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Reiki Healing in Nepal

Authentic and Traditional Reiki Healing in Nepal

Nepal Yoga Home is a spiritual center for various spiritual based health programs. Reiki healing is one of the most important services conducted here. Reiki is an alternative medicine called energy healing. Reiki healers apply a technique called palm healing (hands-on healing) or distance healing through which a “universal energy” is transferred through the palms of the healer to the suffering person.

People from all the countries are welcomed here for healing their diseases with Reiki. Reiki healing is done here with high-level spiritual masters who have high intensity of spiritual power. The surrounding around Nepal Yoga Home is serene and pure where Reiki training and Reiki Healing become very effective.

It is a peaceful and holy environment where Reiki energy receiver can feel the energy and Reiki masters can undergo attunement process for effectively channeling the Reiki energy.It is the best place for Reiki since it the apart from the crowded city, far from the pollution and has a beautiful and natural environment nearby a thick forest ( Nagarjuna National Park).

How Reiki Healing works

Reiki has an energy form for its functioning. It channels positive energy into the body, with Reiki masters or healers normally keeping the hands on the affected parts of the body that need to be re-energized. This energy is taken by the body in the most required areas of the body.

Reiki is a powerful low of energy that brings an immediate realization of relief by relaxing the tension, reducing the impact of stress. Reiki is also perceived as the life force; indeed it provides a new life generating strength and placidity of mind to a stressed-out, tired person.

A small example of how Reiki Healing works on stress

·         Reiki stimulates the healing mechanisms of the body, which helps to function effectively.

·         Reiki develops immunity power which helps to eradicate diseases from the root level.

·         It reduces stress hormone, unnecessary blood pressure, heart pumping as well as releases happy and relaxing hormones.

·         Reiki shifts from the stress response of “fight or flight” to the relaxation response

·         It restores the balance of the body.

·         Reiki harmonizes the mind body and spirit.

In similar ways, Reiki works on various physical, mental, and psychosomatic diseases. It is always advised to receive Reiki energy even for a healthy person for gaining spiritual strength and reenergize the body. Reiki energy has a great frequency of potency and power with healthy vibrations.

Who can take Reiki Healing Energy?

Anyone can take Reiki energy. It is beneficial for both healthy and diseased person. A healthy person takes Reiki to enthuse and energize their body. If you are too much tired and need relief then Reiki power is a better idea. If you have any type of health complication then you can participate in Reiki healing.

There are various types of diseases, some of them get cured immediately and some of the diseases requires a longer period of time. For example, your headache may be immediately cured by Reiki healing. If it is chronic, then it may require some days of healing.

Are faith and devotion necessary for Reiki?

Faith and devotion are the most important factors for spirituality. Faith is a psychological part and Reiki energy also gets active with mind power. Unless you have faith, you neither can be a Reiki healer nor can you receive Reiki energy. So you need to be positive to Reiki.

For a deeper understanding of Reiki there are many experiments, and researches on Reiki. To get it you can go through different books about Reiki. There are many websites as well to provide you with better information. After knowing the reality, you can achieve faith in Reiki. Some people remain neutral on Reiki because they don’t know about. Such people can also receive Reiki energy.  

One person said, “I do not know about Reiki. Just provide me with Reiki energy. I am suffering from a headache. If I can feel it, then only I believe Reiki. Now I have no prejudged on Reiki.” He was provided with Reiki energy and was cured. After that, he started to believe. So, a neutral person can also receive Reiki energy. But the people with negative mentality on Reiki cannot receive Reiki energy.

Is it necessary to follow moral and ethical life for Reiki Healing?

A Reiki healer or a Reiki master must walk on the path of truth. They must be honest to themselves. Unless they follow moral and ethical life, they cannot pass Reiki energy to the patients or Reiki receiver. But there is no compulsion of ethical life for a Reiki receiver.

Yet, after receiving Reiki energy, your mind becomes purer. Gradually, a Reiki receiver also starts to go ahead on the path of truth and honesty. The life starts being changed and Reiki receiver also begins to adopt moral and disciplined life.

Thus let us enjoy Reiki power and Reiki healing at Nepal Yoga Home in a heavenly environment. It has always been seeking for the progress of humanity.