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Reiki Training in Nepal

Nepal Yoga Home in Kathmandu has been providing the original technique of Reiki Training in Nepal in serene and sacred environment. Reiki is connected with spiritual healing system accumulating universal energy. It requires deeper concentration and focuses where the silent environment is very important at the learning phase. Nepal Yoga Home is located in a peaceful area near Sivapuri-Nagarjuna National park.  It has all the required facilities for Reiki Training in Nepal Yoga Home which fulfills its entire requirements which help in better learning and practice of Reiki. Nepal Yoga Home is far from the crowd and completely free from pollution. Its natural and pure environment enthuse the mind for deeper practice.

The higher levels of Reiki Masters in Nepal yoga Home have been giving the training of Reiki sadhana. He cured many patients with Reiki. So, it flourished in Japan as well as in many countries of the world. A Japanese master, Mikao Usui had discovered Reiki technique in 1992. And the same technique is taught in Nepal Yoga Home.

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a process of absorbing the divine energy from the universe with the help of psychic energy for various purposes like- curing diseases, making the important task successful, making one self-energetic, etc.. The energy can be accumulated in a meditative state. Reiki is also used as an alternative healing method. The Reiki practitioners assimilate universal energy in the form of a wave and pass it to the diseased person for healing.

Importance Of Reiki Training in Nepal

Reiki training is not only effective for healing various physiological and physical diseases but also helps to upgrade the mental and spiritual dimensions of human beings. 

  • It helps to be away from doctors and medicine and provides natural health.
  • Reiki practice helps to live stress-free life achieve internal peace.
  • It helps to connect with metaphysical worlds and gives spiritual knowledge.
  • It strengthens immunity power.
  • It increases mind power, concentration, and memory power.
  • It teaches morality, honesty, truthfulness, right living etc. Unless you maintain these in your life you cannot be a Reiki healer.
  • To progress spiritual aspect of life.
  • After the completion of the training, one becomes able to heal others. So, you become a doctor for healing others with the help of universal energy.

The course “Reiki Training in Nepal” makes a doctor after the practice of 21 days.

Learn Three Degrees in Reiki On Reiki Training In Nepal

  • Reiki First Degree (Reiki Basic)
  • Reiki Second Degree (Reiki Intermediate)
  • Reiki Third Degree (Reiki Master)

1. Reiki First Degree Course (Reiki Basic)

Reiki first is the course of 21 days which requires the whole on the first day and 2-3 hours practice every day. You will pass the cosmic energy to the body through the different parts (centers) of the body during the practice of this “21-day”. This universal or cosmic energy re-energizes and recovers your entire body, and heals the diseases if any. This system is also called contact healing method as palm touch in necessary to pass the energy. For the period of 21-day, you will be passing energy only to you. Then your body becomes able to pass the energy for other. Thus, after 21 days, you can heal others as well with palm contact i.e. hand touch. The practitioner or Reiki healer passes the accumulated cosmic energy to the affected body part of a victim which gives immediate relief and also gets cured completely with few days regular healing. In this reiki training in Nepal, the universal energy is passed not merely for healing the diseases but also to acquire some extra-ordinary potentialities for progress in different sectors.

2. Reiki Second Degree Course (Reiki Intermediate)

If the Reiki practitioners want to progress forward in Reiki then they can participate in the second level after three months of the first degree. They can join Reiki Second whenever they like after three months of Reiki first.  There is a whole day practice on the first day for Reiki Second Degree as well. From the second day, it requires 2-3 hours everyday practice for 3 months. This system is also called a distant healing method as energy can be passed staying far from the victim. A victim can be cured by the Reiki Healer staying far away. Reiki Healer in Nepal can heal the patient in Canada. There is no boundary of space. With higher concentration, healer accumulates universal energy and passes it to the ailing person. This energy has also been used for making important work successful.    

3. Reiki Third Degree Course (Reiki Master)

If the Reiki second degree healer has regularly practiced Reiki then he becomes eligible to receive the initiation of Reiki Master after 9 months from the date of Reiki Second. Some people participate in Reiki Master after 1 year, 2 years and so on from the date of Reiki Second. But, there should be a minimum 9 months gap to be initiated in Reiki Master after Reiki second. It is the master level program for Reiki, so one becomes qualified to initiate and teach Reiki for other after the completion of Reiki Master course. Same as first and second degree Reiki, there is a whole day practice on the first day (day of initiation). From the second day, practitioners have to spare 1-2 hours for regular practice.

Nature has gifted human with unlimited power and spread cosmic energy (which is referred to as Reiki) in the environment. A human can enjoy a happy and harmonious life with the proper utilization of it. Reiki is the divine energy by nature for the progress of human beings. Before learning Reiki, he unlimited energy was simply being wasted away. Our “Reiki Training in Nepal” teaches the way how to preserve and utilize it. The Reiki technique is one of the great utilization of the energies. It gives practical and theoretical knowledge to convert universal energy into health and success. It has become a very successful tool for human welfare and has increasing popularity throughout the world.