steady they feel inner peace and real nature. Even if you are not interested in teaching yoga the course will help you to lead a healthier and more spiritual life in accordance with your true nature. Advanced yoga teacher training course are able to attain by anyone but have to be basic knowledge in yoga.

If you like, you can add one more month internship class at Nepal Yoga Home after this training course.

For more detail:  500-hours-yoga-teacher-training

Yoga teacher training course

What is being taught?

  • Research based authentic traditional Astanga yoga and Hatha yoga.
  • Complete in depth curriculum.
  • Focused in Awareness, Breathing, flexibility and meditation.
  • Covers the concept of ancient to modern practical yoga philosophy.
  • Experience and learn the art of teaching yoga.
  • Teaching style is mainly Astanga yoga and Hatha yoga based on research.
  • Certified by Yoga Alliance international.

At the end of the course you will receive a certification from the Yoga Alliance International.


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