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1 Week Positive Attitude & Spiritual Growth Training In Nepal

What is a Positive Attitude?

A positive attitude refers to the quality to become an optimist about yourself, circumstances, events, and interactions. It is a quality to remain hopeful and insight the best even in an unfavorable moment. In resist, a negative attitude is about pessimism and generally see the worst possible outcomes not only in difficulty but even in good situations.

positive attitude training in nepal

A positive attitude can embellish you to adjust with the various situations along with various ups and downs in a more salubrious way. You will be able to cope with stress in a better way. There is no chance (or least possible chance) of negative emotions like stress, fear, anger, etc for such people. You can see the good in every bad. This will remove the sorrow of life and leave you happy.

Why do you need a positive attitude?

  • It is your attitude or thoughts that determine your health. As and when you become negative your immunity will degrade. As and when you create hopeful or positive thoughts your immunity power will improve. The immune system is the real doctor who bestows you the ultimate health. Real health is within you, not outside, not in drugs (allopathic medicine). Thus positive attitude is needed for complete health.
  • To form sound relationship among friends, family, relatives, neighbor, staffs, bosses etc.
  • It helps to attain the goals with systematic actions.
  • To make life happy and joyful.
  • To get all-round development. Without a positive attitude, you cannot get success or progress. It is the key factor for progress.
  • To improve spiritual life along with physical life.

attude is everything for you-positive attitude

What is spiritual power?

Spiritual power refers to the power of the soul. As the physical body has physical power, the mind has psychological power similarly spirit has spiritual power. Very limited people can attain spiritual since it requires constant spiritual practices. If the body is not properly engaged and activated it becomes physically weak. Similarly, if the mind is not trained properly it becomes mentally weak. In the same way, the soul also needs something to reveal its power.

Sometimes spiritual power is a golden gift of nature as a reward for your positive attitude and good deeds. It is also a talent as an authentic appreciation of your right dedication and right spiritual practices. Such spiritual growth training is conducted in this program.

Yogic philosophy has explained some spiritual powers which can be attained when one attains mastery on Dharana, Dhyan, and Samadhi. There are various spiritual powers mentioned in Yoga Sutras of Patanjali along with astha siddhi (The Eight Accomplishments). The astha siddhis are as follows:

  1. Anima: Power to decrease the size of the body to the size of an atom. Making the body smaller than the smallest.
  2. Mahima: Acquiring a gigantic form of the body or larger than the largest.
  3. Garima: Power to make the body heavier as will.
  4. Laghima: Power to make the body lighter as will, sometimes lighter than air.
  5. Prapti: Power to acquire anything anywhere.
  6. Prakamya: Power to fulfill all the wishes and dreams.
  7. Isitwa: The power of supreme stonemason over thorough creation.
  8. Vasitva: The power to control all the physical manifestations made up of five elements.

Besides, there are other various siddhis (spiritual power) mentioned in the scriptures. You have to walk at the right path along with spiritual practices.

How to grow spiritual power?

spiritual growth training in nepal

Patanjali Yoga Sutra, the fourth chapter, the first verse:  “Janma ausadhi mantra tapah samadhijah siddhaya”.  Spiritual Powers are attained in four ways- by birth, by medicine, by penance, and by Samadhi.

By birth: If a child had power in a past life, it may be attained in this life too. This is also said as if parents are spiritually uplifted then they can bestow power on their children.

By medicine: There are some special types of medical herbs, plants, etc. which are helpful to attain spiritual power.

Mantras: Mantra (powerful syllables or words) practice makes a type of strong vibration. These vibrations ultimately give some metaphysical powers.

Samadhi: When one reaches the stage of Samadhi i.e. “uninterrupted oneness with consciousness”, he will attain various spiritual powers. For this, constant yogic practice is very helpful

People who don’t possess spiritual by birth and do not know medical herbs; have options to attain it with the practice of mantras or Samadhi. There are many ways of mantra and Samadhi to get accomplishment.  Whatever the methods they may be but one should not miss the right livelihood, and honesty to the self for the growth of spiritual powers. Truthfulness and honesty should not be avoided.

Objectives of this program

The main objective of this program is to balance mundane life with supramundane and make life happier. The other objectives are as follows

  • To make a psychological revolution in human minds to overcome negativity.
  • To make people positive and proactive.
  • To enhance peoples’ capacity.
  • To explore the hidden talent.
  • To make life successful both worldly and spiritually.

positive attitude and spiritual growth training

What will you get in this positive attitude and spiritual growth training?

This training provides lots of information and knowledge about life and positivity. You will get a very good technique to live a happier life in this training.

  • You will learn yoga and meditation deeply. Comprehensive theoretical and practical classes on yoga will definitely help you to learn yoga in a better way.
  • You will learn to observe your thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc and change them into positive.
  • You will learn the art of life and the art of positive thinking
  • You will understand to get mastery over the mind.
  • You will be able to give up bad habits and form a new habit pattern.
  • Various natural ways of holistic health provided in this program will take you away from doctors and medicines.
  • You will be taught how to live a harmonious and balanced life in every situation even in difficulty.
  • You will realize spiritual rules and learn various spiritual practices.
  • You will learn to enjoy in the spiritual world.
  • You will learn how to bring positivity to home through affirmations
  • You will also learn the techniques and guidelines for spiritual growth.

A positive attitude and spiritual growth training will give you a wonderful change in your life. You will feel the life is moving on the right path after this training. The priceless knowledge that you receive here will help your entire life. The pragmatic aspects of theoretical knowledge will help you to apply the knowledge in daily life. In every step of life, this training will help you as a good friend and guide.