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“Very nice place”

A very nice place owned by a very friendly family. We stayed 10 days practicing yoga, meditation and discussing life philosophy. During our stay we were treated as members of the family, and everyone has been helpful and supporting in any aspects of our daily life. The yoga is truly beneficial for body and soul, and the yoga teacher is indeed a yogi with great experience and a very high skill level. The stay was worth every penny, and I am looking forward to come back again some day.

Sebastian Kjellerup,

“Friendly Nepali Family”

Thank you so much for a such nice experience about human being, yoga & meditation, life, love, natural environment that create my stay more pleasant. Beautiful place close to the National Park and friendly Nepali family who I recommend to everyone. I am so gratefull and blessed to meet you. Thanks again for your wisdom and knowledge about yoga high level skills and a deep meditation. I learnt a lot with you in the last five days. I will come back soon 🙂 *Namaste*



“Lovely Stay”

I met Prakash when he came to teach a morning yoga class at the hotel I was staying at In Kathmandu and liked his style of yoga teaching so I had a couple days free and went to stay at Nepal yoga home. i had a lovely stay enjoying classes in asana, pranayama and meditation. it was nice to get out of the city and enjoy the fresher air. It was great to also be part of a Nepali family too as his brother, sister and cousin also live their too. Loved the decor..very 70′s retro/kitsch!


Ian Pervin, Email:

Most recommended

“I completed my 200 hours yoga teacher training under guidance of nice and experienced teachers and Ayurveda Doctor in Nepal Yoga Home. This is a magical place run by Nepali family who put a lot of love and effort into running a nice yoga teacher training course. All teachers are qualified to instruct in traditional Hatha, Ashtanga, powerful pranayama & meditation and philosophy. I am extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to study with such profound teachers. It was better than I could have imagined. The food was incredible and healthy, the views were inspiring. Room was simple but I felt very comfortable and quiet. Big warm thanks to Nepal Yoga Home for your wonderful hospitality during my stay. I would recommend to Nepal Yoga Home anyone who wants to be skilled and certify yoga teacher.

Reviewed November 20th, 2016.

Jess Frankel

Amazing experience

I was here for a month for the 500 hour teacher training, but what I experienced was so much more. Prakash and his family are warm and inviting and go out of their way to make sure you have everything you need. Don’t expect a hotel stay….it is a meaningful family stay.

The yoga classes are quite different than how they are taught in the West, and for me, it was exactly what I needed to understand the true mind-body-spirit connection. At the yoga home, there was no pressure to meet particular standards and everything is relaxed and fluid. This atmosphere and mindset helped me let go of a lot a typical expectations I experience at work and home in the U.S. The days for the yoga classes are long, but you can take breaks as needed.

I highly recommend this facility for yoga training or for a holiday! I would recommend staying a minimum of two weeks if possible so that you can get used to the routine and settle in. You will find your OM at Nepal Yoga Home!


Iamkay Manitou Springs, Colorado


Amazing and extremely hospitable family, great and healthy food, and a nice, secluded location makes this a perfect getaway for anyone planning to go on a solo holiday or with friends. Would love to visit again!

Maria Talat

Marley from Laguna Beach California

Beautiful family, an amazing view . They make you feel like family. The sweetest people you’ll ever meet . The vegan daily meals are incredible. Very nice accomadations. Prakash taught me so much . He has so much to offer .I will take his teachings with me wherever I go.I miss my Nepal Yoga home family. Such good memories. From sipping hot tea with incredible views to sweet hospitality along with beautiful smiles and a great learning opportunity I’m so grateful for my time spent here.

Marley J


I stay in Yoga Nepal Home fort he 8 days yoga retreat. It was an great and learning experimence. I learned a lot of life lessons, i have new tools to fulltill them in daily life. The family is amazing and so friendly, they all take good care for everyone and they make me feel like i’m home. The yogaclasses had a high standard and the teachers where amazing, i’m more flexibel right now and i do the practice still every day. I’m glad, happy and thankfull that i have choose for Yoga Nepal Home.

