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 300 Hours Meditation and Kundalini Yoga Training in Nepal

Introduction to Meditation and Kundalini Yoga Training

Nepal Yoga Home warmly invites you to embark on an enriching journey of Kundalini Yoga Training amidst the serene beauty of Nagarjuna forest in Nepal. Our renowned institution offers a comprehensive 300-hour program, blending meditation and Kundalini yoga, guided by a highly experienced group of Gurus (teachers).

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, our course caters to all levels, providing a harmonious blend of classical Kundalini yoga and meditation. If you seek the best meditation course combined with authentic Kundalini yoga teacher training, we eagerly await your arrival. Join us and allow us to guide you on a transformative path of self-discovery and growth.

This 300 hours meditation and Kundalini yoga teacher training in Nepal is not just to be teacher, it’s more about the life transforming process by discovering the self. Do not think this course is only to be teacher but if someone want to share the knowledge being teacher, this course will provide you clear knowledge and good confidence. You can kick start the professional meditation teacher career after the meditation and kundalini training in Nepal. This is the best way to lit the light inside and spread the light around you.

300 hours kundalini yoga training is very interesting to learn because of it’s comprehensive and holistic approach of teaching. It does not focus only one aspect of yoga rather it includes the meditation, breathing science, relaxation, chanting, detox, philosophy and life style. It’s very transformative course to take your level of consciousness in next level by awakening the energy. Human being is unknown about the self-potentiality and way of awakening the energy that create the bondage of life. Joining this course anyone can discover the inner freedom and peace.

The word “Kundalini” is derived from the Sanskrit word “kundal,” which means “circular.”  It represents the circulation of energy inside the energy center.  It also describes a snake that has been coiling which is symbolically potential form of energy. Additionally, according to practitioners, Kundalini energy is dormant and unaroused at the base of your spine, just like that coiling serpent which is symbol to fix the mind. When mind get relax then energy can raise up from root to crown.

Kundalini yoga is a form of yoga involving mantra chanting, chakra, awareness, singing, dancing, pranayama (breathing exercises), relaxation, emotional releasing and recurring asanas. Its main objective is to activate Kundalini energy, the dormant energy which is situated at the base of the spine. It is intended that Kundalini yoga will increase your love, awareness, happiness and aid in letting go of your suppress emotions which unblock the energy center then supports to awakens bio-energy. The method is also can say the alignment of the energy to get complete harmonious state of the being.

Certified kundalini yoga training is being the popular all across the world. Its origin is believed to be in the land of some part of  Nepal and some part of India. It has been known for millennia that Kundalini energy exists, and it is mentioned in the ancient Vedic literature from 1,000 B.C. Many sage and Rishi they awaken the energy though different way of breath work and meditation finally it has discovered the clear method to awaken the energy which we called Kundalini Yoga.  We are very eager to share this certified kundalini yoga training course with you.

For whom this 300-hour meditation and Kundalini yoga training in Nepal Yoga Home?

  • Kundalini yoga is for those, who want to deep inside the yogic and feel spiritual bliss.
  • It is for those who want to grow the self-realization
  • the skill of teaching in the path of traditional Kundalini yoga, and meditation
  • Good for beginners and advanced yoga practitioners
  • Those who are willing to awaken the hidden energy
  • Cleansing for chakra and energy channels
  • Those who are seeking 300-hour Yoga Alliance-certified yoga and meditation training course.
  • Whoever wants to remove the trauma and stress.
  • Who have completed the 200 hours will awarded by our 500 hours certification course. So better to have 200 hours course before the 300 hours course. If you do not have 200 hours course please join our 200 hours certified meditation and kundalini yoga training in Nepal.

Some people think that Kundalini awakening may be risky. If it is practiced systematically and properly, it is perfectly safe and important for spiritual development. Be sure this 300-hour kundalini yoga training in Nepal is no more risk as you are guiding by the great masters who are living life in yoga. We believe yoga and meditation is not only for teaching and learning it’s more about the awakening the self. You are welcome in this divine journey by yourself for the self. Find the self and get freedom from suffering.

Why meditation and Kundalini yoga training in Nepal Yoga Home?

