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200 Hours Certified Meditation and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

Unlock Your Potential with Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal: Transform in just 200 Hours!

Join 200-hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal and Experience the best in energy awakening, guided meditation, and breathwork practices

Looking for stress free life? Do you want to maintain the physical, mental and emotional strength? Seeking best energy awakening process? Do you want best guided meditation and breathing in Nepal? If you are not satisfied with the life you are living, this kundalini yoga teacher training course will lead towards the fulfillment of the life.

If you are facing some challenging in your life but not able to handle this course will guide to tackles all the problem. In reality every human being needs good awakening of energy. Imbalance and lack of energy generate the stress, awakening the energy is only a solution whatever the problem you are facing for. Come as a seekers and back being the teacher for the self and others too.

This meditation and kundalini yoga teacher training course is not focus only for teaching but it pays high importance for happy, healthy and awaken life. So, this course is perfectly designed for those who want to live life happily realizing the self. Most important task in life is to know own-self. There is no purpose of life rather to live being own-self. During your Kundalini yoga teacher training in Nepal you will search deeply who really you are? So, this is the perfect self-searching journey of meditation and kundalini yoga in Nepal.

No matter you already have tons of knowledge or completely beginner this course could be very interesting for both. So, we welcome any levels practitioner, any tradition of yoga fallowers and any seekers who are eager to know the peace within. If you are facing some mental, emotional and relationship problem this course helps you so much. Life is the best opportunity to experience so, do not lose the opportunity you are having. Join the kundalini training course and discover the best version of life you want.

Kundalini is derived from a Sanskrit word ‘ Kundala’ which means circular. In kundalini yoga, the dormant energy of human body is symbolized as a coiled serpent. The energy stays dormant at the root of the energy center situated at the base of spine. When the energy gets awakened it moves towards the upward direction through spinal cord to the Sahasara Chakra. It is process to awaken consciousness by awakening the energy. Awakening the energy, brain now starts to function efficiently activating the dormant cells. This is known as the state of awakening of Kundalini. It is the highest state of consciousness.

There are two major energy pathways in psychic body known as Ida and Pingala. Ida nadi is connected to the moon energy while Pingala the sun energy. To associate this with physical body Ida nadi can be compared with para-sympathetic nervous system and Pingala nadi with sympathetic nervous system. In order to function life fully there needed to be the balance between the two energies.

To happen this, other major nadi need to be activated, called as the sushumna nadi. It is very subtle than nervous system so it’s hard to see by diagnosis but it could be the part of central nervous system of the body. These nadis is situated at our spinal cord but has connection with glandular system in front part of the body. The goal of the Kundalini yoga teacher training is to pass the energy through this nadi awakening the entire energy center. For this, practitioner needs to prepare one’s body and mind by changing lifestyle and doing the pranayama and meditation.

Syllabus for 200 hours meditation and Kundalini yoga teacher training

Kundalini Sadhana (Kundalini Practice)

Kundalini Yoga is the awakening of dormant energy of psychic body to achieve the higher consciousness. In yoga, seven major energy centers are described to be situated at different part of our body. The dormant energy situated at the base of spine where mooladhara (root) chakra is located which also known as the place of Shakti in Tantra yoga. When this kundalini energy is awakened it gets uplifted and meets with higher consciousness at the eyebrow center then aspirant get peaceful mind. When this energy raised up to crown chakra then aspirant get freedom from suffering.

Crown chakra also known as the abode of Shiva means universal consciousness. When lower energy transformed into higher energy from root chakra to third eye, the state we called in yoga is the pure state of consciousness. At that state yogi doesn’t influenced by any kind of thoughts and emotions, experiences and knowledge. The yogi who stays in this state is always connected with the divine joy. The Kundalini Yoga practitioner get numerous benefits of good health, happiness, prosperity and peace. It brings lightness to the body and ultimate peace of mind. It purifying our mind and body, activates the life-energy, brings the inner joy. It’s yours turn to get the experience.

All the dimensions of Yoga practice will be used for Kundalini Sadhana. Following major tools will be used to awaken the energy during the kundalini yoga teacher training course. Whatever the practice you do like meditation, breathing, chanting, relaxation, bandha, Mudra, detox it will relate how does it helps to awaken the kundalini energy.

