10 Benefits of Yoga Retreat

considering the time and interest of yoga practitioners we have designed various yoga retreat packages. You can participate in the yoga retreat packages from one night to three months. The price will be multiplied with your night stay. The price below contains your all yoga courses, 3 times vegetarian meal, 2 cups of tea.

Overview Yoga Retreat in Nepal Yoga Home

Nepal yoga Home is a leading yoga institute in Nepal. It is renowned for its quality service. Yoga teachers of the yoga retreat packages in Nepal Yoga Home have long experience in yoga teaching and they have a high academic qualification. The place is totally natural in the lap of the jungle. The environment of Nepal Yoga Home is very friendly.

Learn 10 Benefits of Yoga Retreat

1. Relaxation

Relaxation is the main outcome of yoga. With the help of relaxation of the body, many diseases can be healed. Every one of the worlds wants real and natural relaxation which is possible from only yoga. The real pleasure of yoga retreat in Nepal Yoga Home cannot describe in words, the people who experience they understand. Relaxation leads you to a satisfactory and comfortable life.

2. Physical and Mental Detoxification

Yoga retreat packages are the best medium to detoxify the body. Yoga can bring out all the unnecessary particles of our body. Our body collects a lot of toxins in the body. Those toxins are the cause of diseases in our body. If we can throw the toxins from our body, our body becomes healthy. Yoga retreat in Nepal Yoga Home helps for the detoxification of the body and mind by eliminating toxins from the body and mind. Our mind collects unnecessary thoughts and yoga can wipe out those thoughts and replace new thoughts.

3. Stress-free Life

Yoga retreat packages in Nepal Yoga Home gives you a very beautiful life without stress (two-week stress management yoga class in Nepal). Yoga clears all stresses of your mind and keeps you happy and joyful. A stress-free life is the most valuable living in this world. Stress is the real devil which bound us in the limitation of our thoughts and feelings. We can make our life unlimited enjoy freedom by eliminating the stress of our mind।

4. Develop Vitality and Strengthen the Body

You surely develop vitality of your body by attending the yoga retreat packages from one week to one month in Nepal Yoga Home. Yoga gives us vital power or life force to be healthy and happy. Yoga makes our body strong and it develops the immunity power.

5. Connect Yourself and Self-realization

Yoga helps you to connect with yourself. Yoga inspires you to go inside. We can achieve self-realization through the practice of yoga. Yoga is the medium to connect our inner self with the supreme self. The valuable knowledge of yoga philosophy can inspire you to find the real self which resides inside us

6. Connect to Nature and Free From Technology

Our life has become artificial and virtual by the excessive use of technology and we cannot able to understand our emotions. To understand our real human nature, we should join yoga retreat in Nepal Yoga Home. We can understand the value of relationship by the yoga practice. We start to respect people who are in touch with us.

7. Next Level of Yoga Meditation Practice

Yoga retreat in Nepal Yoga Home opens the way to be part of the higher level of yoga meditation course in your life. You can understand the real meaning of this life and search the way of peace of mind. There are a lot of things in the world and beyond but we cannot see from our outer eyes.

8. Connect with Positive Source

Yoga is part of the positive pattern of thinking. Yoga enables you to see things with a positive perspective. You can be able to apply positive thinking in real life. Yoga is the source of a positive vibe in our life. Yoga retreat in Nepal Yoga Home gives a straight way of positive life.

9. Increase the Level of Confidence

Yoga retreat in Nepal Yoga Home can increase the level of your confidence. It gives you the courage in your life. You can accept yourself whoever you are. You don’t compare you with anyone else. You start to love yourself as you are. You begin to see the positive points in you for the first time in your life.

10. Direct Yourself Towards Spiritually

Yoga is part of spiritual practice. Yoga retreat in Nepal Yoga Home can lead you towards spirituality ( Meaningful life by spirituality). The ultimate goal of yoga is spiritual growth. It helps us to find our real nature and join that nature with universal power.

Yoga Retreat packages and price for Deluxe Room:

Packages               Price 
1 night 75$
2 nights 150$
3 nights 225$
 4 nights  300$
 6 nights  450$
 10 nights  750$
 14 nights  1050$
 20 nights  1500$
 30 nights  2250$
45 nights 3375$
 60 nights  4500$
 90 nights  6750$

Yoga Retreat packages and price for Standard Room:

Packages Price 
1 night 50$
2 nights 100$
3 nights 150$
 4 nights 200$
 6 nights  300$
 10 nights  500$
 14 nights  700$
 20 nights  1000$
 30 nights  1500$
45 nights 2250$
 60 nights  3000$
 90 nights  4500$
You can come for one day course (10 am to 5 pm). only at 30$ including lunch