Yogic Detoxification

Yogic Detoxification

Yoga is the best medium for the detoxification. Yogic detoxification can bring the oxygen in our body and brain which opens all the channels of our body. Yogic detoxification purifies or cleanses our body from inside and outside. When our body becomes purifies, each and every disease cure from our body. It gives the vital strength to our body and we start to feel happy and healthy in a natural way. Yogic detoxification revitalizes our body and increases the stamina. It improves our immune system of the body. The immune system fights with the viruses which want to enter into our body and prevents us from the diseases.

Our body collects a lot of toxins inside by the unhealthy food and wrong lifestyle. The toxin is the main cause of all the diseases in our body. The toxin blocks the channels of our body’s blood circulation. Blood circulation brings the Oxygen in every cell of our body. If the Oxygen cannot reach to each cell of our body smoothly, our body starts to be sick. The blockage of the oxygen in our brain causes the mental restlessness and frustration. Mental frustration can bring many diseases in our mind.  The blockages in our particular organs cause the diseases of those particular organs. In the lack of Oxygen in our body, carbon dioxide plays the role to increase toxin in the body.

There are Satkarma in yoga to clean each and every part of our body. This is the package of six actions in yoga for upper part to lower part of our body. The main parts of our body to clean are the stomach and the brain. If we can clean our stomach, most of our mental and physical diseases disappear from our body. Six actions can remove all the blockages in our body. The most important factor of yogic detoxification is that it has no side effect because it is a natural way of healing. If we heal one disease by this technique, other many diseases also start to be healed.

Yogic detoxification is the best way to unblock the blockages in our body. It is the natural way of purifying our body. Yoga can eliminate every negative thing in our body and establish the harmony in the body. We have to apply yoga in our daily life to be healthy and happy all our life. We should live the yogic way of life. We have to start to eat healthy or yogic food for the complete health in our life.

If we detoxify our body, our body becomes ready for the higher spiritual experience. Without being purified, our body cannot experience the higher level of awareness. Awareness has the great value in spirituality. Only healthy body and happy mind can get the opportunity to have a wonderful experience of spirituality. A real yogi can be healthy and happy because his toxins are purified from his or her body by the regular practice of yoga and Satkarma or six actions of purification.


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