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Singing Bowl healing & Kundalini Yoga Course at Nepal Yoga Home

Singing Bowl Healing & Kundalini Yoga Course in Nepal

Singing bowl healing practice is conducted at Nepal Yoga home in Kathmandu, Nepal along with the kundalini yoga with highly experienced yoga teachers. Kundalini yoga is associated to the practice of awakening the dormant “Kundalini” energy sleeping in Muladhara Chakra. Kundalini awakening means awakening the complete power of human beings which were hidden or inactive.

singing bowl healing in nepal

There are some yogic rules to activate ‘Kundalini’ energy. Awakening complete power of kundalini is very long term process, yet, this course will give you guideline to walk through it which will keep you recharging and awakening gradually day by day.  Singing bowl healing sound is also very important aspect for Kundalini which brings harmony among the chakras, i.e. spiritual energy centers.

What will you learn in Singing Bowl Healing and Kundalini Yoga course

  • Detailed learning about chakras i.e. psychic energy centers
  • Relation of chakras with yoga asana, breathing, pranayama, chanting (mantra) etc.
  • Various types of asana, pranayama, meditation, and chanting
  • Bhanda (a process of locking energy from being wasting and making transformation)
  • Mudra (hand gesture, mind gesture, and body gesture)
  • Techniques to play singing bowl
  • Association of singing bowl healing sound with chakra
  • how to do the singing bowl meditation

This is a short and complete course for Kundalini awakening at Nepal Yoga Home. You will learn entire concept to of Kundalini and its awakening. Along with yogic activities, you will learn various dimension and aspect of life to live with the truth since living with the truth and being honest and truth with the self is most important factor of Kundalini awakening.

Singing bowl healing connection with Kundalini energy

The psychic energy centers are present in metaphysical body of human beings.  The primary seven psychic centers are found from perineal base (between anus and genital organ) to crown, which are known as chakras. They have specific energy wave within and around the body. These energy waves are influenced by singing bowl healing sounds to harmonize and activate the chakras.

Scientific studies of electromagnetic brainwaves corroborate the entity of waves, which are linked to various level of awareness or consciousness. In everyday general conscience, brain produces beta waves. This is in its normal state. When we are mindful, calm conscious or in meditative stage, brain produce alpha waves. Theta waves are found during the slumber state, similarly delta waves are active during deep sleep. When scientist recorded waves produced by singing bowls, they found wave stances which were the alike and coequal as the alpha waves created by our brain. These waves are responsible for making peaceful, relaxed, and conscious. Kundalini awakening is possible when the mind is conscious, peaceful and balanced all the time.

Some more benefits of Singing bowl Healing Sound

The sound is definitely one of the most effective media to take the human mind in different level of consciousness.

Besides the use of singing bowl healing for relaxation and meditation, they are also helpful for muscle regeneration, to relieve joint pain, muscles and shoulders pain, etc. It also decrease pain related to sciatica, migraine, headache, digestive system or spine injuries. Its sound improves circulation, discharge tensions or blockages, to activate the energy flow, alienate the toxins from the body. Practice of relaxation with the sounds of Tibetan bowls or the gong, enhances our concentration level removing various emotional tensions and blockages.

The vibrations of singing bowl Healing sound eases mental or emotional pain and relief from low self-esteem, anxiety, tension, worries, fear, anger, hatred, depression, attachment, insomnia, etc. The unique tones of Tibetan singing bowls are have also been used to normalize blood pressure, to soothe asthma related issues. It also harmonize glandular system, specially the adrenal gland, opens and invigorates the meridians and to ameliorate the synaptic responses in the brain.  It is also found that children with hyperactive disorders have got benefits from singing bowl healing sound. It has various health benefits because it stimulates immune system in human body.

An overall health is very important for awakening Kundalini energy. Thus, using singing bowl healing and various methods of yoga, this course will bestow you better health to be prepared for awakening your hidden spiritual energy.  This course will give you all the guidelines for Kundalini awakening which you need to apply throughout your life since it requires long term practice, yet you can keep promoting yourself, enhancing your level everyday with the practices.