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1 Week Anger Management Training in Nepal

Anger management training is a unique method to get control and mastery over anger. It is the training to transform the power of anger into a positive direction rather than rolling into negative things. This training will help you to overcome the negative impacts of anger and live in harmony.

anger management training

What is anger?

Anger is a feeling symbolized by hostility or antagonism towards someone or something. It is an emotion delineated by protest, pique, or rancor towards others especially when you think they have done wrong to you. You express yourself negatively when you are angry, sometimes you even harm others. Anger may also be a way to find new solutions to problems. But excessive or uncontrolled anger creates problems both physically and mentally. It harms physically and mentally. It increases heart-beat, respiration, blood pressure, etc. This Anger management training helps to reduce your anger and to develop a positive attitude in every situation.

How we can transform anger in to divine energy?

You should first understand that if you get angry and you are controlled by anger, it means you are weak emotionally and psychologically. If you are aware of the nature and impacts of anger, it cannot attack you, rather you will transform it. Here are some tips for transformation:

anger management training in nepal

1. Creativity

 Creativity is inversely proportional to anger. The more you become creative lesser the negative impact of anger there tends to be. Creativity is a great way to change energy into positivity. Creative thinking, creative writing, creative works, etc are very helpful. Instead of rolling into anger do some work creatively- painting, drawing, dancing, cooking, or some other. Learning a new thing regularly makes you more creative. You can write some creative things- articles, stories, poems, dramas, essays, novels, etc. It is very helpful to think rationally and creatively- how anger arises, what is its impact etc. Also, write the conclusions.

2. Source of inspiration

The Anger management training help to convert anger as a self-motivating factor though it is not easier. Here you need to be rational and work with reasons. Try to identify the cause of your anger with a focused mind. And use the cause to motivate you for doing better and better in life. Apply anger as a pushing factor towards your aims. Stop blaming others for what they do. Find out creative ways to be away from negative circles and from the impacts of their weakness. You simply change yourself and keep improving yourself.

3. Perceive the best possible outcomes

Nothing is absolutely good or bad. Good is hidden in each difficulty. Whatever the situation or types of people around you may be, you will find something good, if you seek. Try to identify positive things for everything. This habit pattern will definitely transform your power to work according to the best you have identified.

4. Fill your heart with love and compassion

Another benefit of joining this anger management training is it fillup your heart with love and compassion. You get angry if somebody hurts you or does something bad. Now instead of burning yourself with anger, realize that people behave according to their level. They cannot behave positively if their mind is not broader. Just keep compassion on them for their immature psychology. Don’t hate them; don’t boil yourself with anger but simply keep kindness for their weakness. You have nothing to lend or borrow with their behavior. You have to simply improve yourself.

anger management

5. Yoga: Asana, Pranayama, Meditation

Yogic practice along with meditation will transform you gradually. Spiritual practice reduces the negative emotions, rather you will get a balanced stage. Practicing yoga asana and meditation regularly increases your wisdom, understanding level, and secretes happy hormones more and more.

6. Awareness and expression

Do not suppress your emotion. Simply observe it. When anger arises, watch it. Be aware and mindful of your anger, we teach the following in anger management training:

  • How anger arises, watch it.
  • What is its origin, observe it.
  • What happens to your breath when you get angry, watch your breath.
  • What happens at heart and blood circulation at that moment, sensate it consciously.
  • What types of thoughts arise during anger, witness them.
  • Feel your emotions during anger.
  • See the various changes in your biology and psychology during anger.

This practice will uproot your anger and help you with the correct utilization of it.

What are the causes of anger

Anger is an internal response of the body normally triggered by hurt, pain, deceive, guilt, jealousy, worry, embarrassment, shame, anxiety, fear, disappointment, frustration, sadness, etc. We experience these emotions negatively and harm to our happy living.  We have to deal with each emotion to manage the anger.

 What will you learn in the training

  • Art of anger management: There are various approaches dimensions for anger management which we discuss in our anger management training. You will understand its science deeply, learn the art to manage anger in multiple ways.
  • Meditation for anger management: Meditation is the best method to control anger and all emotions. There are various methods of meditation. You will learn them thoroughly.
  • Tips to bounce back anger: Anger is natural which may arise frequently. If you keep rolling into anger, it will definitely harm you, and the people around you. You need to bounce back and be in a calm state. You will learn how to bounce back to act positively.
  • Anger and energy: Actually all emotions are energy. So emotion is also energy. The important thing is –how you want to expose this energy: positively or negatively. You will not get upset due to anger when you understand the art to link anger with goodness.
  • Anger is not bad energy: Some of us have the wrong concept that anger is bad energy. Anger proves to be bad only if you harm yourself or others. But anger can be transformed into good energy, power, positivity, and divinity.
  • Strength of anger: Anger has an unbelievable strength. But it is your own choice – either burn yourself and harm yourself and other or utilize the energy to do great works without losing the balance of mind.
  • Positive anger and negative anger: If your anger does not harm you and others, as well as you engage this energy to transform yourself and approach to achieve your goal, this is understood as positive anger. In contrast, if anger destroys your peace of mind and starts harming people, this will ruin you. In such conditions, anger is defined as negative anger. We give the better explanation about positive and negative anger in this anger management training.
  • Anger and children: Your anger has a connection with children. Your mental condition has a great role during the growth period of your children. You will learn how to deal with emotions and children.
  • Power of forgiveness: One of the great things you learn here is- you will become very powerful mentally and spiritually which will develop your forgiveness capacity.
  • Anger and relationship: The main problem for a harmonious relationship is anger. You will learn the art of relationship.
  • Anger and business: You cannot do better in business if you are angry. Your clients want your happy face and heartily relationship. Then only your business will become better.
  • Anger and happiness: Both anger and happiness are emotions. If you understand the emotions, you can make your life happier by implementing anger positively. 

 Why you need to attend the anger management training

o   To understand the mind and thoughts.

o   To increase awareness level.

o   To be able to balance yourself during anger. Once you become able to manage anger, it will be easier to balance all the emotions that arise in day to day life.

o   To avoid the harm caused by anger. The harms can be physical harm, mental harm, social harm, etc.

o   To become a proper human managing all the emotions.

o   To attain emotional intelligence.

o   To uplift human consciousness and civilization.