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200 hours seniors yoga teacher training in Nepal (50 + years)

Seniors yoga teacher training

200 hours seniors’ yoga teacher training in Nepal (50 + years)

If you are seeking best senior’s yoga teacher training course for your self-transformation as well as teaching to others this 200-hour seniors yoga teacher training is for you. This training is not only to be teacher, it’s equally focused the prevention, promotion and curation of old age problem. Those who want to make old age as the meaningful, productive, healthy, peaceful this course is for you. Many people are suffering from psychosomatic diseases in old age if you learn yoga and meditation it makes your rest of the life healthy, easy and comfortable. If you able to share this transformative knowledge to your near, dear, family, friend and yoga enthusiast it may turn their life in new level of health and happiness.    

This 200 hour certified seniors yoga has perfectly designed for seniors who want to start the yoga as a beginner as well as regular practitioner. Those who are new to yoga they have best opportunity to start the spiritual journey, those who already have experience they will get perfect chance to grow the knowledge. If you have knowledge of yoga and meditation you never feel loneliness in old age. Instead to take help from others you can help the people sharing your knowledge of yoga, meditation, breath work etc.  

Life transforming 200 hours seniors’ yoga training is for all seniors who want to live life different way then previous life. There is nothing important than your knowledge. This 200 hour certified yoga teacher training in Nepal help you to change insight developing the perception of life. If you have knowledge you never get stress. Root cause of stress is we are unknown about who we are? This training helps you to find who really you are. 

Learn senior’s gentle yoga in the serene environment on the yard of Nagarjun National park.  It’s amazing gathering of seniors’ people from all over the world. Exchanging the knowledge and experience help to grow your mental and spiritual height. 200 hours yoga teacher training has not focus only physical posture it equally gives priority for meditation, breathing, relaxation, philosophy, chanting, detox etc. Do not think I do not have flexibility so may not able to attend, your mental and emotional flexibility is enough to participate to this course. 200 hours yoga teacher training is good for physical, mental and spiritual health. In old age people are losing mental, emotional and spiritual health. This life changing seniors’ yoga training in Nepal can reestablish your good health. Everyone can benefit from yoga. Yoga can be practiced in every age. There is no such age bar. Healthy people can practice yoga to maintain their health, enhance skill, ability and creativity. A unhealthy person can do it to cure the problem.  

In senior age yoga can be very beneficial for overall health. Yoga can be practiced very easily at senior age. It’s not only physical posture it’s about the overall lifestyle which includes meditation, breath work, relaxation, chanting, philosophy, detox etc. Asana also can can be practiced with certain precaution and support for therapeutic benefit. The main goal of yoga is to bring our mind into eternal peace and happiness. So, any Senior who want to establish peaceful life they can join this course. 

200 hours yoga teacher training course in Nepal will help to understand the physiological and psychological need of old people, and teach how to handle the old age issue and how to work with the props to support them. We have expert teacher who has studied more detail in the subject and are willing to share their knowledge and experience. 

Understanding the Physiology of old age   

Aging process has a certain effect in our physiology and neurology. Arteries start to lose elasticity. Stiffening of arteries results from different factors like aging process and fat accumulation. This affects our circulatory system. It affects in our heart function. Cardiac problem, hypertensions are the common ailments seen in old age. In old age people has lack of energy so it generates stress and anxiety, It has also an effect in our circulatory and respiratory system. Regular practice of yoga and meditation can prevent many more problems which may occurs in old age. 

Yogic lifestyle and regular practice of yoga can help to remain physically and mentally fit. The yoga postures and breathing exercises helps to improve the flexibility of the chest wall, increase the oxygen consumption in the blood. The yogic food, yogic lifestyle and regular practice of yoga help to keep our mind peaceful and body healthy.  We cannot stop aging of our physical body. But we can stay always healthy and happy mentally and spiritually. So, yoga and meditation keep you psychologically young and fit in every moment keeping happy and healthy lifestyle. 

Who can join?