1. Meditation

Meditation helps to tune our body, mind and energy. When there is harmony between the mind and body, the energy starts to become positive. Through deeper and proper meditation of chakra, the energy centers starts to become activated. Each chakra has a mantra, elements and different property. We understand and realize them through the meditation process.

When mind is extroverted then energy start to moves outward. Through the sensory organs and motor organs, we are directing our energies outward. When we are in the meditation the energies start to direct inward. When all the energy starts to get awakened, slowly the energy starts to move towards the higher chakras. As the practitioner starts to succeed the stages of Kundalini meditation, the life starts to become positive and divine.

Chanting, breathing and visualization are the preparation of meditation which helps to activate energy channels. When yogi tune with the chakras, then achieves the state of meditation. Shiva is the state of pure consciousness and shakti is the energy. Through deeper meditation, the shakti starts to raise. When Shiva and shakti meets each other then yogi get freedom. During this 200 hours Kundalini Yoga teacher training you will learn the following meditation

  • Chakra meditation
  • Kundalinin meditations
  • Ind and Pingala meditation
  • So- Ham meditation
  • Breathing meditation
  • Dynamic meditation
  • Vipassana meditation
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Mantra meditation
  • Guided meditation
  • Buddha style of meditation
  • Loving and kindness meditation
  • Mandala meditation
  • Self-searching meditation
  • Nada-Brahma Meditation etc.

2. Breathing for chakra opening and Kundalini awakening

When our emotion gets imbalance, our breathing also becomes unnatural. It disturbs the energy system. Thus, it blocks our energy to flow freely. By the rhythmic practice of breathing the blockage starts to remove and mind starts to become pure and free. In Kundalini practice more influence is given on the purification and activation of chakra through the breathing meditation.

There are three types of breathing practice – Inhalation, Exhalation and retention. Breath can be both voluntary and involuntary. The same occurs in retention. Practice of retention helps to regulate the energy in the body. When our right nostril is more active the pingala nadi seem to be active. When the left nostril is active ida nadi is more active. But when the breath is moving equally from the both nostril, susumna is active. This is the state where the Kundalini starts to awaken.  There are many different ways to activate the breathing process. The main breathing that will be taught during the Kundalini yoga teacher training in Nepal are;

  • Omkar Pranayama
  • Skanda pranayama
  • Vakshya pranayama
  • Abdominal pranayama
  • Chest extended pranayama
  • Dirga Pranayama: To make long and deep breath.
  • Nadi Sodhana ‘Alternate Nostril Breathing to clean Ida and Pingala.
  • Shitali Pranayama ‘Cooling Breath’
  • Ujjayi Pranayama ‘Ocean Breath’
  • Bhramari Pranayama ‘Humming Bee Breath’
  • Bhastrika Pranayama ‘Bellows Breath’
  • Anulom Viloma Pranayama ‘Against The Wave’
  • Kapalbhati Pranayama
  • Surya Vedi pranayama
  • Chandra vedi pranayama
  • Murch pranayama
  • Kaki pranayama
  • All the three-lock system
  • Sheetali Pranayam
  • Sheatkari Pranayama

3. Yoga philosophy and lifestyle

Yoga is not just the practice of body posture and breathing practice. To get succeed in yoga we need to be discipline in our life also. Yoga is more a lifestyle. Unless we understand the philosophy of yoga and lifestyle, all we do just become like a physical and mental exercise. We miss the goal of yoga. So, this kundalini yoga teacher training includes the philosophy behind the yoga.

Patanjali yoga sutra first verse explains about the importance of discipline for a yoga practitioner. The yamas and niyamas described in the ashtanga yoga is the basis to success for a practitioner. We learn all the aspects of yoga and lifestyle in both a theoretical and practical way. This philosophy will be based how we could do the best management of mind to align and awaken the energy.


4. Yoga poses for chakras and stiffness

The more our body if more flexible, the more energy flows freely in our body. The more we achieve the stability in our body, our mind also becomes stable. Asana helps to remove the stiffness and increases the sensitivity towards the body. It increases our awareness which helps to stay meditative even when performing daily activities.

Yoga poses are not just developed to make our body flexible and strong. According to Hatha yoga, yoga posture is designed to create influence in our energy body. Different posture has effect on different chakras. Chakras are associated with major glands in our body. For example, root chakra is associated with the reproductive glands and lower cortex of Adrenal gland.

