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Meditation and Breathing Training for seniors

Breathing Training for seniors

Meditation and Breathing Training for seniors

Meditation and Pranayama for Senior People: Meaningful Life Starts Now with Meditation and Pranayama

Seniors, make the most of your life by learning about many forms of meditation and the advantages you can personally enjoy! To make your life beautiful, the first necessary thing is your health. This training teaches and trains you better health and happiness to keep your old age happier. It is of utmost importance to deepen into meditation and spirituality in increasing ages. It is natural to be more and more focused on meditation in old age because you deserve it. It is abnormal not to be engaged in meditative practice because it will bring abnormality in your body and mind.

Mental health and meditation

In the olden days, it is very essential to do some sort of spiritual and meditative practice. If not there is a risk of depression, angst, stress, loneliness, memory loss, and other similar conditions. They affect our both emotional and physical health adversely. This will deal with all the mental issue and provides mental equilibrium.

Even the diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s, meditation helps partakers feel serener, reducing observed stress and reducing the threat of Alzheimer’s. It decreases the level of stress hormone cortisol, which has been known to increase various diseases along with the risk of emerging dementia. The brain ages more slowly when meditation is practiced because it thickens the cortex and adds grey matter. Meditation increases cortical thickness and grey matter in the brain which slows its aging rate.

Physical health and meditation

Many types of physical illness, including high blood pressure, chronic pain, insomnia, and poor health, can also have an impact on our happiness level. Since there is a close relationship between the mind and body, improving our mental health through meditation also benefits our physical health.

There are many types of meditation that you can practice according to your favorite and suit. You will learn many types of meditation in this training.


Stress can shake everyone, but breathing techniques i.e. pranayama can help.  Many older people experience stress from a variety of sources, including living challenges and social troubles.

Fortunately, there are some ancient ways to manage stress-related symptoms and enhance your circumstances. To help your body regain its balance and relieve some of the tension that your loved one may be experiencing, try practicing breathing techniques.

There are some important breathing techniques: 

Abdominal Breaths

Most of us take short, shallow “chest breaths” in our daily lives which can make us feel stressed and exhausted. Harvard Medical School states that “belly breathing”, also known as abdominal breathing, is a fundamental yoga technique that helps counteract the negative effect of chest breathing. It is advised that you begin and learn this breathing exercise while lying on your back with one or both hands on your abdomen. This form of breathing technique emphasizes deep breaths to reduce movement in the stomach. All you need to do to practice abdominal breath is take a slow, deep breath in, which will cause your hand to rise since the abdomen rises and expands. One of the best things about abdominal breathing is that it can be used whenever you need to de-stress and are feeling anxious.

There are many types of pranayama (breathing practice) that you can learn in this training.

Courses included in this Training:

  1. Yoga Philosophy in both practical and philosophical approaches
  2. Basic and fundamental asana with proper alignment and teaching
  • Proper lifestyle for senior people
  1. Various activities for seniors help them to keep fit and fine.
  2. Over 10 types of meditation
  3. Over 10 types of Pranayama

Aim and Objective of Meditation and Pranayama Training for Seniors

  1. To release the problems which are possible in old age.
  2. To make old age happier and healthier
  • To make old age easier and more comfortable
  1. To help for self-realization as well as the yogic and spiritual path
  2. To increase awareness and mindfulness in life
  3. To offer respect for old age people

Proper Environment

This place is very suitable to stay over for seniors. The place itself is a healing type where you can release your various physical and mental problems. You will find a way to be happy and harmonious. The place is located in a peaceful area of nature yet close to the main city.

The meditation and breathing practices offered in this training will greatly assist you in de-stressing and living a more tranquil existence. These types of practice help all people but individuals experiencing elevated stress levels; however, seniors who may be having difficulty adjusting to a new residence or other aspects of their lives may find them particularly beneficial. These methods are intended to aid with both physical and mental wellness by lowering bodily stress.

All things considered, these techniques may benefit senior citizens. For senior citizens who are moving or have recently moved, they can be really helpful. Seniors may need to make these difficult but occasionally necessary moves in order to live safely.

By the end of this course, you will feel great within. You will realize the essence and meaning of your life within. You will find this course as one of the greatest decisions of your life.  This training will guide you for life in every moment. By attaining perfect harmony and peace within, you will live rest of the life happily.