The course is designed for the senior age above 50 as it focuses on how to practice asana, pranayama and meditation at old age and benefit from it. However, everyone who is seeking to learn more about the different approach of seniors’ yoga and meditation can join 200 hours certified seniors’ yoga teacher Training course. 

Those who are below 50 but want to learn yoga for seniors also can join the course. Young and adult can learn gentle yoga then they can use in their life as well as can teach for seniors. Those who think I have less flexibility so better to mix seniors group also can join this course. It is also for those who want to share their knowledge to older people but himself/herself is young can join the course. Complete beginner and usual practitioner both can join the course. Every participant who is interested gentle flow of yoga poses, meditation, breathwork, yoga nidra (Yogic relaxation) can enjoy this course. Here is no age bar for learning but the course is specially focus for seniors. 

What includes this 200-hour seniors yoga teacher training.

Sukshma Vyayam (Micro yogic Exercise)

Sukshma Vyayam or the micro yogic exercises is a group of loosening and strengthening practices that helps to remove the stiffness and blockage from our joints and muscles of the body. Due to less activity, tensions and stress our muscles and joints accumulates stiffness and toxins. It is also known as blockage. It does not allow the energy or the prana to flow freely in our body. Hence, the disease appears in our body.

200 hours seniors’ yoga teacher training course in Nepal provide you amazing group of micro yogic exercises (Sukshma Vyayama) can be very beneficial at the elder age as it helps to promote health and opens up the channel for the energy of our whole body. It can benefit in the ailments like joint problems, back pain, hypertension, arthritis and many other common ailments in old age. It should be practiced with total awareness and proper breathing to get the overall physical, mental health and wellbeing. 

Yoga Asana for senior age: 

Asana brings health and easiness in our body. It brings stability in our mind. When we have to cope with stress regularly, our body acquires stiffness. As people grow old they find difficulties in coping with the stress and anxiety. In old age people might have to face the situation where they become mentally and emotionally unstable. They find lack of sharing and connecting. Suppression and imbalance of emotion has impact in total health influencing the respiratory, muscular and overall body system. 

Asana brings stability. It improves our body and mind strength. Asana helps to open up our lungs and bring flexibility in our body. It not just works in a muscular system but also it helps to circulate the blood to all the organs and cells in a proper way.  As the blood circulation improves, it helps to remove the toxins from the body. It cleanses and restores energy and improves physical and mental health.  

Asana should be practiced in a proper way in old age. Common therapeutic knowledge is essential. It should be learned with expert and knowledgeable teacher. One should understand how different props like block, belt, and chair can be used to help while practicing the posture. One should go according to the need of body to bring the easiness in practice. Asana is not just about stretching and balancing. Simple asana has great benefit if practiced with awareness and proper breathing. So, asana can be practice at any age and can bring great benefit to life. Following group of postures, you will learn during your 200 hours certified seniors’ yoga teacher training course.  

  • Micro yogic exercises 
  • Dynamic posture to warm up
  • Sun salutation
  • Moon salutation 
  • Gentle flow of yoga posture 
  • Restorative yoga 
  • Yin Yoga 
  • Hip opening group of poses 
  • Balancing group of poses 
  • Core strengthening group of poses 
  • Inversion group of poses 
  • Forward and backward bending group of poses 
  • Twisting group of poses 
  • Downward facing dog group of poeses 
  • Table top group of poses 
  • Lotus group of poses 
  • Classical hatha yoga group of poses 
  • Modified and variation intense of poses 

Chair Surya Namaskara as part of senior people

Surya Namaskara or the Sun Salutation is a sequence of twelve classic postures that help to vitalize our energy, health and happiness. Sun is regarded as the symbol of consciousness in spirituality. Surya Namaskara brings physical, mental health, and spiritual growth. 

The forward and backward bending postures practiced in the series helps to strengthen and bring flexibility in the back spine. It releases hip tensions and activates the digestive system. It is beneficial to practice Surya Namaskara every day up to 12 rounds. If it is practiced with proper breathing and awareness it helps to uplift our consciousness.  

