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Privacy Policy

The Privacy policy of Nepal Yoga Home is as follows: Nepal Yoga Home Private Limited owns the websites. The website is utterly committed to protecting your privacy and not leaking or selling your information to the third party. We collect only the required information in case we need them. Without our client consent, we do not use any sorts of clients’ information.

Nepal Yoga Home Private Limited holds the right to revoke the privacy policy and put another one or modify it in the case of need. Our website does not make any sorts of representations and promote third party sites that may pop up on the website.

1. Personal information

The personal information of the customers is collected keeping in line with the laws privacy policy of the Nepal government. Your information will be safe with us. We collect your additional information by consulting you before collecting them.

2. Collecting information

As per the privacy policy if Nepal Yoga Home, we only collect that information which is necessary and pressing. Until and unless there is a pressing need to collect the information we do not collect unnecessarily. We value your privacy and collect the information with consent. We respect the constitution of Nepal, instead of breaking we encourage others to follow too. The main reason for collecting your information will be to help with you get the enhanced services offered by us.

3. Deletion of your information

Just like you have the right to access your information, you also have the right to delete your personal information that you have provided to us. Likewise, you can also correct that information if necessary.

4. Registration not mandatory

It is not mandatory to register. However, if you like to get access to the newsletter in your email, then it is necessary to register by entering your name, email, phone number, address, and other options that pop up to register.

5. Details of your payment gateway 

The privacy policy of NYH offer you different payment options. The details you enter of your credit cards, PayPal account, or any other payment options will be stored in our system but not used unnecessarily. It will be deleted once the work is completed.

6. Information disclosure privacy policy

The information collected with your consent will be used only for the intended use, not for unnecessary purposes. Nepal Yoga Home will only disclose the information if it is necessary to disclose by the constitution of the law and order to act in urgent circumstances.

7. Involvement of third parties

We may involve third parties in a bid to provide better service to our customers. While providing access to third parties, we may disclose some necessary information to third parties.

8. Security

Security is always a greater concern for us. Our privacy policy works with integrity and strive to make our services secure with us, with no leakage of your data inadvertently. However, due to the constantly evolving technology, it cannot be completely guaranteed to be completely secured.

a) Notwithstanding the ever-evolving technologies, we take the necessary steps to protect your valuable personal information which you provide to us through our website.

b) Likewise, our employees associate with us works with integrity to protect your information. In case, they violate the rule of conduct they shall face the consequences of breaching confidentiality.

9. IP Addresses

The IP address of the individuals are collected to help you diagnose the problems and support to get a good service.

10. Cookies

We use cookies to give better services to the customers. The main purpose of using the cookies is to beef up the security of storing your section ID. Your non-personal information is gleaned that helps us to analyze your preferred ability in using the sites.

11. Other sites link

Sometime, we provide links to other sites, also about the third-party websites. Although we try to filter and provide the authentic sites’ link. However, these links are not under our control. Therefore, we advise you to be cautious in using such links AS WE DO NOT COMPLETELY BEAR THE LOSS OF USING SUCH SITES.

For further information about our privacy policy or any other information, you can contact us in the E-mail of Nepal Yoga Home and put your queries so we could solve them at the earliest.