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International Yoga Festival

Some Presentation of International Yoga Festival 2017


Welcome to all yoga lover from all over the world!

Yoga has been growing as an appealing and absorbing field of study and profession for the last few years in Nepal, even though the history of yoga is found to be rooted in the Himalayas, the abode of Lord Shiv, in Nepal. In spite of its growing popularity in the west and many countries of the east including India, Nepal seems to be lacking itself in promoting and establishing the sustainable schooling of yoga. The harsh reality of Nepali yoga enthusiasts is that they have to visit India to harness and hone their knowledge, skill and horizon of yoga because of not having such promising and intriguing culture and schooling of yoga. Despite of its prosperous and glorious spiritual history, Nepal has not received the height and recognition it would have experienced. The enlightened masters like Buddha was born in Nepal who is known as the ‘Light of Asia’ and the initiator of Buddhism. However, the journey of yoga Buddha took and the stature he realized in spirituality seem to be the medium of advertisement and box of donation as well as the matter of debate for us. Deep and dedicated awareness and schooling regarding yoga seem to be lacking in Nepal. Therefore, in order to promote and popularize the yoga in Nepal, the culture of festival and celebration looks essential. Considering the reluctant and fading attraction towards yoga in Nepal, Nepal Yoga Home has, for the first time in Nepal, strived to organize and establish the systematic and long-lasting tradition of yoga celebration.

As one of the pioneer schools of Yoga in Nepal, Nepal Yoga Home welcomes yoga enthusiast irrespective of his/her background and tradition to participate in the first grand yoga festival ever organized in Nepal.  With the sincere concern in development and establishment of Yoga in Nepal, the yoga festival and celebration seem to have significant role. The way our culture and customs are celebrated every year, in the same way, yoga also being an unalienable part of our life and rooted in the history of Nepal, we’ve with great effort and excitement planned to organize the maiden yoga festival and celebration in the Himalayan country of Yoga and spirituality.


  • Transform Knowledge
  • Promotion of yoga and meditation.
  • Establish the foundation of yoga festival in Nepal
  • Develop the sense of celebration about our culture and tradition.
  • To enhance the root and authentic source of knowledge on yoga.
  • Bring the promising environment in the field of yoga.
  • To popularize and promote the origin of Yoga.
  • Empowerment and awareness in the spirituality.
  • Develop the sense of intimacy with the Yoga.


Everybody can participate in the yoga festival. We appreciate your donation.  The donation you provide will be considered as the investment on lunch which will be offered with no cost.


11 am to 5 pm for one day.


Nepal Yoga Home

Goldhunga-11, Bypass, Kathmandu, Nepal


14th April, 2017


Nepal Yoga Home

Nepal Yoga Home is one of the forerunner and leading international yoga organization in Nepal which has been offering the Yoga Teacher Training and retreat program for nearly a decade.