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500 Hours Breathing and Meditation certification in Nepal

Change your life with our authentic meditation and breathing 500-hour training course in Nepal, run by the Nepal Yoga Home family

Join our transformative breathing and meditation certification course in Nepal with experienced instructors in a serene Himalayan environment for a life-altering journey

If you are looking for very special place and country to learn the root source of meditation and pranayama (Breathing art) we are here in Kathmandu, Nepal. It’s land of meditation, land of Himalaya, birth place of buddha, Shiva and many more enlightened masters. Nepal Yoga Home is one of the pioneer meditation school in Nepal who have variety of course depending breathing, meditation, healing, Ayurveda, yoga etc. Just out of historical Kathmandu city you will get peaceful environment on the yard of Nagarjun National Park.

Life is not always easy but we should make it easy. Without art of meditation life could be challenging. Meditation and breathing are ancient art of life which help you to counter any kind of distress, pain and suffering. It’s the best breathing and meditation certification in Nepal to make yourself stress proof happy and healthy human being. This is life changing breathing and meditation certification in Nepal which inspire to know your free and eternal peaceful existence.

Now a days on the name of the yoga only posture is being highlighted but the very core part of yoga; pranayama (breathing science) and meditation is in shade. To preserve the essence of yoga, Nepal Yoga Home is conducting meditation teacher training focusing on pranayama and meditation certification in Nepal. Since pranayama is very important to deepen the self, it has been given special priority for the practice. After that, it will be easy to enjoy a meditative state. 500-hour pranayama and meditation training will have focused on an inner journey to identify your true-self.

For whom this course is focused?

  • This is course who want to discover the happy and healthy life.
  • If you want to come out from repetitive monotonous thoughts process.
  • To deepen into a spiritual journey and find the real process and destination of life.
  • It is for those who want to experience the self-realization discovering the self.
  • Those who want to learn ancient techniques to develop the higher realization
  • It is focused on beginner-level to advanced practitioners
  • Whosoever wants to stimulate the mysterious vigor.
  • Those who want a 500-hour Yoga Alliance-certified breathing and meditation certification in Nepal.
  • Whoever wants to remove the negative emotions, shock, stress, bad habit, trauma etc.
  • Whoever wants to enjoy inner peace and harmony

 Why do you need to attend a breathing and meditation Certification course in Nepal?

·           For self-improvement

·           For spiritual growth

·           For s contented and peaceful life

·           For a sensible, healthy way of living


·           You’ll be qualified to instruct of breathing and meditation throughout the world as an international yoga teacher.

·           It makes you eligible to make your meditation and breathing passion as a business or profession.

·           You will learn about ancient spiritual, physical, and mental healing practices in this course.

·           You’ll come to understand the source of yogic wisdom by learning breathing and meditation in Nepal.

Syllabus of the course

you will learn more details information about the very rare and secret tools of breathing and meditation. The beauty of this breathing and meditation certification in Nepal is to get life changing tools of meditation under the competent teacher in very spiritual, safe and peaceful environment. During the breathing and meditation training course you will learn the following topic.

1. Meditation

Before meditation you will learn the process of centering your mind to something or some object. Then deepening this centering your attention over the object, gradually you will get free from this process of centering attention. Due to regular and dedicated practice of dharana (pointed awareness) you will get spontaneous awareness which keeps you in present moment without the effort of awareness. Achieving the power of here and now you can invest the energy to discover inner peace through meditation. When you enter the meditative stage as your pointed concentration (Dharana) skills get well developed.

Meditation reduce stress, increase happiness, and improve relaxation and clarity. Learning how-to live-in harmony and reaping the advantages of meditation will be taught in this advance level meditation training in Nepal. With persistent and dedication to meditation, it is possible to find joy, peace, and acceptance in life.

You will learn very interesting, magical, powerful and effective methods of meditation in your meaningful breathing and meditation certification in Nepal. The main technique of meditation are as follows:

  1. Aana Pana Sati meditation
  2. Breathing meditation
  3. Here and now meditation
  4. No mind meditation
  5. Blissful meditation
  6. Self-center meditation
  7. Cosmic Meditation
  8. Mantra meditation
  9. Buddha Style of meditation
  10. Vipassina meditation
  11. Mindfulness meditation
  12. Cakra Meditation
  13. So-ham Meditation
  14. Visualization meditation
  15. Self-analysis meditation
  16. Cyclic meditation
  17. Energy balance meditation
  18. Dynamic meditation
  19. Kundalini meditation
  20. Soulful meditation etc

2. Pranayama

Pranayama (art of breathing) is a sincere association with your body, emotion, mind, chakra, and Kundalini. There are multiple types of pranayama that will you learn in this meditation certification course in Nepal. This will teach you the correct art of breathing which will help you to use your lungs properly. With pranayama, you will get a proper amount of oxygen which keeps you healthier and stronger. Pranayama (breathing) cleanses the body, mind as well as karmic account. It destroys the previous memories and bad samskara you will uplift in new life. The practice of breathing will result in chakra opening and Kundalini awakening once your energy center has been cleansed. During your pranayama training you will learn following pranayama tools.

