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15 Benefits of Yoga in Drug Addiction which supports you to quit drug addiction and its effect

Are there benefits of yoga in drug addiction? Yes, There are several factors which yoga helps in drug addiction. The best treatment for Drug addiction is Yoga and meditation. Its regular practice gives freedom from unwanted habits including all types of addiction. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services states that there are more than 22 Americans who struggle with substance or abuse. It is estimated 208 million people internationally consume illegal drugs.

Besides, there is a large mass of people who have been depending on licit and medical drugs due to their ill health.  Medicine and drugs abuse have become a health and social problem in most of the countries in the world. Use of these prescribed and illicit drugs have become a major cause to increase the healthcare expenses, degradation on health, and deterioration of socio-economic factors. Medicine (prescribed drugs) is a compulsion to get rid of their sufferings.

But, unrequired drugs like alcohol, depressant, opiates, stimulants, hallucinogens, heroin, marijuana etc. are just addiction.  There are different reasons for using the drugs. The drugs alter mind and mood. To get pleasure and refreshment people use drugs. Yoga increases energy level. It relaxes mood and reduces the anxiety level. Drugs forces to stimulate those hormones of the body which gives the feeling of blissfulness and over enjoy and explore the various dimension of consciousness. Meditation raises the levels of GAVA, which reduce stress and anxiety.

Thus, to get pleasure and forget the tension, people use Drugs. Yoga poses and meditation also give these all results without any harmful effect of drugs, but yogic activities give good health and all-round development. Yoga increases immunity destroying diseases so the use of medicine automatically reduces. In Yoga, there are eight branches which reckon ethical and moral principles associated with practice for living meaningful, purposeful and disciplined life. This teaches correct guidelines in practical basis. For beating the drug addiction Yoga and Meditation help in different ways. Some of the benefits of yoga in drug addiction are listed below:

  • Yoga Recovers: Addiction is a chronic disease. It creates many problems damaging physical, psychological, social and spiritual well beings due to its continuous use. As any good nutrition and exercises, yoga plays an important role in the recovery process. Yoga and meditation recover and heal those sufferings maintaining a balanced life. For example, the twisting poses with proper breaths are very beneficial during detoxification. According to research, yoga helps to reduce clinging for the people during recovery. Gradually people become fully eligible to give the use of drugs.
  • Back to the body: Jennifer Dewey says, “Addiction takes a person out of their body and prevents them from connecting to who they are physically and what their body is telling them.” Yoga develops a positive relationship with physical sensation. As a result of reintroduction with the physical sensation different changes appear in the body. This awareness of sensation results in relaxing mind and body decreasing anxiety, stress, depression, and toxin. As you generate consciousness on your body sensation and respiration the body starts moving towards perfection. Drugs divert from perfection. As you start observing joyfulness of perfection, you cannot be diverted from the real path.
  • Reliefs stress, other benefits of yoga in drug addiction whereby People normally take drugs during stress. Yoga is a good stress booster. It keeps the level of mind in a proper condition which naturally helps to relax and de-stress.
  • Getting new method of facing: Drug addicted people directly cannot face the consequences of giving up drugs. Yoga and meditation help to cope with this situation. It gives different ideas to face difficult thoughts and emotions. It also gives parental guiding by teaching suitable ways to cope the stressful situation.
  • Achieves Balanced Peace: People captived by drugs, often, remains in anger and agitated. They cannot stay balanced in problems. Yogic activities develop the feeling of acceptance of the problem. Yoga practice helps to increase self-compassion and reduce hostility. It makes the people unaffected by the ups and downs of situations. Deep breathing techniques of Yoga maintain inner and outer peace as a result of abundant oxygen flow.
  • Spiritual Connection: Pranayama, deep breathing, awareness of breaths and body, meditation etc shift the mind towards divinity. It gives the spiritual enjoyment. Thus, the addiction to drugs transfers to addiction on spirituality.
  • Improves nervous system: Yoga deals with mental health disorder and helps to cure a mental problem. It accelerates brain function improving cognitive function, memory, and concentration. Due to abuse and craving for drugs, people may not have cerebral balance. Yoga helps to focus on mindfulness rather than unwanted desire. This helps people to ignore the drugs and promote the mental status.
  • Self-Discipline: Yoga gives self-control and relaxation. As and when you start concentrating on the self, a liberating process begins. The mind becomes purer and purer with the practice of Yoga. It takes the people towards the path what is right. The pure mind cannot accept the impure path.  So, yoga practitioner often becomes away from addiction.
  • Promotes flexibility: Due to enhanced flexibility, your balance of body and mood, posture, dexterity, circulation, respiration movement of joints etc improves.
  • Enhances Strength: Regular yoga increases the energy level. A yogi normally seems recharged and fresh.
  • Muscular System: Yoga tones up and strengthens the muscles. It enhances the ability assessing more muscle fiber. It also keeps the muscles in correct order. It helps in knee pain, shoulder pain, and other muscles pain.
  • Improves mood: Yoga makes people happy and brings the smile to the face. Research has found that yoga brings positive effect in mind and boosts mood. It brings satisfaction, lowers aggressiveness and depression.
  • No restriction on Size, age, and Gender: Yoga is fit for all. However, the secret should be found out which types of Yoga is fit for one.
  • Sound sleep: As the practice of yoga quality of sleep improves. So level of mental disturbance lowers down.
  • Balances Glandular System: It helps to keep the endocrine and exocrine gland at the correct level. This results in generating healthy body chemistry and proper functioning of the body. It lowers cholesterol, sodium, blood glucose level, the toxin in the body. Due to yoga practice hormones like dopamine, serotonin, endorphins etc are produced which reduce pain and gives a pleasant feeling. Thus the use of drugs proves to be meaningless.

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