If we do posture based on root chakra the specific chakra and gland start to function well. In Kundalini yoga teacher training, the focus is given on such posture that has influences to the glands hence bringing the effect on whole body system. Combining asana that has greater influence on the chakras with the meditation helps to activate chakras and progress in the spiritual journey.

5. Relaxation and shavasana

To be able to relax is also like an art. If we are able to relax properly it creates more fresh energy and makes our mind calm. The yogis have developed relaxation techniques that help to reach in the deeper state of relaxation. It removes stress and brings peace. It removes tiredness and rejuvenates our body.

The yogic relaxation techniques like Deep relaxation, yoga nindra helps not just to get relaxed but also to awaken our intuitive mind. It rejuvenates our energy. Posture like shavasana (corpse posture) help to release the stress from mind and body. The relaxing postures tune us for the deeper relaxation which help to awaken the energy. Energy is directly proportional to relaxation of the mind. More you relax the energy starts to raise up, more stress you face then energy starts to flows down towards the root chakra which we called the Kundalini.

6. Mantra Chanting for chakra and Kundalini

Mantra chanting is next vital part of kundalini yoga teacher training. Each chakra carries a certain energy vibration. The sanskrit bija mantras are the seed sounds that helps to generate positive energy in the chakra. Each chakra has got a different energy vibration, so the different bija mantra. The repeated chanting of the mantra vibrates the chakra and resonate the energy body.

Mantra chanting also helps to calm down our mind. It helps to direct our mind inward. When chanted repeatedly certain mantra, engaging our mind and feelings of gratitude, it has a greater effects on our emotional and mental body. It activates our sub-conscious mind. The negativity there in the mind is purified. The positive emotion arises. Life is filled with positive and divine energy.

7. Banda and Mudra for energy awaken

Bandha means the lock. It is generally practiced during the pranayama to regulate the pranas. There are psychic knots in our body which stays as a barrier in the spiritual journey. These are known as granthis that blocks the energy. Without opening the granthis it is not possible to progress in the meditation. By practice of banda these granthis can be opened allowing the free flow of energy through the sushumna nadi.

There are three major granthis – bramha granthi, bishnu granthi and rudra granthi. The Bandha practise like moola bandha helps to open bramha granthi, uddiyana bandha helps to open vishnu granthi and jalandhar bandha the rudra granthi. Blockage remains because of karmas and emotional suppressions. Once these blockages are removed, the energies start to flow from susumna nadi. So, the bandas are very important part of kundalini yoga teacher training.

Mudra means gesture. It is a hand position or combination of asana, pranayama, breathing and visualization used to enhance our spiritual practice. It is also known as the seal. Normally, our energy dissipates from the body to the outer world through our sensory and motor organs. For example, when we see something, our energy is also involved through our eyes. But when we close our eyes with sanmukhi mudra during meditation, the energy remains inward. It is a very subtle practice that helps to seal energy and direct it toward the awakening our spiritual consciousness.

8. Detox to unblock the energy channel

Yogic text describes around 72000 nadis in our psychic body. Due to lifestyles and our desires, there remains an impurity in our nadi which blocks the energies to flow naturally. It is just like the excess fat in our blood vessels which interrupts the proper blood flow in our body. Yogic detox helps to purify our mind and body.

To arouse the kundalini shakti body should be capable mentally and physically. For example if there is lot of equipment in a room, there will be no space to do yoga practice or to move freely. Yoga, of course, is practiced in a clean and empty room. In the same way if there are impurities and blockages in our body, it would not be ready for the practice of kundalini yoga teacher training.

Yogic detox like shata-karma helps to remove the mental and physical impurities. Nadisodhana pranayama helps to purify our Ida and Pingala nadi, and opens the Sushumna nadi. Nadi means the energy pathways. Sodhana means the purification. Hence, this nadi sodhana pranayama helps to purify our nadis and prepare for the spiritual practice.

9. Overall practice over the Kundalini awakening

Diet, lifestyle and practice need to take together for success in Kundalini yoga. Not just physical body, but also we need to purify our thinking level, emotional level and intellectual level. Here, we prepare all aspect necessary for the kundalini practice. We provide sattvik and natural food as recommended by the yogic text.