  • For self-transformation
  • For spiritual development
  • For happy and harmonious life
  • For balanced and healthy living
  • To find the reality of life
  • To overcome the any kind of suffering



  • You will be an international yoga teacher and eligible to teach in all countries.
  • You can develop it as your part/full-time profession or business.
  • This course will give you ancient knowledge of healing, health, and spirituality.
  • You will realize the root of yogic knowledge.
  • Make strong foundation of meditation and kundalini yoga
  • You will get life transforming information


The course of study for meditation and kundalini yoga training course

You will learn the following topic

1. Meditation

Meditation is the key to waken the energy. When lower energy transforms into higher divine energy then yogi will get freedom. When Dharana (Pointed awareness) improves, then it will reach to Dhyana (meditation) stage. On this stage practitioner can focus over any chakra and energy system. Where you meditate that portion of the body’s energy start to stimulate.

Meditation is the main tools which can change your perception and whole the life. The impact of meditation goes deep into subconscious then remove whole the past impression. Till we do not change our previous mindset the new life is not possible. This 300 hours kundalini yoga training is the best way to remove the garbage thoughts and to harvest the fresh and creative thoughts.

Everyone can feel the benefits from 300 hours meditation and kundalini yoga training in Nepal right after the course. You will experience different in your life before and after the kundalini yoga training course.  This 300 hours Kundalini yoga training lowers the stress, improve relaxation, generate clarity in mind and escalate the happiness.

The benefits of meditation can start to manifest the right art of life by learning how-to live-in harmonious state. Meditation build up the power of acceptances and let go.  Accepting the life what as it is, it provides the joy and peace. You will learn the following meditation during your meditation and kundalini yoga training in Nepal.

  • Chakra meditation
  • Kundalini meditations
  • Ind and Pingala meditation
  • So- Ham meditation
  • Mantra meditation
  • Breathing meditation
  • Dynamic meditation
  • Vipassana meditation
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Mantra meditation
  • Guided meditation
  • Buddha style of meditation
  • Loving and kindness meditation
  • Mandala meditation
  • Self-searching meditation
  • Nada-Brahma Meditation
  • Here and now meditation
  • Self-centered meditation
  • Soulful meditation
  • No mind meditation
  • Blissful meditation etc.

2. Breathing for chakra opening and Kundalini awakening

Very interesting part of this kundalini yoga training in Nepal is the variety of breathing tools which is best to regulate the energy. Pranayama i.e. breathing practice has a direct connection with your body, chakra, and Kundalini energy. You will learn multiple types of pranayama in this certified 300- hours kundalini yoga training in Nepal.

According to biologists and medical science human being utilizes only 30 to 40% of the lungs’ capacity. This is the reason body becomes weaker and unhealthy. Breathing practice will help you to activate the inactivated portion of your lungs which provides a sufficient amount of oxygen into the body. Once your body is cleansed and healthy, breathing practice will lead toward chakra opening and Kundalini awakening.

‘Prana’ mean life energy and ‘Ayama’ means expansion. So, the pranayama is the expansion of life energy through breathing process. In this life changing  300 hours kundalini training you will learn the following breathing techniques.

  1. Akara pranayama
  2. Ukara pranayama
  3. Makara Pranayama
  4. Aumkara pranayama
  5. Divine pranyama
  6. Udar pranayama
  7. Vakshya Pranayama
  8. Skanda Pranayama
  9. Yogic pranayama
  10. Khanda Pranayama
  11. Prakartik Pranayama
  12. Throat lock
  13. Abdominal lock
  14. Root lock
  15. Great lock
  16. Ujjayi Pranayama (victorious breath)
  17. Kapal bhati Pranayam I, II
  18. Swana Pranayama
  19. Anulom Vilom pranayama I, II, (slow and fast)
  20. Bhastrika Pranayam (bellows breath)
  21. Nadi Sodhana Pranayama (Nadi cleansing)
  22. Sitali Pranayam (cooling pranayama)
  23. Surya vedi pranayama (Right nostril breathing)
  24. Seetkari Pranayama (hissing breath)
  25. Chandra vedi pranayama (Left nostril breathing)
  26. Moorchha Pranayama (swooning or fainting breath)
  27. Agnishara Kriy (Digestive fire activation)
  28. Kaki pranayama
  29. Bhramari Pranayama (humming bee breath)
  30. Ashwani pranayama
  31. Nauli Kriya

These pranayamas are equally effective for the detox process and vitalize the energy system in the body.

3. Yoga philosophy and lifestyle

Yoga is not only a physical posture it includes whole the lifestyle. In this yoga philosophy it provides you the way of thinking managing the thoughts, emotions, intellect, ego etc. in this certified 300-hour kundalini yoga training in Nepal you will learn meaning and definitions and yoga and its origin. The purpose, aim, objectives of yoga will be taught in detail.