Miranda M

Reviewed February 10, 2017

Second Home and So Much More

I expected to leave Nepal Yoga Home with a teaching certificate and a fitter body.

I didn’t expect what i got which was so much more. I left the Nepal Yoga Home with a calmer mind more knowledge about Yoga philosophy ayurveda science.

Prakash is a very wise man who will teach you all the yoga philosophy asanas detox as well as so much of his knowledge that he has acquired out of years of learning and experience. He also taught bandhas as well as very nice mantras while he lead meditation. He is very passionate about bring out good yoga teachers into the world.

Him and his family have a very beautiful energy and they make you feel like you are one of their family. I cannot wait to come back and visit my new sisters and brothers!

The yoga teachers are very knowledgable and give you an array of teaching techniques.

One of the teachers Nabin has a very calming voice and makes meditation very easy (even for someone like me who can’t usually get my mind to be still).

I have to mention the food and this is something I have seen in many reviews the food is soooo good very typical and yummy Nepalese food, I would go back just to take some cooking classes. The food is so good. I felt very spoiled with the tea and food.

Thank you Nepal Yoga Home.

Reem B

Such a great place!

I was at the Nepal Yoga Home for four days and three nights after a 3 week trip through Nepal and right before I went back home. A really good decision, it was great to end my trip this way. The people were really nice and friendly, great teachers and a full program so you really get good value for your money. It was a very nice combination of yoga, meditation, breathing and theory about chakras etc. And if you want you can skip a class and go hiking in the area. The food also was great. I really enjoyed focussing on myself, my health, my body, my mind.. Thank you so much!!

Loesjeopreis Papendrecht, The Netherlands

A great experience!!!

I have been just 1 night in the house with two friends and we loved the experience! The yoga an meditation lessons were great, all the family is really nice and welcoming and the food was amazing! Rooms simple but enough. Share bathroom was not clean enough, for the rest…. Fantastic!!!!

Luna Madrid, Spain


I was only able to stay for one night and two days but I am really glad I found and chose Nepal Yoga Home!
The place is wonderful with an incredible view and a small 1h hike right next to it to enjoy on your free time!
Most importantly it was the people that held the house that made the difference! They really made me feel as part of their family!
The teachers are amazing! You get to learn different yoga exercises, meditation exercices, the whole philosophy and science behind it! Most importantly they will always make sure that you don’t leave without having gained something more of this experience. They are so passionate about it that they want each one of us students to bring back to our homes a part of it and continue practicing yoga!
Even though my stay was really short, I felt a difference, I felt peaceful, relaxed and happy!

On my next trip to Nepal I will definitely go back there for a longer period and I really encourage everyone to do the same!

Thank you for this lovely stay!

Lea c

A great experience at Yoga Home

It was my first time doing yoga and Prakash and his family made me feel so welcomed and at ease enjoying this new experience. Great views of the valley and surrounded my beautiful nature. All the teachers were great and the day was packed full of different activities. I would definitely go again and now I have the hunger and passion for more yoga in my life!

Barrie C Fareham, United Kingdom

“Peaceful and perfect.”

After an amazing trekking experience through the Annapurna area, we a few days in Kathmandu. My daughter and I decided to used one of these days to visit Nepal Yoga Home. It was a deeply meaningful experience for both of us and we left there wishing we had more time to stay. The home and surrounds are beautiful. They are friendly and knowledgeable and truly made our last day in Nepal memorable.

Guinnevere B Perth, Australia

“A wonderful experience at Nepal Yoga Home!!!”

Nepal Yoga Home was a special memorable experience for my boyfriend and I after our trekking from Annapurna. We learned deeper experiences with Prakash’s teaching through breathing, meditating and yoga. His family was so welcoming and we had so much fun spending time with them!!! I would definitely recommend Nepal Yoga Home to anyone who appreciates nature, an authentic Nepalese experience and likes yoga.

rebecca p Laguna Beach, California

“What an incredible expierence !!!”

