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Therapeutic yoga Retreat Course in Nepal

Therapeutic yoga course is the yogic practice and training based on the diseases in order to cure the diseases. We have designed the course according to the diseases. So, it is a disease-based and problem-oriented course. Yoga is certainly therapeutic. Its nature is to keep one healthy. Thus Therapeutic yoga course is structured to eliminate the diseases from its root level and prevent the diseases, especially focusing on the patient and training for the people working in health sectors.

therapeutic yoga

If you are patient or you want to get specialization on some particular diseases, this course is the best. This course can also be said as the course of making a doctor from a patient.  In other words, the patient can be a doctor through this course. The patient learns each and every technique how to cure the disease while curing him during the course. He understands each and every process in both practical and theoretical ways.

So, one gets the double benefits- healing self, and knowledge to make other healthy. If you are a healthy person and just want to learn the yogic method to cure disease, you will be taught until you become perfect to cure diseases. You will get chance to observe the treatment of different patients on an experimental basis. If you have sufficient time to stay with us, you will also be given the opportunity to treat the patient, under our surveillance after you become perfect.

Use of Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga, during ancient time, was practiced to achieve spiritual power, divine power, perfection (siddhi), and enlightenment. It was the source for the overall development of the people. Nowadays, due to an unhealthy lifestyle, many people are suffering from the different disease. Taking medicines which are composed of drugs created extra problems for the patients. So, yoga is used to attain normal health, which naturally boosts immunity and has no side effect.

Therapeutic Yoga blends restorative yoga, mindful and meditative yoga, breath work, meditation, including natural lifestyle. As the practice deepens you will be able to discover the real path of health. It teaches all the extension of natural health.

The important dimensions, besides eight-fold yoga, are:

  • Psychological effects on health: How the health and mind are related to each other; what the different attitudes and feelings of healthy and unhealthy people are; what the impacts of thoughts on health are…  These things are deeply taught.
  • Karmic effects on health: Our daily activities to sustain the life may be positive, negative or neutral. How our activities communicate with other beings of the universe and impact us especially on health… these things are made clear.
  • Food effect on health: Food has a deep relation with health. Different types of food effects differently to the various groups of people according to their nature. Food items for the diseased people may be different according to the types of disease.

Yoga is found to have a good healing and curing effect that can be used to treat the entire host of ailments. Yoga-asana, pranayama, meditation and mudras have been shown to have great benefits for those problems such as stress, depression, sleep disorder, blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, digestive problems, constipation, heart problems, kidney-problem, migraine, breathing problems, back pain, cervical painAnti-Aging, Arthritis, Chronic, Addiction, Joints and muscles Pain, Diarrhea, Liver Disease,  Dysentery etc. In fact, yoga directly or indirectly heals each and every disease, thus, helps to maintain overall health.

Why It is Important?

Therapeutic yoga course is very important for yoga teachers as well since they can get a better skill to work intelligently and effectively with the students who are suffering from some disease, or living with chronic illness or injury; including pregnant, menstruation and aging people. This knowledge heightens the confidence level, expands the range of work, and increases the types of classes that you provide.

Along with yoga teacher, our course includes a physical therapist, occupational therapist, acupuncturist, doctor, nurse, and others who are related to health sectors. Therapeutic Yoga has also been taken into hospital, homecare situations, hospices and other sectors of health care. Our real aim is to make the people naturally healthy; without a visit to the doctor. We want to keep far for all the people from the drug mixed medicine. Health is a need, a right; for what we are striving.

The features of the Therapeutic Yoga Course include:

  • Natural beautiful, clean and retreat environment: It is situated at the lap of Nagarjuna-Sivapuri National Park (A descend mountainous forest), somewhat far from the human crowd. The greenery of forest rejoices the mind.
  • International Credential: The certificate we provide here has international validity. So, you can make the profession in any part of the world.
  • Skilled, experienced, and learned trainer.
  • Opportunity for self-progress, exploration, and development.
  • Luscious Vegetarian and vegan diet, farm fresh.
  • A friendly and adjustable environment for all.

The following things will be clear after Therapeutic yoga

  • Detailed practical of each asana and pranayama including its benefits and contradictions.
  • Physiology of normal condition, stress, relaxation, and sleep.
  • The practical approach to anatomy from the yogic perspective.
  • Sequencing guidelines, appropriate alignment for Yoga-asanas.
  • Effect of Yoga-asanas on acupressure and acupuncture points.
  • Circumvolution of damaged and scar tissue
  • An implication of Joints.
  • Food, dieting, and toxin.
  • The idea of stretches, flexibility, and strength from the yogic activities and other factors will be clear after Therapeutic yoga.
  • Positive thoughts, affirmation, attitude, willpower, and imagination
  • All eight branches of Yoga: Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyan, and Samadhi.
  • Different types of yoga for health: Bhakti Yoga- prayer, gratitude etc. ; Mantra Yoga: Japa, chanting etc.
  • Unify Yoga-asana with proper respiration and consciousness (or meditation).
  • Energization techniques, chakra awareness, including the importance of Kundalini and third eye.
  • Self-observation, self-guidance, and introspection.
  • Inclusive Ayurveda, sunbath, mud therapy and hands-on healing etc.
  • Recourse remedy in students, patients, and clients.
  • Get the idea about different therapy of yoga and conduct courses differently as per the diseases.

price: variable price according to your disease and time stay. We will inform you about your price at your inquiry time