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Services and Facilities provided by Nepal Yoga Home

Nepal Yoga Home is registered organization in nepal and also certified to Yoga Alliance International. Since our establishment we are providing different programs like yoga and meditation retreat (one night yoga and meditaion retreat to several night yoga and meditaion retreat), Stress management program, life changing packages, mantra chanting, Therapeutic yoga class, massage (on request basis) and many other programs. Anyone who is interested in yoga and meditaion can Utilize his/her holiday with yoga retreat packages at Nepal yoga home with full spritual environment . Beyond your course packages you will get the following extra services and facilities:

  • Clean and net rooms with full of spiritual environment.
  • Peace and quiet place attached to Nagarjun jungle.
  • Open garden space for individual meditation/practice, rituals.
  • Internet and Wi-fi services.
  • Organic fruits and vegetables product in own garden.
  • Full views of Kathmandu valley.
  • Workshop rooms for group.
  • Just 10 Km far from international Airport and 5 km far from tourism hub Thamel.
  • Pick up and Drop service on request (But on extra cost).
  • Full of natural beauty and fresh air flow every movement.
  • We also offer other courses by special request to groups of 10-20 peoples which must be scheduled in advance. You may come for one night or stay several weeks, it’s up to you.

Why Nepal Yoga Home is the best, comfortable and reliable for travelers and yoga seeker?

Travelers and yoga lovers always seek to invest their time and money in right place but they bother which yoga school is the best. Nepal Yoga Home could be the best solution for your passion of yoga. Nepal Yoga Home is the best established yoga school in Nepal which has a great command globally in the field of yoga and meditation. Undoubtedly, you are in the right place for yoga.

  • It has been teaching yoga for more than a decade and producing many yoga teachers from more than 87 countries.
  • Yoga courses have been improved and updated for 10+ years.
  • Team of yoga teachers is very strong and they have team work for different topics of yoga and meditation.
  • The courses include detail knowledge with perfect curriculum on Registered Yoga Teacher(RYT) of 200 hours, 300 hours and 500 hours.
  • Nepal Yoga Home is the first yoga school of certified 500 hours yoga teacher training course in Nepal.
  • Nepal Yoga Home is internationally accredited for 200 hours YTT and 500 hours yoga teacher training course. It has been registered in all yoga alliances like yoga alliance USA, Yoga alliance Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, Yoga alliance India, Yoga alliance Italy. In this way, it brings different yoga schools under a single umbrella.
  • Generally, most of yoga schools have registered with only one yoga alliance but Nepal Yoga Home is registered with all renounce yoga alliances to give you the opportunity to have certificate to teach all over the world.
  • Most practicable and powerful yoga philosophy will have been provided you which can change your life upside down.
  • It has been awarded many times from government, societies, and different organizations as the best yoga school in Nepal.
  • Team of award winning and university topper yoga (Gurus) masters, Ayurveda and naturopath doctors spread the message of yoga, breathing exercise, meditation and traditional medicinal system.
  • We incorporate in team work in teaching rather than single teacher.
  • Senior friendly environment with suitable facility in yoga retreat courses.
  • Nepal Yoga Home has very unique style of meditation techniques for humanity which can cure all kinds of stresses related problems.
  • Multi styles of yoga have been teaching here like hatha, Kundalini, Astanga, Iyanger etc.
  • It has own building around the most amazing part of Nagarjun Hill below the jungle.
  • It only doesn’t give you piece of certificate but it also gives you the life transformative experience which cannot be found from any other yoga schools.
  • Nepal Yoga Home has wide natural space and garden which is hard to get in other yoga schools.
  • This school offers multiple dimensions of yoga for those who want to travel incorporating with yoga and meditation throughout the world.
  • It’s close from the city so that you can get to explore the city easily staying in the natural beauty of Jungle.
  • The place is 2 Km far from supermarket (20 minutes walking distance), 9 Km  from airport (30 minutes via taxi), 20 minutes driving distance from monkey temple,  only 5 km from tourist hub, Thamel,  10 Kilometers from Patan Durbar Square, 45 minutes of driving distance from Bhakatapur Durbar square.
  • We are close to most renounce hospitals, only 5 km from Teaching Hospital Maharajgunj, only 4.5 Km from Bir Hospital (the biggest and oldest hospital of Nepal).
  • Ayurveda doctors are also available for medical checkup in contact.
  • If you want to enjoy your holiday with your family and children, this place is perfect for you. Nepal Yoga Home is children friendly and it welcomes your group of family.
  • It has its sister organization to make different trips around Kathmandu, Himalaya and all around Nepal. For details
  • You can choose our additional services like yoga trek, astrology, Reiki healing, mountain flight, rafting, family tour, Ayurveda massage, reflexology etc after arriving here.
  • It has own land to grow up organic food. We don’t insist to provide you 100 percent organic food but we bought higher quality food from local organic farm.
  • Value of money is highly respected. Nepal Yoga Home is the cheapest and affordable yoga school in Asia.
  • Simplicity of Nepal yoga home attracts all the people around the globe.
  • We provide western standard rooms, toilets and other facilities and you can enjoy stunning view of mountains and Himalayas.
  • We are friendly for vegetarian and vegan students.
  • It offers multiple courses and variety packages.  It has become a dream yoga school for international yoga student in Nepal.
  • It has a great vision to make this world as a home of Yogis and yoginis with pure heart.
  • Rare yoga schools can provide such a family environment. Nepal Yoga Home comes at the first rank in hospitality.
  • Nepal Yoga Home is one and only of its course and teaching which has the best taste, flavour and uniqueness.
  • Founder himself has higher yoga skill and realization.
  • we have Next branch of Nepal Yoga Home, you can visit here: Nepal Yoga Teacher Training

We trust that peace is possible here and now.

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