    1. Akara pranayama
    2. Ukara pranayama
    3. Makara Pranayama
    4. Aumkara pranayama
    5. Divine pranyama
    6. Udar pranayama
    7. Vakshya Pranayama
    8. Skanda Pranayama
    9. Yogic pranayama
    10. 10.Khanda Pranayama
    11. 11.Prakartik Pranayama
    12. 12.Throat lock
    13. 13.Abdominal lock
    14. 14.Root lock
    15. 15.Great lock
    16. 16.Ujjayi Pranayama (victorious breath)
    17. 17.Kapal bhati Pranayam I, II
    18. 18.Swana Pranayama
    19. 19.Anulom Vilom pranayama I, II, (slow and fast)
    20. 20.Bhastrika Pranayam (bellows breath)
    21. 21.Nadi Sodhana Pranayama (Nadi cleansing)
    22. 22.Sitali Pranayam (cooling pranayama)
    23. 23.Surya vedi pranayama (Right nostril breathing)
    24. 24.Seetkari Pranayama (hissing breath)
    25. 25.Chandra vedi pranayama (Left nostril breathing)
    26. 26.Moorchha Pranayama (swooning or fainting breath)
    27. 27.Agnishara Kriy (Digestive fire activation)
    28. 28.Kaki pranayama
    29. 29.Bhramari Pranayama (humming bee breath)
    30. 30.Ashwani pranayama
    31. 31.Nauli Kriya

3. Philosophy of yoga and art of life

You will learn here yoga philosophy to understand the mind, intellect ego and consciousness etc. In its beginning you may have challenging to come out from comfort thinking but after well understanding your mental nature will be change then start to accept yogic way of thinking. You will comprehend the relation of life with this ancient philosophy. The fundamental meaning of yoga, as well as all of its facets, will be taught. You’ll receive instruction and training in the art of life in details in this meditation certification course.

The ancient yogis discovered that the excellent way of living through breathing and meditation. Finally, they conclude that main cause of suffering is ignorance and way to finding the happiness is to discover own true nature by doing meditation.  However, by understanding through intellectual level till yogi does not get realization it does not work in practical life so, it has discovered the process of mediation. Before practice of meditation we should know through level of intellect so that we can remove the doubt from mind. Yoga Philosophy is the best way to understand all the mechanism of mind so that your mind get space to relax.

This philosophy will provide the insight how our mind works.  It describes a path that we can follow to discover our true self. This course explores the different elements of yogic philosophy in each day. The course will not only give you an intellectual understanding of Yogic Philosophy but also practical method of meditation and breathing. Yoga philosophy provides the clear concept of meditation that can lead you to the ultimate joy of life. The philosophy will be based on ancient yogi’s experience, original yoga’s scriptures like Patanjali yoga sutra, Bhagvad gita, Veda, Upanishada, Purana, Vigyan Bhairav etc. The meditation certification course covers all essential and significant topics related to the vast subject of yoga from its meaning, definitions, history, purpose etc. Through the different authentic traditions of yoga philosophy will be taught for you to realize the truth of what meditation truly is then to exploration the ultimate-self.

4. Yoga poses included during meditation certification

Yoga posture is best way to create foundation of meditation. It has said in Hatha Yoga without practice of asana (posture) to get mastery over the meditation is challenging. Yoga posture makes strong, healthy and flexible body so that there is less stress pain during the meditation. On the other hand, mental stress is also dependent with physical stress. Due to mental stress it can impact in mussels, nerves, digestion, circulation all the system flash the stress by practicing the yoga posture. Without removing the stress from nerves it’s hard to remove the stress from mind. So, inspire our students to practice posture for remarkable health and happiness.

Yoga posture is good for Kundalini and chakra and whole energy system of the body. In this meditation certification in Nepal, major and essential yoga posture will be taught. This will make your body stronger and more flexible. Asanas stimulate the body’s chakras which has direct impact over glandular system of the body. If all the gland is healthy they will be able to release the anti-stress Harmons.