You will study and realize the relation of life with the yoga philosophy. Knowledge of all the dimensions of yoga along with its true meaning will be schooled. You will be tutored and skilled in the art of living. Eight-fold path of yoga and buddha’s eight noble path to get liberation will be taught during this kundalini yoga training in Nepal. During the 300 hours meditation and Kundalini yoga training in Nepal, following topic will be discussed.

  • What is Yoga
  • Different concept of yoga from different scripture and yogi
  • Relation of yoga and meditation and relaxation
  • How meditation helps to awake the kundalini
  • Main objective of Kundalini yoga
  • Concept of Kundalini Yoga and it’s history
  • Types of Yoga and relation with Kundalini
  • Origin and history of yoga and it’s development
  • Stress management through meditation and Kundalini
  • Concept of chakra (energy center) and Nadies (Energy channel)
  • Concept of Pancha Pranana and Pancha Bhut
  • Different aspects of pranayama and it’s main terminology
  • Benifits of pranayama in modern lifestyle
  • Importance of pranayama in spiritual journey
  • Buddhism and Yogic traditions
  • Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga etc
  • Law of Karmic account and Sanskara
  • Path of freedom

4. Yoga poses for stiffness and chakra

Various yoga-asana (physical postures) are taught in this course. This will help you to strengthen your body and increases flexibility. Lack of flexibility stuck the flow of bio energy. So, it’s very important to generate flexibility if you want to awaken the energy. Without healthy and flexible body, it’s not possible to regulate the energy. Yoga posture is the best preparation to awaken and balance the energy.

According to principle of asanas, chakras of the body are also stimulated during the asana practice which is the key source of benefits of Asana. You will understand the relation between yoga pose and chakra as well as the effects on the nadies (energy channel). You will learn following posture

Micro Yogic exercises

Warm up

Dynamic poses

Sun or moon salutation

Some posture for chakra activation

Asana for root chakra like warrior pose, Malasana (Squatting pose), half split pose etc

Asana for sacral chakra like Paschimottanasana, Janu sirsha Asana, Konasna, Kurmasna, Baddha Konasana etc

Asana for navel chakra like Vakrasana, Ardha matsyandra Asana, Marichhya Asana, Trikonasana etc

Asana for Heart chakra like Parivritta paschimottanasana, parivritta Trikonasana, Parivritta Parshva Konasana, Kati chakrasana etc

Asana for throat chakra like Ustrasana, Ardha chandrasna, Kapotasana, purna chandrasana, Bhujanga Asana etc

Asana for third eye chakra like Garun Asana (Eagle pose), Natarajasana, warrior-III, Yanasana, Vrikshya Asana, Bakasana etc

Asana for crown chakra like Head standing pose, arm standing pose, Pincha Mayur asana etc

You will also learn some standing, seating and lying poses

5. Relaxation and Shavasana

Proper way of shavasana (Yoga Nidra) are very important to get quick relaxation. Without relaxing the body and mind to awaken the energy is impossible. Peaceful mind is key to activation of kundalini. Relaxation has vital role to awaken the kundalini energy. The relaxation you could gain in 2 hours, is possible just in 5 minutes with shavasana. Side by side it has many therapeutic benefits. Yogic relaxation is the art of conscious sleep which rejuvenates, recharges, and re-energizes the body. Variety of relaxation will be taught during the 300 hours Kundalini training in Nepal. After this relaxation you can feel the lightness body and emotions.

6. Mantra Chanting for chakra and Kundalini

Mantra itself is the energy so it has the power to awaken the kundalini energy. Mantra align the inner energy which help to stimulate the chakra and nadis (energy channel). So, practice of mantra has great role for kundalini yoga. Mantra chanting, which has a direct influence on metaphysical bodies, is an imperative part of Kundalini Yoga. Some mantras are connected with chakra while some others are with energy activation. Mantras can also be used for healing diseases, astrological remedies, improvement in life, spiritual growth, etc. There are multiple uses of mantras.

7. Banda and Mudra for energy awaken

Banda and mudra are an integral part of yoga. Without banda it’s hard to control the prana without the mastery of prana can’t awake the energy. There are crucial effects of Banda and Mudra for Kundalini’s awakening. They can be applied during yoga sessions and other times whenever you are free. However, some bandhas and mudras have some precautions like when to practice.