Chair Surya Namaskara is the modified version of classic Surya Namaskara. It is specially designed for those who have stiffness and problem in the joints, who lack flexibility, and has the spinal and health conditions. Chair Surya Namaskara can suit to the elderly people as it brings similar benefit to the body and mind as the classic practice. It can be easily practiced sitting in the chair and performing the series of the postures as in the Surya Namaskara. It can be practiced from 6 to 12 rounds as per the need. The practice helps to improve digestive health, brings back flexibility, keeps joints and muscles healthy. As in Surya Namaskara we practice breathing exercises and mantra chanting along with the asanas. It has overall benefit in the mental and physical health. 

Meditation for senior citizen 

Meditation is the practice of self-realization. As we don’t have too much responsibility and work pressure as mostly we are in the retired position in our profession it can be the best time to dive into the inner journey. Meditation is the path toward wisdom and knowledge. It brings more awareness in our life. It gives time to spend with self. As we might have more time to spend with self, meditation is the best way to utilize it. 

Meditation can be outward and inward. Practice of asana and pranayama helps to tune inward. When we are more aware and our mind is in tranquility we can perform our day to day activities also more consciously. It brings more peace and joy in our life. It brings more satisfaction in our life. 200 hours seniors’ yoga training is conducting here in yoga home to take your old age in super joyful, meditative, spiritual and healthy life. Here is the meditation you are going to learn in seniors’ yoga teacher training in Nepal

  • Aana Pana Sati meditation for pointed awareness
  • Vipassana meditation for seniors by generating comfortable seating. 
  • Breathing meditation to develop the good memories and to remove over thinking 
  • No mind meditation to be free from mind
  • Mindfulness meditation to get free from mental stress
  • So-ham meditation to get liberation from bad emotion 
  • Self-centered meditation to centered with own-self
  • Blissful meditation to generate more bliss 
  • Dynamic mediation to release bad emotion 
  • Mantra meditation to generate good vibe and to open energy center 

Breathing exercises at senior age – 

Pranayama is made by two different Sanskrit words they are prana and Ayama. Prana means vital energy and Ayama means to extend! The extension of energy in our life is Pranayama. As in old age our lung capacity diminishes due to age, Yogic lifestyle and pranayama help to revitalize our life. Breathing exercises helps to improve the flexibility in the chest wall. It improves oxygen consumption in our blood. In old age respiratory muscles starts to weaken. It loses its full capacity to inhale and exhale. With pranayama practices, we learn how to breathe correctly and efficiently. Breathing exercises helps to improve our breathing capacity. As pranayama can be practiced seated on the cushion, chair and even some in bed, it can be suitable even if the body is not in fit condition. 

Breathing exercises helps to oxygenate our body and brain cells. It cleanses our mind. It brings more emotional stability. It improves brain function. You will learn all the popular breathing art in this seniors’ yoga teacher training in Nepal. The major pranayama you will learn are as following;

  • Pre-Pranayama 
  • Nadi Sodhana pranayama  
  •  Ujjayi Pranayama (victorious breathing)
  • Kapalabhati Pranayama 
  •  Bhramari Pranayama 
  • Sheetli Pranayama 
  • Sitakari Pranayama 
  • Bhastrika Pranayama/ fire breath or bellow breath 
  • Anulom Viloma Pranayama 
  • Surya Bhedi pranayama 
  • Chandra Bhedi pranayama 
  • Murchha pranayama 
  • Arajak Bhastrika 
  • Agnisara kriya 
  • Aumkara pranayama 
  • Kumbhak pranayama 

Mantra Chanting in senior age 

Mantra carries positive and spiritual energies. Practice of chanting mantra creates a harmony between our mind and body. In this fast-paced world, the importance of finding the balance between inner peace and outer development is becoming more necessity. In elderly life, it has more importance as more physical and mental challenges shows up. The deep rooted spiritual practice of mantra chanting not only brings peace to the mind but also improves the quality of life. 

