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Power Yoga Workshop

overview – Power Yoga Workshop

Power yoga is a pattern of sequencing hatha yoga asanas maintaining a particular flow along with Vinyasa. Since it is always practiced with the flow, it is often known as flow yoga. Holding duration in an asana is normally 5 breaths. It includes all the asanas of hatha yoga maintaining a specific order. Power yoga follows both static and dynamic poses for the practice. It is designed to give overall exercise to the body along with unique stimulation on seven chakras. Every pose is responsible for the activation of one or more chakras.

You can learn Power Yoga technique in 10 days, 1.5 hours every day with a highly experienced yoga teacher in Nepal Yoga Home. Though the name is power yoga, there are modifications and adjustments for the beginners to make the practice easier. Thus it is fit for all from beginner to advance level.

The posture and flow in Power yoga can be modified according to your requirements and body flexibility. Thus power yoga is convenient for all whether you have a flexible body or not. It is observed that the regular practice of yoga flexibility is increased. The advance level practitioner will deepen their practice here. You will really love the sequence and flow of power yoga enjoying its best effects.

What will You Learn in Power Yoga Workshop?

  • Opening and closing chanting and some mantras
  • Joint exercise and warm-up
  • More than 100 asanas (Standing asanas, Seated asanas and Lying Asanas)
  • Chakra awareness, breathing awareness and body awareness with asanas
  • Sequencing of asanas providing all-round exercise to the body.
  • Savasana and Yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep i.e. conscious sleep)

We can give exercise to the body in the following ways:

  • Forward bending and backward bending asana
  • Right and left bending asanas
  • Right and left twisting asanas
  • Core and abdomen engaging asana
  • Chest and neck engaging asanas
  • Hip opening asana
  • Balancing asanas
  • Asanas to engage hand power and leg power

What will you experience with the course:

  • You will get your body more active, energetic and flexible.
  • Your immunity power will increase and experience better health.
  • Better guideline to enter into the realm of spirituality for experiencing peace within.
  • Stress, anxiety, etc will decrease
  • Awareness and balance of mind will increase

You will learn all of these asanas in Power Yoga Workshop at Nepal Yoga Home. You will also be eligible to teach anywhere in the world after the completion of the course.