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Four Nights Ayurveda Detox Retreat

Nepal Yoga Home since its conception has been in the forefront of those who seek to gain yogic knowledge at the birthplace of Yoga – Nepal. With its newfound vigor and solemnity, Nepal Yoga Home brings you “Four Nights and Five Days Ayurveda detox Retreat”, where you not only will be learning the tenets of Ayurveda but also will commence on the journey of a healthy lifestyle. The lifestyle promoted by Ayurveda not only allows you to be in the optimum health but also brings you closer to your “Prakriti”.
Ayurveda is the ancient form of healing derived from the Vedas (the ancient science). It is a holistic form of healing which aims not only in getting rid of diseases but also preventing diseases and promoting hale and health. In it, it regards the concept of doshas, prakriti and how these basic yet immutable generalities are affected by dincharya (the daily regimen), ritucharya (the seasonal regimen), herbalism, diet, lifestyle and panchakarma.

Nepal Yoga Home provides with most optimal Ayurvedic care. You will start with calculating your dosha constituency and how this can define how you eat and what lifestyle you can follow in regards to your dosha constituency. In this Ayurveda detox Retreat, You will also receive an individual care and dosha diagnosis from the Ayurvedic house doctor. You will be able to get your doubts and misconception about Ayurveda cleared up and be on a path of holistic Ayurveda healing. Besides this, you will also be involved in relaxing Ayurveda therapies and Chakra healing procedures. With regular classes of this Ayurveda detox retreat, you will learn about how to diet and live according to Ayurveda.

Highlights of Ayurveda detox retreat

• Ayurveda classes from Ayurvedic expert
• Healing and relaxing Ayurveda procedures
• Homestay, vegetarian and vegan meals cooked according to your body type
• Daily yoga, meditation and mindfulness sessions
• Yoga practices according to your body type
• Pranayama sessions according to your body type
• Tea according to your body type
• 4 nights’ accommodation (you can extend even longer)
• Daily mantra recitations and energetic vibration
• Opportunity to visit and feel about the Kathmandu city
• Cozy and high standard accommodation

Retreat Curriculum of 4 nights Ayurveda Detox Retreat 

Nepal Yoga Home sets you on a path in achieving a holistic health through Ayurvedic practice during Ayurveda detox retreat.
• Ayurvedic doctor consultation
At Nepal Yoga Home you get to learn from an Ayurvedic expert on the basic tenets, philosophy (ontology and epistemology), and treatment concepts of Ayurveda.
• Philosophy of Ayurveda
Know the concept of “Purusha” and “Prakriti”. These are the consciousness and the unconsciousness that governs the whole universe.
• Determining your body type according to Ayurveda
Know what it is to be a “Vata”, “Pitta”, and “Kapha” person. Most of Ayurveda revolves around this.
• Questionnaire and Pulse-examination for “Prakriti” determination
An expert Ayurveda practitioner examines your pulse (Nadi) and determines what Dosha is elevated or reduced. An expert healing touch is sometimes all that is needed for a holistic healing.
• Complete Nasya regimen
Get your sinus declogged by Ayurvedic procedure of Nasya. Nasya is followed by herbal fumigation, getting you the optimal sinus care.
• Ayurvedic approach to Chakra healing
Know different types of essential oils, mantras, stones and affirmations for the Chakra healing.
• Shirodhara – Activating your “Third Eye” Chakra
Gain overall elevation in consciousness by activating your “Third eye” chakra with Shirodhara.
• Chakra vasti – Activating your “Navel” Chakra
Be an expert intuitionist by activating the “Navel” chakra with Chakra Vasti.
• Kati vasti – Activating your “Sacral” Chakra
Gain control over your arcane instincts and sensations with “Sacral” Chakra activation.
• Greeva vasti – Activating your “Heart and Throat” Chakra
Be affirmative and develop leadership abilities using Greeva Vasti for “Throat” Chakra activation.
• Dincharya – Daily regimen according to your body type
Learn how to live your daily life to its optimal amount. Live in as close a proximity to your own nature as you possibly can using the concepts of “Dincharya”.
• Food prescription according to your body type
• Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditative practices according to your body type
• Ayurvedic herbs taste test
• The Ayurvedic herbal preparations according to your body type – Triphala, Licorice, Ashwagandha,
• Ayurvedic tea preparation
• Panchakarma – A general introduction
Get body cleared off of all toxins and live in vigor and health.