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10 Hours Basic Online Meditation Training & Breathing Course


[  Group Size: Max 40,    Price: 100 USD,   Meditation Style: Buddha style, soulful meditation &  Relaxation techniques,    Eligibility: Beginner and Intermediate  ]

There are days when we feel that we are not being able to concentrate on the task at hand. There are days where we feel that that there is some sort of disturbance inside us. And of course, there are also times when we hope that this problem will go away. The busy urban lifestyle prohibits people from taking the time out to care for themselves.

People are mostly engrossed in collecting money to pay for the roof on their heads and the food that is served on the table. The best way to get concentrate your mind and to be more productive, you can join our online meditation training course. We have both basic and advanced meditation training. You can join either basic or advanced according to your level.

basic online meditation training

It is of tantamount importance that one finds time for oneself as investing in oneself pays huge dividends. One of the most effective and efficient methods to gain mastery upon oneself and to shatter the problems of self-doubt and serenity is meditation. You must be thinking, “Oh I’ve read about in magazines and watched numerous videos on YouTube.”

We don’t question your research but we highlight the importance of obtaining knowledge from a reliable source. This online meditation training course along with breathing techniques shall give you some factual insights as to what meditation is and how it can be used plus what pranayama techniques can be used. Pranayama helps to stimulate our vital energy and keeps us healthy. Our body is running because of prana and this course teaches you how to handle our prana or vital force.

Meditation refers to an activity in which an individual focuses his consciousness on a certain object, thought or activity. This ancient practice dates back to thousands of years and we can even observe in religious texts where sages and monks were practicing it. As we dwell deeper into the meaning of meditation, we can observe that it is an umbrella term under which various types of meditation fall. Meditation in modern times is mostly used to eliminate the day to day stress and reduce any sort of anxiety. These benefits are backed by science too. 

The pioneers of meditation and yoga resided on the pristine lands of Nepal and India. From them, this majestic art passed on to the current generation. Nepal Yoga Home organizes online meditation training and Breathing techniques ( pranayama techniques) for people that are on the quest for inner peace and anxiety. Especially, in these trying times taking meditation classes would prove immensely fruitful and useful.

The 5 hours basic online meditation training and Breathing techniques will be done through the internet and it will be conducted by our expert teachers and practitioners. In this course, you will learn numerous things like:

  • Reducing stress levels 
  • Reducing/Controlling anxiety levels (if you have any)
  • Promoting your emotional well-being
  • Increasing your self-awareness
  • Increasing your attention span 
  • Provide aid in fighting addiction
  • Control pain 

online meditation training

The itinerary of this course is outlined below:

Day 1: Introduction and science of meditation

On the very first day, you will learn about the basics of meditation and the science that is associated with it. The timing of the class will be as specified. The teacher will take you through the basic ideas that form the building blocks of meditation. 

Day 2: Here and now meditation

During this online meditation training course, you will get an opportunity to learn the here and now meditation technique. Here and now meditation is considered to be the easiest and effective method of meditation. The teacher will guide you through the steps and you will have to follow his instructions. It can be a bit difficult at first but once you get the hang of it, it becomes easier. 

 Day 3: Buddha style of meditation

As the days progress, we move on to the advanced forms of meditation. These forms involve a certain degree of difficulty and mindfulness. Don’t fret and follow the instructions to achieve the desired effect. 

Day 4: Guided meditation

This technique focuses on creating a visual image of places/something that you find easy or relaxing. You have to use as many senses as possible. The teacher will help you with doing it easily. 

Day 5: Mindfulness meditation

This method of meditation is a bit advanced and is based on being cautious about the surroundings and accepting the fact that you are living on the present. Be sure to follow the instructions of the teacher.

Day 7:Art of relaxation/ Yoga Nidra

Day 8: Introduction to Pranayama

Day 9: Different pranayama technique [part 1]

Day 10: Different pranayama techniques [Part 2]

Once this 10 hours online meditation training and Pranayama course is finished, you will have gained the ability to much calmer, loving, and spiritual. So, what are you waiting for, take the course now! Also, if you like to deepen the course, you can join our 10 days advanced online meditation training.