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Yoga at Home- Yoga Home service in Nepal

Yoga at Home- Yoga Home service in Nepal

Two Ways to Practice Yoga at Home

1. By calling yoga teacher at your home

It is very essential that your practice should be correct. Practicing yoga from experienced yoga instructors at the beginning will correct you in all dimension and your alignment and the way you do yoga will be improved. We suggest you at least 2-3 months practice your by calling yoga teacher at home.

2. Self-yoga practice at home

This can be done only after the 1st option around 2-3 months learning from the instructor. You can make a group from your family members. Which is more beneficial, one can correct other or you can simply teach them before.

shashankasana-yoga at home

Our services

We provide 3 ways of classes

  1. On-school yoga class– students need to attend on our School, students who stay far from our branch, it is not possible for them.
  2. Online Yoga class– Students can join our program online/ Online yoga classes. Just need good internet connection.
  3. Yoga at Home– We send our yoga teacher to your home. Let us know if you like to join with our teacher at your home.

Tips to practice yoga at home

A wise man saying and most famous quotes goes “Practice makes man perfect”. By practicing, you will be able to achieve unachievable in time and with the passing of time truth reveals and a deep peace is generated. For most of us, a regular yoga practice is not a cup cake. We have tried to compile some of the difficult thing yet important to help you kick off the yoga practice, so that you will remain healthy and hearty.

1. Establish a congenial environment to practice yoga at home

In a bid to practice yoga, it is always better to establish a congenial environment at your home. If you have a brand new mat then it will certainly add the enthusiasm to practice the yoga. It is a prerequisite to have an open space to practice yoga with the ease. It is utmost important to you to create genial environment, it will ornate the atmosphere if you light the candle or incense with the stick.

However, candles and sticks are not prerequisite to practice yoga. Just a proper space is enough to you to practice yoga. Nevertheless, mats are the prerequisite to practice yoga. You can create the best space and enjoy the practice with the ease.

chakrasana-yoga at home

2. Get your yoga accessories

Yoga accessories are necessary to kick off the yoga practice. There are thousands of options available to pursue yoga. It is always nice to create the best space to pursue to you and practice yoga anytime anywhere.  However, highly expensive yoga accessories are not even the prerequisite to practice. To most of the ancient yogis, yoga mat suffices them to practice yoga and meditation at home.

3. Manage your time

Most of the newbies yoga enthusiasts have a common misconception that yoga should be practiced at a particular time. However, just like other misconception it is also untrue. Yoga can be practiced anytime anywhere, but there are certain poses is best to practice during early in the morning without eating anything. Notwithstanding with that many poses can be practiced anytime, at a comfortable places.

4. Regular practice is the most:

 The benefits of yoga is only seen when we practice yoga at home in the regular interval. Many scientific researchers have pointed out that practicing yoga every day has sumptuous benefit than practicing yoga once or thrice in a week. Many newbies have pointed out the lack of enthusiasm towards yoga, because it takes time to show the benefits. It is true that it requires sometime to show the benefits of yoga. With regular practice, comes huge benefits to mind, body and soul.

5. Enjoy your practice!

It is said that the more you enjoy the more benefits you reap by doing yoga at home in a regular interval. Notwithstanding with the benefits, it is advised not to overdo yoga. The obsession towards same pose might be baneful to the enthusiasts. Therefore, it is recommended to practice variety of poses.

Benefits of yoga

1.Yoga subdues anxiety

Breathing repeatedly, loose muscles, and improper postures are the results of anxiety.  Many researchers have pointed out that anxiety enervates the soul and siphon off the energy, increases the heart rate and shorten the breathe of a person. To get rid of such effect, yoga can be handy to practice.

2. Feel good factors evoke out

Yoga releases several hormone from the body, which helps you feel better, some of the important hormones are dopamine and serotonin. These hormones are necessary to feel you better and with regular practice of yoga, it becomes natural to evoke such hormone out of your body.

3. Mindfulness

Yoga helps you to live in the present moment. With practicing yoga at home in a regular interval, you will be able to notice breathe and live in the moment. Therefore, the mind stops chattering unnecessary thoughts and you feel better with everyday practice.


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