Specific gesture of body is called mudra. Without changing the position and gesture it’s hard to regulate and awaken the energy.  You will learn four banda system they are root lock, abdominal lock, throat lock and great lock. You also learn variety of mudras like meditative mudra, pranic mudra, element mudra, mana mudra, kaya mudra, adhar mudra, banda mudra, therapeutic mudra etc

8. Detox to unblock the energy channel

Yoga teaches you a natural way to detox your body. It tries to completely purify your body by which blockage of energy will be released. After that, you will get healthy and experience a free flow of energy throughout the body. You will get concept of purification of body in yogic culture. You will learn theoretical part of shat karma which is six process of yogic cleansing and few selective practice like Jala Neti, Vaman Dhauti, Agnisara Kriya, Nauli Kriya, kapalbhati, Nauli Kriya etc

9. Chakra cleansing & emotional cleansing

This course helps you to cleanse your chakra leading to emotional cleansing. You will be released from unnecessary thoughts and emotions. Your emotion comes under better control.  When your chakra is cleansed, emotions are under control you will start experiencing bliss. You can go deeper and deeper into the self. You will experience peace and harmony. During the 300 hours kundalini training in Nepal different catharsis process will include like dancing, shaking the body, loud chanting, laughing therapy etc.

Kundalini yoga helps to manage trauma, fear, anger, etc.  Any kind of traumatic people can get better healing after this course. You will realize that Kundalini yoga practice is the best decision of your life. This will bestow health, delight, and harmony forever.

By igniting Kundalini energy, kundalini yoga enables it to ascend and pass through the chakras along your spine. The seven energy centers in your body are known as chakras in yoga. The seven chakras are-

  1. Mooladhar Chakra (at the foundation or ground of the spine at the plane of the inferior hypogastric plexus)
  2. Swadhisthana Chakra (at the altitude of the superior hypogastric plexus)
  3. Manipura Chakra (next to the solar i.e. celiac plexus)
  4. Anahata Chakra (at the level of the cardiac region)
  5. Visuddhi Chakra ( at the level of the pharyngeal region)
  6. Ajna Chakra (next to the nasociliary region)
  7. Sahasrara Chakra (at the crown of the head)


When Kundalini energy rises, it will assist in balancing these chakras and promote your spiritual well-being. Kundalini yoga is reputed to bring about spiritual enlightenment with consistent practice. It’s referred to as a “Kundalini awakening”. Kundalini yoga training focus these seven major chakras to unblock which manifest the kundalini awakening.

Relation among Chakra, Nadi, and Kundalini energy

There is a deep connection between Chakra, Nadi, and Kundalini energy. The earliest known anatomy books on yoga speak of a network of several thousand nadis (subtle channels) through which the currents of prana travel, supporting and energizing all parts of the body in addition to the seventy-two thousand nadis. Fourteen are more significant, where six are listed as Ida, Pingala, Sushumna, Brahmani, chitrani, and Vijnani are most significant. Here, the first three are more important than the rest three.

They are Pingala (the sun), which passes via the right nostril, ida (the moon), which passes through the left, and Sushumna, which occurs when neither nostril is blocked and both flows freely. That moment’s expansion is known as Sandhya. Sushumna application is crucial for meditation since it prevents the meditator from being bothered by noise or other outside disturbances, as well as by thought bubbles that arise from the unconscious when meditating.

The three significant nadis start at the base of the spine and upward. The spinal canal is traversed by the Sushumna nadi, which is situated in the center. The brahmarandhra (cavity of Brahma), which corresponds to the ventricular cavities in the brain, is where the anterior and posterior portions of the structure meet at the level of the larynx. The ids and Pingala nadis also ascend the spinal column, but before ending in the third eye they cross each other with the Sushumna Nadi.

The junction of the Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna nadis along the spinal column is known as chakras (wheels). The other nadis extend outward from the chakras to different regions of the body in a manner similar to how the spokes of the wheel radiate outward from a central hub.

The anterior portion of the Sushumna passes through the ajna chakra, and the posterior portion passes behind the skull, the two portions uniting in the brahmarandhra. 300 hours Kundalini training will go beyond all the physicality and awake very subtle channels of energy.


