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10 Days Meditation Holiday in Nepal

Meditation Holiday in Nepal

10 Days Meditation Holiday in Nepal

Meditation is the real beauty of life where you find your real essence. It is the path of reality that will eradicate your illusion and delusion of life. This is the authentic path to real health and happiness.  If you are planning the best meditation holiday retreat in Nepal you have a good option – Nepal Yoga Home.

A holiday will be meaningful if you attain something profound things in life during this time. We try to make your holiday best so that you will be able to experience inner peace and harmony.

Specialty of Meditation Holiday in Nepal:

  1. Natural and peaceful place: Nepal is a country of nature where you see the natural environment as it is. This place is perfect for meditation practice. Since it is a very peaceful area, meditation becomes easier and better.
  2. Overpowering Spiritual Vibration: Nepal is treated as a country of spirituality and Tantra. It is the place where Tantra originated. Many people have attained enlightenment here since the beginning. Almost all yogis, sages, hermits, mystics, savants, spiritualists, etc. are born here and have practiced meditation and other forms of spirituality.  These practices have strengthened the spiritual vibes here which make it easier to deepen into the meditation.
  3. Meditation School: This meditation school has been teaching meditation for many years to people all around the world. It is well-known for yoga and meditation teaching. Meditators can get all the facilities related to meditation.  You will get a proper environment here for meditation.
  4. Experienced Meditation Teachers: Teachers in Nepal are very experienced in their practice and teaching. Their entire life is dedicated to yogic practice including meditation. They have long experience teaching meditation. Thus, they can guide you well in your spiritual journey and meditation.
  5. Proper Food for Meditation: For all types of spiritual practices including meditation you should take swatic food. It includes- Fresh fruits, dried fruits, vegetables, grains, vegetarian and vegan food, no stale food, seasonal food items, not much spicy and salty food. Food items are designed to make your body and mind suitable for meditation.
  6. Comforts for daily living: The meditation school will provide you with all types of things that you need to stay over here. You may have some more requirements than we provide here. If so, you need to inform us so we can manage it.

Course of Study

There are many things to study and practice here. This is designed to get the best in a short period of time.

  1. Yoga Asana: To improve in meditation, asanas help you. They help you to align your inner geometry to the cosmic geometry. For better health, you need to learn some asanas as well. You will learn the basic form and fundamentals of yoga asanas.
  2. Pranayama: Pranayama is very helpful in improving focus and concentration which eventually leads to meditation. They help you expand your lungs’ capacity and make you able to receive the proper amount of oxygen. There and multiple techniques of pranayama which you will learn here.
  3. Meditation Philosophy: You will learn all-around aspects of meditation such as its origin, concepts, and various techniques. There are many techniques of meditation. You will learn many techniques from them.
  4. Bandha: It is a type of lock or bind in certain part of the body. There are four major bandha- Moola bandha (root lock), Uddyana Bandha (abdominal lock), Jalandhar bandha (chin lock) and Maha Bandha (Great lock). They are performed in yoga to regulate and flow the life energy (prana) in a desired part of the body or everywhere. These will be included in your practice and study.
  5. Mudra: Mudra is a ritual gesture in many religions; while in yoga, mudra is a tool to deepen in spiritual journey. There are many types of mudra. Some are performed by entire body, some are performed by hand and fingers, some are performed by breath and some are performed by your mind. You will learn everything here.
  6. Yogic Kriya: There are some yogic activities known as kriyas- Trataka Kriya, Neti Kriya, Kapalbhati Kriya, Dhauti Kriya, Vasti Kriya, Nauli Kriya, and Agnisar Kriya. They are also known as yogic detoxification.

 Why Meditation Holiday in Nepal

  1. To feel the spiritual vibes in the original place of meditation.
  2. To get authentic practice with genuine teachers.
  3. To experience real inner bliss and tranquility.
  4. To deepen into spiritual practices.
Benefits of Meditation Holiday in Nepal

There are many advantages of learning meditation here. After learning meditation from here. On one hand, you can apply for self-development and spiritual progress, and on the other hand, you can use it as your part-time or full-time profession.  You will be able to teach in any part of the world.

After the meditation course here, you will experience the following changes in you-

  1. You will feel lightness in the body and mind. You feel heaviness because of excessive thoughts in the mind. With the practice of meditation, you will release them and you will feel lighter. Similarly, you will unblock the emotional and mental blockage in your mind with meditation. This will also be the cause to bring lightness in you.
  2. Peacefulness and serenity are important aspects of meditation. It brings you back to the present moment from the future and past. When you start living in the present, you start experiencing silence within.
  3. Better health: Most of the diseases are mind-based. When there are negative thoughts in the mind, they decrease your immunity power which will lead to diseases. But meditation releases all the negative thoughts and gives you better health.
  4. Increases feelings of love, compassion, and kindness.
  5. Improves relations with people. Meditation increases understanding and tolerance. It also improves your forgiving capacity. With the practice of meditation, you can feel others. This will develop sound relations.
  6. Positive effects of planets and zodiac signs according to astrology. With the practice of meditation, the negative impacts of planets in your life will decrease and neutralize. Thus you will experience a better and meaningful by meditation.