In old age it is important to do get engage in mental exercises for to improve brain function. Mantra chanting improves concentration and brings more alertness in our life. In elderly life one has to face also emotional challenges. Mantra chanting can improve our mood and help to cope with negative feelings. It uplifts our consciousness and understanding of life. You will learn variety of mantras for peace, good mood, emotional for youthfulness, mantra for energy, mantra for removing impact of bad karma and most of the popular yogic and vaidic mantra will be chanted. Sometime we can do so bhajan and Kirtana which is singing and dancing with mantra in group. This 200-hour seniors yoga teacher training will add more celebration in your life. 

Yoga Philosophy and lifestyle for senior citizens

Yoga philosophy is to beneficial for emotional and mental well-being.  It changes the pattern of thinking about life and death. Yoga philosophy generate contentment in senior’s life what they achieved. Self-study brings them close to reality of life which is the source of peace. Practice of non- attachment makes the seniors life very easy and comfortable. Concept of dharana, Dhyana and meditation gives the clear way of management of mind, intellect and ego in old age. 

Eight-fold path of yoga Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and samadhi are very helpful to guide old age in spiritual path. Concept of karma yoga helps to do work in old age being selfless.  Information of classical text of yoga like Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishada, Vigyan bhairav etc develop the level of consciousness.  Yoga philosophy focus how to maintain mental health in old age is very essential for all the senior citizens. 

Uses of props for seniors yoga 

Due to limitation and health condition, sometime practicing yoga can be difficult in elderly age. Use of different kinds of props helps to bring comfort while practicing asana. Joint problems are common in elder age. Use of props like block, strap can help to comfort the knees and ankles. Use of bolsters and blanket helps in restorative yoga. Similarly, while sitting in meditation for long time, use of various tool can bring easiness. While using props we need to take care how to use it understanding the limitations. This seniors’ yoga teacher training course will teach you practically how the props and tools can be used for the elder people. 

Purpose of Senior Yoga Teacher Training – 

As yoga boosts our immunity and detoxifies our body, it has great therapeutic benefit. It helps to keep physically strong and flexible, mentally more balanced. Asana and subtle practice of yoga can bring mobility to the body. It reduces joint stiffness and helps to strengthen. As yoga helps to restore our energy and relax our mind, seniors’ yoga helps to get relieve from many pain issue problems. The practice of asana and breathing exercises improves the respiratory and circulatory system of the body. The common ailment seen in elder age like hypertension, diabetes, heart problem can be reduced with the regular practice of yoga. Yoga is benefit for overall physical, mental and emotional health for all seniors’ people. 

Yoga helps to reduce anxiety and bring more inner connection. Senior’s yoga is important to remain mentally healthier and stronger in the old age. The main goal of yoga is to unite our body, mind and soul. The old age is a good time to practice spirituality as one has more free time to spend with self. If seniors people not able to manage their time practicing yoga, meditation and breath work they may face mental and emotion problem. Practice of yoga and spirituality help to explore the essence of life. It teaches us how we can achieve inner happiness in natural way.  Here is the major point to join yoga training in old age.

  • To develop mental clarity, mindfulness, peace and harmony
  • To promote physical flexibility, joint mobility, strength and balance.
  • To achieve better emotion and mental health 
  • To be the best seniors’ yoga teacher 
  • For self-discovery and self-realization 
  • To improve relaxation and sound sleep.
  • To reduce stress, anxiety, depression and all mental health problem.
  • To manage the quality of life in old age 
  • To manage age related disease and problem 
  • To manage pain, related to old age. 
  • Spiritual connection with body, mind and soul. 
  • To develop the longevity 
  • To develop healthy and yogic lifestyle 
  • To teach art of graceful dying 
  • To realize the self who really I am? 

Rough schedule for seniors’ yoga teacher training course. 

7 to 8 am Yoga posture 

8 to 9 am breath work, relaxation 

9 to 10 breakfast 

12 to 1 self-exploration, reading, self-practice 

12 to 1 relaxation, chanting and breathing 

2 to 3 is lunch 

4 to 5 is yoga posture 

5 to 5:30 tea break

5:30 to 6:30 meditation and philosophy

7:00 Dinner 

9:00 sleeping 

This is just sample schedule it can be change according to the topic, teacher, circumstance and requirement. 

Om Shanti! Shanti!! Shanti!!!