Nadis, Chakras, and the Nervous System

The subtle counterparts of the nerve impulses are the prana currents that run via these nadis. The yogis avoided dissecting the physical body in order to discover its subtle crosscurrent since doing so would be pointless in their search for subtle energies. By charting the movement of prana through this network, they were able to identify the network of nadis and chakras. This mapping skill was gained through introspective investigation. 300 hours Kundalini training is designed to do deep in to introspective investigation so that aspirant can find the self-existence knowing all about the energy system inside body.


Sushumna Nadi and Kundalini Awakening

The flow of pranic energy through this network, which is centered on the nadis’ subtle structure, supports the physical body. The majority of the prana energy in the normal person is still in the potential, or seed stage, making up only a tiny proportion of the total energy of prana.  Kundalini, which is symbolically represented as a sleeping snake coiling in the muladhar chakra at the base of the spine, is the name given to yogic text for this dormant, stored energy. Additionally, prana does not travel through Sushumna the average person; this nadi is typically obstructed at the base of the spinal cord. Instead, it passes through ida and Pingala.

The physical body is built around the subtle framework of the nadis and is sustained by the flow of pranic energy through this network. In the average individual, the dynamic and creative aspect of prana is only an infinitesimal fraction of the total energy of prana, the major part of it remaining in a potential or seed, state.

Yoga manuals refer to this latent, stored energy as kundalini, which is symbolically represented as a sleeping serpent coiled in the Muladhara chakra at the base of the spine. Further, in the average individual, prana flows through Ida and Pingala, but not through Sushumna, this nadi ordinarily being blocked at the base of the spinal column. Instead, it passes through ida and Pingala.

The yogi is released from his or her shackles to space, time, and causality.

Pranayama techniques work to weaken the ida and pingala while also widening the Sushumna, allowing the prana to flow through this middle channel. The yogi is then liberated from the shackles of space, time, and causality and feels immense delight. The yogi awakens the dormant snake at the Muladhara chakra after opening the Sushumna nadi, and then directs this powerful force upward along sushumna, through the six chakras, to the seventh chakra, the Sahasrara, which is symbolized by a thousand-petalled lotus at the top of the head.

The latent Kundalini energy’s awakening, ascension, and fusion with the Sahasrara are all symbolic of the fusion of the cosmic energies of Shakti and Shiva. The union allows the yogi to be freed from all suffering and servitude. Thus, he unites the cosmic soul, Brahman, and his personal soul, atman.

 Nadi suddhi (Purification) and chakra cleansing

These are interrelated to each other. If Nadi are not purified chakras cannot be cleansed. Chakra cleansing helps Nadi suddi and vice versa. If you work for chakra activation, you will indirectly purify nadi. Thus in yoga, both are practiced.

What happens if Kundalini awakens?

To experience the energy release known as a Kundalini awakening, people frequently practice Kundalini meditation. When you feel Kundalini awakening- you may experience the sensation of body warmth or tingling, disorientation, and perhaps a short discomfort during a Kundalini awakening. However, you need a long preparation for experiencing the Kundalini.

The experience, however, may differ from person to person. Despite everything, Kundalini meditation does include slowing down and practicing deep breathing. If you’re not used to this, you can experience lightheadedness or vertigo. Take breaks as necessary, and hydrate yourself well before and after meditation. Kundalini energy travels up to your enlightened stage.

May god bless you to awaken the energy.

Rough Schedule for 300 hours Kundalini yoga training in Nepal is here but this may not the exact so think this is just sample schedule.

Sample schedule for kundalini yoga training:

7 am to 8 am Yoga Posture

8 am to 9 am breathing and meditation

9 am to 10 am breakfast

10 am to 12 pm free time

12 pm to 1 pm relaxation and chanting

1pm to 2 pm self-practice/silence seating

2 pm to 3 pm lunch

4 to 5 pm Kundalini awakening practice

6 to 7 pm Philosophy

7 to 8 pm Dinner

9 pm Silence

This is just rough schedule can be change according to topic, teacher, climate and other circumstances.

What is included in course

Life changing course

Comfortable accommodation according to your choice depending on price

Three times food

Many cups of herbal tea

Spiritual environment

What is excluded?

Pick up and drop off


Extra expanses around Kathmandu

Sunday is day off can go around Kathmandu, temple, monastery, heritage center you can go with new family member and friend in your personal expanses

Extra food if you want to buy from city

Personal stuff

Flight tickets


Om hanti !!! Shanti !!! Shanti !!!

May peace in sky, peace in planets, and peace in all creatures.