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 Terms and condition of “Nepal Yoga Home”

Terms and condition

1. General

These are the terms and conditions based on which Nepal Yoga Home will provide the service to the client.

Please make sure that you read these terms and conditions carefully and understand its implications.

2. Course Participants

The person that wants to take part in programs organized by Nepal Yoga Home should be at least 15 years old. In the case of a minor, a guardian is mandatory.

3. Required Documents

While booking the program, the client must fill the details in the application form and provide legal documents that include a photocopy of passport, recent passport-sized photo. If other documents are also needed, Nepal Yoga Home shall ask it with the client. It will be the responsibility of the client to provide the documents.

4. Price and Payment

The price of the course is set out in the booking form and a deposit of 25% of the cost price is needed to book the program. After receiving the deposit, Nepal Yoga home will send a confirmation notice to the client. The remaining payment should be made by the client on arrival in Nepal.

The payment of bank charges and service fees shall be borne by the client.

5. Cancellation or Suspension

In the case where the program is canceled by Nepal Yoga Home, the full amount will be refunded.

In the case where the program is canceled by the client, the deposit amount will not be refunded.

If the client postpones the program, Nepal Yoga Home shall check the availability of another program and inform the client accordingly. Nepal Yoga Home shall charge service costs depending upon the substitute program.

In cases where the client cancels the program after it has already started, no refund will be provided.

The client cannot modify the program after it has commenced.

6. Using the course materials

The course materials provided to the client during the program shall not be sold, lent, or copied to the third party without the written consent of Nepal Yoga Home.

After completing the contract, the client should return the course materials to Nepal Yoga Home.

Nepal Yoga home holds the intellectual property right in the course.

7. Legal Compliance

The client should comply with the prevailing laws, rules, and regulations in Nepal. If the client does any act contrary to the prevailing laws, then Nepal Yoga Home reserves the right to cancel the program without an option of a refund.

8. Events outside the control 

Nepal Yoga Home shall not be held responsible for failure to perform the promise mentioned in the contract for an event that is outside the control of Nepal Yoga Home. An Event outside the control of Nepal Yoga Home includes but is not only limited to strikes, lock-outs, epidemic, pandemic, terrorist attack, earthquake, and war.

If an event outside the control of Nepal Yoga Home takes place, then Nepal Yoga Home shall contact the client as soon as possible. The obligations to be performed will remain suspended. The client has the option to either take a refund or choose a new program.

9. Health issues

Nepal Yoga Home does not bear any responsibility for any health issues that the client may have. It is the responsibility of the client to take the program while understanding his medical condition. If the client experiences difficulties due to the medical condition, then Nepal Yoga Home can ask the client to leave the program.

10. Travel insurance

Nepal Yoga Home strongly recommends the client to have travel insurance that covers their personal effects.

11. Behavior 

The client should not show hostile behavior towards the teacher, other students, and staff of Nepal Yoga Home. If the client continuously does so, then Nepal Yoga Home reserves the right to cancels the program without any option for refund.

12. Changes to the price and terms of booking

The price of programs and the terms and conditions may change due to legal reasons and price factors. Nepal Yoga Home reserves the right to change the price of the programs. Changes in the price of the booking will not affect the price of booking already confirmed with a client.