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200 Hours Online Yoga Teacher Training

Group Size: Max 40,    Price: 800 USD,   Yoga Style: Hatha/Ashtanga,    Eligibility: Beginner to advanced,       Date: 1st to 29th and 15th to 14th of every month

Are you seeking excellent learning at your own home? Don’t worry, we are here for Online Yoga Teacher Training Course

Overview Of 200 Hours Online Yoga Teacher Training

Nepal Yoga Home is offering certified yoga teacher training course through online. This course is best for those who want to learn yoga and meditation in its authentic way under exert Nepali Yogi.   As Nepal is mother land of yoga many people may not have time to visit Nepal on this situation turn on your laptop and learn from great master.

This course has designed for beginner and intermediate level student who want to learn yoga and meditation in its holistic approach. No matter you want to be yoga teacher or not but you will gain life transforming information for your whole life.  Those yoga seekers who want to make yoga and meditation   as a part of life style then Nepal Yoga Home is best fit for you. In recent years a rapid boom in the number of yoga school but hard to get authentic guideline from real master. On this situation Nepal Yoga Home could be the best choice of yoga enthusiast.

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 It does not come as a surprise as there are numerous benefits associated with yoga. For starters, it greatly accentuates your flexibility and boosts your mental fortitude as well. Finally, it will make your life upside down burning all the impurities like ego, anger, stress, greed, lust, jealous, attachment, fear etc.

For those wanting to take advantage of art and science of yoga then, you are welcome in this divine journey.  Also those who wish to take their hobby to a new level, the 200 hours online yoga teacher training course will do the part.

The 200 hours online yoga teacher training course is specially built to provide students with comprehensive education about the basics and advanced features of yoga. Along with the theoretical aspect, it prioritizes the practical aspect too. Students will also be given knowledge regarding real-life scenarios and how to start their career in yoga if they have hopes to do so. In the present day, there is an increasing trend for students that wish to learn yoga through the internet. Not all of the people have the privilege of visiting the country so online classes prove helpful. Nothing beats the experience of learning yoga from your own house and it is cost-effective as well.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the course contents that will be covered in this 200-hour online yoga teacher training course.

  • Foundation of yoga postures

The objective of this yoga teacher training course is to enable candidates to gain expertise over the major and vital subject matters that form yoga. The first step includes a thorough understanding of the yoga postures and how to perform them. Candidates will also learn the importance of these postures and the impact that it has on the human body.  You will learn name, benefits, alignment, contraindication, breathing and overall knowledge of most practicable and famous 108 posture.  

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  • Details of Pranayama

Pranayama is a vital part of yoga that deals with the practice of controlling one’s breath which help to boost the life force. Pranayama is mostly done along with yoga posture where users match their breathing with the various yoga postures. Then student will learn the art of integrating the body and mind through breathing.  Pranayam is done as a one dimension of yoga which aims to have control over our mind.  Once the basics are mastered, we shall proceed into the art to control our emotions and thoughts through the science of breath.  You will learn most practicable and effective about 20 different pranayama.

  • In-depth knowledge of meditation

Meditation refers to the art of finding mental bliss. Meditation is vital part of yoga.  The great joy to sign up this course is to lean meditation in its deep. You will learn the mysteries and secrets of meditation by great master. The common myth regarding meditation is that it is used only to control stress but in reality, it is much more than that. We shall learn the ancient texts that highlight the origin of meditation and understand and practice the types of meditation like breathing meditation, here and now meditation, Buddha style of meditation, loving-kindness meditation, jyotir meditation, mantra meditation etc.  

  • Philosophy of yoga

Yoga is so much more than just postures and breathing techniques. There are wisdom and philosophy as to why we do things the way we are doing. To become a real yoga yogi, it is vital to comprehend the philosophy and history on which yoga is based. There are many books written by famed scholars and our teacher will teach you about this vital subject matter in depth.  Some corner of life single sentence can  change your life.  

  • Mudras and bandhas to stimulate the energy

Once we become familiar with the yoga postures and breathing techniques, we move on to mudras and bandhas. They bring stability to the mind and are associated with the cleansing of the organs. Mudra refers to a gesture that transfers energy to certain places and bandhas are used to lock the prana to unblock the chakras and energy centers. This technique is studied under hath yoga and candidates will be taught how perform proper way of bandha and mudras. This aspect is a bit tricky and interesting so take your time while doing it.

  • Chanting and relaxation

The divine art of yoga is greatly linked with the Sanskrit mantras. There are many mantras that carry heavy meaning, great vibration and are used to liberate the mind. In bija mantra, these may look like meaningless words but but it has very positive vibration which help to awaken our energy center. The next is mula mantras which has great meaning help to change our subconscious and super conscious mind. They are deeply entwined in ancient art of living and an integral part of yoga. You will learn few effective and important mantra under right guideline. Some of them include Pranav mantra, Shanti mantra, gayatri mantra, universal manatra etc.

Relaxation and chakra cleansing of Online yoga teacher training

 We shall learn the proper relaxation techniques and some information about chakra which is very helpful to prepare the meditation. Also we will perform some chakra meditation which lead to deeper relaxation of body and mind. Heart chakra relaxation help to emotional cleansing and third eye relaxation create peace in mind.  

Those were the course curriculum that you will learn in this 200-hour online yoga teacher training course.

You will also benefited in different technical skills needed in the long run shall also be taught like:

  • How to practice day to day life.
  • How to fallow the asana, pranayama, meditation.
  • How to address problems
  • How to make lesson plan
  • How to start yoga career?
  • The methods of instruction.
  • Accentuating observation skills
  • Ethical guidelines to be followed
  • Lifestyle and yoga

This online yoga teacher training course will undoubtedly be a crucial first step in initiating your yoga practice as well as your career so start your career right away! 

Om Shanti! Shanti! Shanti!