I arrived not knowing what to expect and I was greeted by the host, Prakesh he welcomed me not only to his home and family but to his spritual world with love and gratitude. I was in need of many things on an emotional level and day by day the energy, knowledge and greater awareness that was lovingly given was very touching. I achieved a lot in just 10 days but what I will remember most is the beautiful setting waking up to the sight of the Himalayas is quite spectacular. The yoga and meditation sessions were fantastic overal I ca highly recommend a visit to this very special place. I will be back very soon that is for sure. Just love this place!!

Simonramsden Cairo, Egypt

“They were our best friends in times of need”

We were with the Acharya’s during the earthquake. We laughed at it, lived it, shared everything. We did not take the rescue flight back because we felt so much at home thanks to them. The Acharya’s gave us the keys to their place in that time of need.

We always doubt how things would have been if we were not at Nepal Yoga Home. The most wonderful people.

Definitely going back…

Anirudh Bhattacharya Guwahati, India

“Yoga and Meditation ”

We had a great time with this warm family.
It was a wonderful experience to do Yoga and Meditation with Prakash and his team. The house is nice and comfortable. You will fill at home as soon as you get in. We wait for our next visit to Nepal to come again.

Raanan S

“Awesome class and Testy vegetarian meal”

If you want to experience your inner being this is certainly the place. Spiritual and peaceful family in every way, and no pressure to do anything. Great guidelines to health and inner peace, and tasty vegetarian food every day. It has been the most Inspiring 10 days of learning to live, love and let go. Try living in the present and discover more than you thought possible, you will never regret it, i can almost guarantee.

Jonas Olsen, Email:

“serene environment”

I had the privilege to spend some time at the Nepal Yoga home during july 2014. The instructor-Prakesh is very skilled and knowledgeable in the field of yoga, meditation, prana and higher consciousness. This setting is in a very positive and serene environment that helps to allow you to get in tune with your inner devine spirituality. I would recommend this yoga home to anyone who is visiting Nepal and would like to better enhance their life.


chris pearson,

“Lovely place for yoga and meditation”

What a lovely place to learn more about meditation and re-connect with yoga.I had the pleasure of arriving on a day of celebration here in the valley and Prakash the yogi invited me along to a neighbourhood celebration where I was welcomed as family. The few days I spent were far too short but I experienced deep meditation , teachings and blessings from the family that run Nepal Yoga home. I would recommend this tranquil home for all those who are seeking to deepen their understanding of self and seeking your own truth. I wish I had time to stay longer.Good hospitality and gentleness from the brothers and sister who welcome you in their home as your own.


Francine Booysens ,Email:


I was pretty sad leaving here! Prakash and his family are some of the most amazing people I have ever met! I completed my 200 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training last month and this was one of the most amazing experiences in my life! I learnt so so much and came away feeling complete. Prakash teaches in the most original and raw way, which is a beautiful thing! Whats even more loving about the teachings is you can be who you are. Prakash is very open minded and easy going with all people from all walks of life!
To top all of this off the settings as in the sleeping arrangements are fantastic, comfortable and clean. The food awe bless you the food is delicious with 3 meals a day. If thats not enough on a clear day you can see the peak of the Himalayas between the stunning mountains in front of you! This really is a fantastic place all around and what they bring as a family is priceless.
If your there for a long time you have time to explore the city, haha the madness of the city you’ll be happy to get back to the peace and tranquil yoga home.
I wanted to stay away from the commercial world of yoga and I couldn’t have picked a better place to be.
Thank you Prakash and your wonderful family! I miss them all ready and can’t wait to catch up next year when I’m back in the country.

