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One Week Relaxing Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

We welcome you to join us for one week relaxing Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training (Prenatal Yoga classes)at the historical place over the world The Kathmandu, Nepal.

The Prenatal Yoga classes is suitable for those who are in prenatal and postnatal stage and want some relaxing days in peaceful and relaxing place. This course is not for certification but to heal oneself on this complicated stage of a female.

Those who want to learn Prenatal Yoga classes and meditation for relaxation, less pain in a childbearing period and for good health of the baby, they are cordially welcome on this course. We invite you to join us for your Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training to journey of exploring, relaxing and enjoying on your prenatal period.

prenatal yoga teacher training

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training will be guided by an experienced yogi for a different stage of pregnancy. No matter what stage you belong, our teacher will guide you according to your necessity. Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training course will find detailed information to help you make an informed decision and to take care oneself.

According to Hindu mythology, the offspring of the demon Hiranyakashyap was in the womb of her wife named Kayadhu. During the pregnancy of Kayadhu, Narad happened to talk with her. The Bhagwat Gyan and spiritual insights shared by Narad was also heard by the unborn child yet to come to the world. When he was born he became the ardent devotee of the Lord Vishnu contradictorily unbelievable for his father who was the enemy of the same.

Psychological balance

In spite of having adverse circumstances and severe infliction by his father, he kept continuing to follow the Lord Vishnu. This myth insinuates the significance of the caring, love, and activities conducted during the period of pregnancy by the mother. Considering the importance of pregnancy in human life and the various ways to ease issues that appear during pregnancy, Nepal Yoga Home has launched a Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training.

Keeping the necessities of the pregnant woman in mind for their psychological and physical balance along with emotional caring and concern, Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training has been offered by our yoga shala (Nepal Yoga Home). Since the pre-conception of the child to the nine months period of pregnancy a woman undergoes different challenges and transitions.

During this period she needs a good amount of love and care from the family and her dearest and nearest ones. In addition to the affection and concern she receives from the family, the physical and psychological counseling, along with fitness, is one of the important aspects of the pregnancy. The period of pregnancy is one of the most challenging periods in the life of a woman.

In this regard, the degree of care and hospitality weighs higher than in any other time of her life. Bringing the serenity and tranquility in her mind through the session of asana, pranayama, and meditation can be very fruitful. prenatal Yoga classes, therefore, seems to be one of the vital boons for the present-day world.

Trimester of Pregnancy

The first trimester consists of 1 to 14 weeks of the period. The period of pregnancy can be divided into 3 trimesters. The first trimester begins from the first week of a conception of an embryo. The circulatory system also forms and heart begin to beat during weeks 1 to 9. During 1 to 9 weeks of time, a tiny dot grows to the size of a grape.

The parts of the body such as eyes, eyelids, earlobes, mouth, and nose start to take the shape during the first trimester. The second trimester begins from the 15th week of pregnancy and lasts until 27 weeks. The nervous system starts to develop. The skeleton changes from soft cartilage to bone. The nerves connect to the brain and whole body. Sensory development begins during this period.

The baby even starts to suck the thumb during this period. The flutter and flap of the baby are felt by the mother. The ability to swallow and hiccup of a baby is incepted. The hiccups are considered as a normal part of the development. The baby’s eyelids may open and reflect, but can’t see yet.

On the 28th week, the pregnancy enters into the third trimester and ends at the 37th week when a baby is expected to be born. The baby more than triples in weight between its fertilization and this period. The baby starts to hear and blink the eyes. The skin is pink and soft. Usually, the head faces downward resting on the pelvic area. The baby can see the light.

Who can join the Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training?

Because of its deep connection with the human life, pregnancy period is regarded as one of the quintessential parts of existence. Had there no pregnant period in human life, it would have been difficult to imagine the life we’ve been living.

For such an indispensable part of our life, how could we exclude from the Prenatal Yoga classes! Yes, from pregnant women herself, husband, or would be a husband or be a mother as well as the interested persons and professionals of nursing, child care can participate in Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training.

What do we focus on Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training?

Being the pregnant as a purpose of the training, we highly focus on the poses and things which can be applied during the pregnancy. Instead of having more concern on classical yoga we rather cooperate with the yoga poses beneficial and useful for maintaining the balance of mind and mind of the pregnant woman.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training at our yoga ashram (Nepal Yoga Home) mainly gives the idea of releasing tension, maintaining good posture, keeping the anxiety and stresses of pregnancy out of the mind.

The prime concern on Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training is to make the balance in the mind and body in all the stages of the prenatal and postnatal period. The focus of Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training orients keeping in mind of labor, birth, and motherhood of a woman.

Why is Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training important?

Even if this is not you who will be the pregnant any person in your family may undergo the period of pregnancy in his/her life. In the life cycle pregnancy is an inalienable part. Only through the pregnancy, we receive a new person in the family. Because of this very fact, the importance of prenatal Yoga Teacher Training has been how much importance you give your family.

When you take the Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, you would definitely offer a contribution to the member who is undertaking the period of pregnancy. Most importantly, if you are the one would be a pregnant and pregnant person then the Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Course would be a gem for the gem you’re going to create in near future. The activities of meditation and spiritual awareness and philosophy you will get your mind peace.

You will release the stress and tension that roams around in your mind during the period of pregnancy. Moreover, you would find someone who would be facing the same situation what you’ve been experiencing in the Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training which would definitely bring the sense of easiness and comfort.

More on Prenatal Training

The time you spend together would leave a large amount of harmony and understanding of the things you would be scared of provided that you have not decided to take the course. Not only for the prenatal stage but also for the postnatal stage need the well-bringing your child. For the nourishment and nurturing your child better, the understanding of Prenatal Yoga classes does definitely help in creating a good atmosphere for your child and family.

Even though it’s not recommended to practice yoga asana until six months of your delivery, you can do meditation and other yoga stuff. The learning on how you can utilize Prenatal Yoga classes for the benefit of your prenatal and postnatal stage as well as in your entire life can be experienced in deeper level when you enter into the course of Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training.

So, let’s make the Prenatal Yoga classes as a perfect decision to offer a harmonious environment for an upcoming angel of your family or maybe to the world as every child is possible God to be made!