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10 Days Ashtanga Yoga Retreat In Nepal

Experience Authentic Flow Of Ashtanga Yoga Retreat In Nepal

Ashtanga yoga Retreat is the most dynamic flowing form of yoga designed to harmonize and connect the body, mind, and spirit. The Sanskrit words ‘Ashta’, which means eight, and ‘anga’, which means limbs, form the word ashtanga. The eight elements of ashtanga yoga are Yama(abstinence), niyama(observance), Asana( yoga postures), pranayama(breathe control), pratyahara(withdrawal of senses), Dharana( concentration), dhyana(meditation), and samadhi( absorption).

ashtanga yoga retreat in nepal

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 Ashtanga is the systematic set of sutras, which was compiled by Patanjali. It is a therapeutic practice used to strengthen and re-align the body. The quick and fast movement of the body during Ashtanga yoga retreat will help you get tapas and everything extra along will physical and mental energy. This practice focuses on growth by forcing our strong senses to work properly.

Ashtanga yoga retreat in Nepal is a comfortable place to practice ashtanga yoga and meditation in the temple with magnificent views and the lap of Himalayas. This is a unique chance to meet great yoga personalities who own masters in the yoga field with creativity and some of the life-changing meditation techniques.

The yogis of the Himalayas have already experienced living in sacred places of the world and achieved a kind of peace and calmness within them. This will ultimately help the learners to gain more positive energy and new experiences. You can practice yoga enjoying the ambiance and friendliness of Nepal and people here.


10 days retreat

The 10 days ashtanga yoga retreat in Nepal starts with the practice of yoga, where the yogis in their characteristic way will supply the serene counted method with a playful approach to movement. The 10-day yoga retreat in Nepal includes daily morning Asana practice along with afternoon workshop on yoga and Buddhist philosophy and meditation.

The morning and evening meditation with breath and pranayama work enhances the beauty of this 10 days yoga retreat in Nepal. This retreat also includes dharma philosophy and sharpening communication and joyful skills. This retreat is hosted in a spectacular and the nestled foothills of the Himalayas.


 Why Ashtanga yoga is an indispensable part of yoga?

The ashtanga yoga retreat is an inseparable part of yoga and it is being practiced for a long time. Nepal has always been one of the best places for ashtanga yoga. The 10 Days Ashtanga yoga retreat here combines the powerful practice of ashtanga yoga with unique settings, a combination of new and old techniques, and beautiful views.

The Ashtanga yoga retreat is an opportunity to adjust our pace and perspective slowing down it and exploring new opportunities in life. This retreat in Nepal is supported by dedicated teachers, sacred places, and people unique teaching Philosophy. Each day of the retreat is decorated with an optional meditation with the monks under the calming and inspiring gaze of a beautiful scenario. The energy learners will receive from the beautiful environment, Himalayas and greeneries are commendable.

Benefits of ashtanga yoga retreat

The benefits of ashtanga yoga are significant to our mind, body, and soul. By incorporating challenging postures with a strong flow of breathing techniques and deep meditation, we can benefit ourselves with so many benefits of ashtanga yoga.

  1. It improves flexibility and strength.
  2. It helps to tone muscles and body.
  3. Improves cardiovascular fitness.
  4. It helps to reduce body fat.
  5. It is beneficial for increasing focus and creativity.
  6. Lowers blood pressure.
  7. It reduces stress and anxiety.
  8. It promotes physical well-being and mental relaxation.
  9. Maintains emotional balance.
  10. It promotes spiritual well-being.

Ideally, if you practice this Ashtanga yoga retreat and practice it for 1-2 weeks daily, it’s benefits start to pop out. Practicing this with concentration and focus will help us to achieve the goals as soon as possible.

This is a pure chance to nourish your yoga journey by immersing yourself deeply into the practice of the world’s most unique yoga technique in Nepal.


What is Included

Food ( 3 times vegetarian meal)

Several cups of tea every day

Accommodation ( cost is different for the private and shared room)

4 yoga classes every day.