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5 Hours Online Yoga Class | Basic Online Yoga Training Program

The world is constantly growing and we are in the modern age. Modernization has brought mankind immeasurable gifts and awards but like with every other thing, there is a negative side as well. In these times, where competition is mandatory for survival, humans do not have the privilege to stand still, let alone take a holiday. Even when they get a holiday, they spend it by figuring out ways to compensate for their spent time. In such hectic times, one activity that can assist you in soothing your senses and give you a spiritual reckoning is yoga. To top it off, you can partake in an online yoga class.

online yoga class

More About Our Online Yoga Class

Yoga is gradually becoming a favorite pastime activity for millions of people across the globe. People view it as a creative hobby that makes them happy and satisfied. Some people are building their careers in yoga by taking yoga classes. As you have understood the craze of yoga, we have a hunch that you too might be interested in yoga. (or else you might have not stumbled upon this blog).

For those that want to take yoga classes, but are limited by time or depending on the current situation (quarantined) then we have a delightful offer for you. Nepal Yoga Home is organizing a 5 hours online yoga class that is designed to provide you knowledge about the current yoga practices and how it can be implemented to make your life fruitful.

Before we dive into the subject matter, let us understand some basics about yoga. Although you might be familiar with the activity, ‘yoga’ you might not be in touch with its roots. The term ‘yoga’ stems from the Sanskrit word ‘to join’. It is believed that yoga originated thousands of years ago in India and Nepal. Numerous religious texts consider Lord Shiva as the originator of Yoga whereas some texts dictate otherwise.

Regardless of its origin, the main concept involved in yoga is to unify the human consciousness with the spiritual entity. Those who can achieve this are in a state of eternal bliss. This will be a vital subject matter that will be dealt with in the 5 hours online yoga class. 

The reason that so many people are into yoga is the unparalleled benefits it provides. These are scientifically proven as well. Some of them include improving body flexibility, strengthening the muscles of the body, and perfecting the posture. Yoga also aids in boosting the immunity of the body and provide the user with mental peace.

online yoga class in nepal

Let’s not move much farther from the subject at hand and without further delay, this is the schedule that will be followed during this 5-hour online yoga class.

Day 1: Introduction of yoga

On the very first day of the class, you will get to know the teacher and other individuals in the Nepal Yoga Home. Our teacher has years of experience in this field and we assure you that you are in able hands. He will go through the very basics of yoga and teach you the importance of practicing yoga and how you can apply it to your day to day life. 

Day 2: Sun salutation (traditional)

From Day 2, we shall be proceeding to the asanas and yogic philosophies. The first pose that you will be taught in this class is the sun salutation, most commonly known as Surya namaskar. It can be done any time during the day but it would be great if you could do it early in the morning. Our teacher will take you through the necessary facts that need to be considered while doing it.

Day 3: sun salutation (Ashtanga vinyasa)

As we move towards the complex poses of yoga, we practice an enhanced version of Surya namaskar. It can be a bit difficult at first but once you follow the expert guidelines from our teacher, then it will be comparatively easier.

Day 4: Moon salutation

Moon salutation is the activity for today. Along with it, we shall be practicing other poses as well. The teacher will enlighten you about the different yogic philosophies and mantras that can be used. 

Day 5: Way of practicing yoga at home

On the final day of this 5-hour online yoga class, we will learn how to practice yoga at home. Techniques like routine making will be taught.

It is known that life is busy and without earning a living, it is not possible to achieve our dreams or even survive. However, it is also known that health is the priority and it cannot be comprised. So, it is highly recommended that you separate a few minutes for yourself to practice yoga. 

If you like to dive more and want to take advanced yoga teacher training online you can participate the 200 hours online yoga teacher trainng course