The chanting mantras will help to strengthen our emotional body. Asanas and Detoxification prepares our physical body for the Kundalini awakening. Through the meditation of breathing and chakras, kriyas, the consciousness starts to transform and awaken. Kundalini Yoga teacher training is the practice that involves in the overall growth of our physical, mental and spiritual body.

Sample schedule for meditation and Kundalini yoga teacher training in Nepal.

7 am to 8 am Yoga Posture

8 am to 9 am meditation / philosophy

9 am to 10 am breakfast

10 am to 12 pm free time

12 pm to 1 pm relaxation and chanting

1pm to 2 pm Silence seating / self-practice

2 pm to 3 pm lunch

4 to 5 pm Kundalini practice

6 to 7 pm breathing and meditation

7 to 8 pm Dinner

9 pm Silence

This is just rough schedule can be change according to topic, teacher, climate and other circumstances.

Importance of chakra cleansing and Kundalini awakening

To lead the life to the positive direction, positive energy is essential. The negative thoughts, stress and anxiety, unhealthy life is all the obstacles in the inner journey. The detoxification and Kundalini practice help to remove the impurities and brings new energy in our body and mind. It brings clarity. It leads us towards the physical, mental and spiritual health.

The physical illness would be cured.  Total health and happiness will be achieved. Life will be filled with positive vibes. It helps to discover the true essence of life. So, the Kundalini yoga is an ancient pure spiritual practice that intends us to awaken the unlimited potentiality of human being. It makes realization of the eternal peace within. Kundalini yoga teacher training is the best effective practice for overall growth of the consciousness.

 Why meditation and Kundalini Yoga teacher training in Nepal?

Nepal is the small Himalayan country between India and China. It’s culture, festival, History, food and lifestyle is depending the ancient art of yoga. Geographically it has highest pick of mountain, The Mount Everest which is the crown chakra of entire earth. So, all the spiritual aspirant comes Nepal to seek peace, realization and to discover the self. From It’s history, culture, festival, mythic, yoga scriptures etc. we easily can say Nepal is the motherland of Yoga and meditation. To visit this authentic country for yoga and meditation is privilege for any nationality.

Yoga means the union between the individual self and the divinity. We are bound by ego and materialistic desires which divides us from the universal consciousness. As a result, we become limited. We don’t live freely life to its full strength and joy. Kundalini Yoga training in Nepal, teaches us to get connected with the divine energy. It opens a door to the limitless life.

Our life is meant to live experiencing the ultimate joy and the divinity.  Kundalini yoga is the process of purifying the emotional and mental blockage, and taking to the higher consciousness of life. The course will teach us to remove the emotional blockages, purify our energy centers, and unfold the wisdom and divine knowledge, leading us to reach the higher state of life.

Relation of Kundalini energy and chakra system

Chakra means the energy centers. Purpose of Kundalini yoga is to awaken the energy centers and transform one to the higher consciousness. The energy centers receive and regulate the energy to function the whole-body system. There are major 7 energy centers in human body situated at the spinal cord. Each chakra has different relationship to the physical and mental aspect. Due to unnatural lifestyle it can generate the blockage in energy system. This later appears as a disease and illness.

So it is very important to keep our energy channels pure during the practice of spirituality. Among the seven energy centers, the lower centers are connected more with the sensual and reproductive parts of the body. The upper chakras are connected with the higher dimension of the consciousness like love, compassion, consciousness etc. Just like to reach the top of the mountain we first need to reach to its base camp, to reach the state of higher consciousness, first we need to activate our lower energy channels.

Kundalini yoga teacher training is the combination of practices like breathing, asana, chakra meditation, chanting etc. that helps to activate energy, builds the strength of body and mind. The progress starts to appear in physical and mental state once the practitioner starts to get succeed in the Kundalini practice. The physical and emotional health becomes better, mind gets clear and more meditative. This 200-hours kundalini yoga teacher training helps to fill the life with the positive energy and good vibe.

We welcome you to this life changing course. We all are divine. We need a way to find that divinity within us. This is the course for you if you are willing to give life a purpose and meaning, the true health and happiness.

Loka Samastah Sukhinou Bhabantu!!!

Meaning: May all beings be happy and free.

Namaste! Namaste!! Namaste!!!