Asanas are also focused on building balance and meditation. Your body will be stronger and stronger with the yoga practice. They also improve your flexibility and engage your muscles and bones which were not properly used before. Asana brings you lightness and freshness for meditation.

5. Relaxation and Shavasana (yoga Nidra):

The proper way of relaxation and shavasana are very important to get quick relaxation. The relaxation you could gain in 2 hours, is possible just in 15 minutes with shavasana. It has many therapeutic benefits as well as mental, emotional and spiritual importance. Yogic relaxation is the art of conscious sleep which rejuvenates, recharges, and re-energizes the body. If we are not well relaxed there is chance to get sleep during the meditation. To avoid sleep during the meditation yoga nidra helps a lot. Yoga Nidra which is conscious sleep is the best way to prepare mediation. Yoga nidra itself is a kind of meditation. You will have very profound study and practice about the yoga Nidra.

6. Mantra Chanting

The mantra itself is the sound energy. Chanting mantra can recharge the body, mind and soul through positive vibration of sound. Mantra chanting is a crucial practice for chakras and Kundalini too. All the chakras are the energy center which can tune and stimulate through the mantra chanting.  Mantras are of various types according to the requirement and interest student can select the mantra. They have healing effects for diseases, mental and emotional disturbance, zodiacal fortune etc. Since mantra is energy, it works in the invisible with subtle vibrations. Mantras are used to increase focus, concentration, self-development, spiritual progress, etc. You will be guided by very powerful and effective mantras during the meditation certification in Nepal.

7. Banda and Mudra for energy awaken

Banda and mudra are essential components of meditation and breathing. Mudra is gesture of hands, body integrating with mind, emotion, sight and breath. Without learning the proper mudra students can’t choose the proper body position and hands gesture during the meditation which makes obstacles to regulate the energy.  Some gestures were spontaneously used to do by the peoples during different situations of mind and emotion. I n happy mood people show the happy gesture and in misery they show miserable gesture. If we able to maintain the happy gesture even in challenging state we can conquer over the emotion.

Without the Banda (Lock) system to achieve the mastery over pranayama seems impossible. So, on this meditation training period bandas will taught by giving the good priority. Bandas are the best to awaken the energy channel and chakra system. It has lots of significant however, some bandhas and mudras need good guidelines for practice, if it has done without the precaution such as when to do and when not to do, who can do and who can’t it can be harmful. So, it’s important to learn the banda and mudra under competent teachers.

8. Yogic Detox

You can learn how naturally detox your body through yogic detox process. It tries to thoroughly cleanse your body so that any energy blockages can be freed. Following that, your health will improve and your body’s energy will flow freely. In this state practitioner get easy to achieve meditative state.  Toxic makes discomfort and stressful so to fallow the path of meditation toxic free body and relax mind is essential. Take caring this point we integrate the detox process in this meditation certification in Nepal.

9. Chakra cleansing & emotional cleansing

This meditation certification in Nepal aids with your chakra cleansing, which leads to emotional balance. You will be freed from pointless feelings and thoughts. Your ability to control your emotions improves. When your chakra is activated and emotions are under control, bliss will begin to fill you. You can delve ever deeper within yourself. You’ll attain harmony and peace within. Chakra cleansing and Kundalini activation manages your trauma, fear, stress, anxiety, phobia, etc. After this meditation course, trauma victims of any kind can recuperate more quickly. You’ll come to understand that practicing Kundalini yoga is the best choice you’ve ever made. This will bring long-lasting health, joy, and peace.

What things are included in this breathing and meditation certification in Nepal, Kathmandu

Very genuine course in breathing and meditation and kundalini.

Comfortable room, according to your budget

Delicious three times food

Few cups of herbal and green tea

Sharing yoga mat, block, belt etc

What is excluded?

Pick up and drop off


Extra expanses to go around Kathmandu

Extra food if you want to buy from city

Personal stuff

Plan tickets

Sample schedule for breathing and meditation certification in Nepal

7 am to 8 am Yoga Posture

8 am to 9 am breathing and meditation

9 am to 10 am breakfast

10 am to 12 pm free time

12 pm to 1 pm relaxation and chanting

2 pm to 3 pm lunch

4 to 5 pm self-Practice/ silence seating

6 to 7 pm Philosophy and meditation

7 to 8 pm Dinner

9 pm Silence

This is just rough schedule can be change according to topic, teacher, climate and other circumstances.

Sarve bhabantu sukhinau bhabantu.

May all beings be free and happy.

Namaste! Namaste!! Namaste !!!