Reviewed October 7, 2016

Laura Oves

Peaceful place

I stayed in Nepal Yoga Home three weeks for 200hs yoga teacher training course.
I learned lot about yoga, life and myself.
The place is beautiful and amazing view of Kathmandu and Himalayan.
The rooms in the house are very comfortable and clean! The food is very tasty.
The teachers are excellent and I enjoyed every class!
If you are looking for a peaceful place to learn about yoga and life… Nepal Yoga Home is the right place.
I’m very thankful to my teacher Prakash, his lovely family and all people who work in this home.
Nepal Yoga Home always in my heart!

Daniela M

Do it in your life

I spent one week in this Family because before to be a place where I felt relax practicing yoga and meditation every single day, it’s a real family who take care about everyone. The food is very healthy, tasty and full of energy to start every single day by the good way. After this week in this ashram, I felt like new, discovering my body and those capicities. So, even if it’s the first time, I advise to book your place for this place because it’ll be a great experience with this family and with yourself.
A nice team around this family give many doors to understand yoga and meditation by practice of pranayam , by class of ayurveda, by stories … So many things to learn by a very simply way : Joy !!!!
Thank You Prakash and this wife and all the team

Pau L

Great Place

Nepal Yoga Home is a wonderful place where you can live like a yogi or retreat. You will focus on what really matters in life, kindness, love and peace. I warmly suggest you this place and I will surely come back. Prakash and his family take care of their guests as part of the family. Fabio, Italy, March 2017

Fabio F Milan, Italy

” Lost in the Nepal, Himalaya’s mountain learning Yoga “

Nepal Yoga Home……Oh, where do I begin……….
Situated in a beautiful part of Kathmandu surrounded forest and amazing view of the Himalayan mountain ranges.
The room is simple, very comfortable and clean. The food is just DELICIOUS !!!! vegetarian meals cooked on the day with organic vegetable. Thank you dearest Shweta , you’re an awesome cook.
I did the 21 day yoga course. I have learned so much from the different friendly very knowledgeable teaches who gave great classes.
The founder Prakash Acharyas a very humble man is truly an amazing yogi guru.
It was a great experience and very enlightening and definitely will enhance my daily life. For anyone who is interested, beginner or taking the teacher training course , look no further. Nepal Yoga Home is the place.
Lastly I want to thank all the wonderful people who works there for spreading their love , peace , joy and happiness everyday.
Thank you so much for everything and we will meet again dearest ” Second Family”

Rhonda C Zurich, Switzerland


Just spent 5 days here, could write 1000 words…one will do .. SUBLIME If you thinking of going, stop thinking, Just go 🙂 Novice, expert, student all catered for at their own level and treated as friends first….

peter w dublin

My second Home!

There are no words to describe the experience I made at this wonderful place. I want to put it in a nutshell for you, although you need to go there and experience it by yourself.
* the house is just wonderfull, and I felt like a little princess in this nice, white place with the incredible view.
* the family was sooooo nice. I felt like home and they treated me as their own child. Shweta cooked amazing food and always remembered about my likes and dislikes.
* the bedroom and restroom were simple and clean, just perfect!
* I think it was really good that we had many different teachers. Because people are different and so are the teachers. So there are teachers for every type 🙂 teacher was doing laughing yoga with us – which was an incredible experience. One advanced teacher, Dr. Dependra was just amazing. He really pushed as hard and also explained very well. I could have listened to him all day long 🙂
Dr. Prakash is a very good teacher for yoga philosophy. He explains it so very well and is so passioned about it that you can’t help but get catched by it aswell. Also he teaches you different kinds of meditation – because again: people are different and so are the ways of medititating – there is one technique for everyone!
Dr. Madan, our teacher for Ayurveda and Anatomy was just amazing. He really connected with us and his classes have been really interessting!!
* Sundays were off, which was nice. You can hike and also you can explore the many temples close.

I really can recommend this place, I almost envy all of you who gets the oppertunity to visit !
You might have different expectations, but every place is different, and if you give this place a chance to change your life it will do so.
It might be cheaper, better, cleaner, fancier …somewhere else, but in Yoga Nepal Home you receive a simple place, with the most beautiful view, with the kindest and big hearted people and which help you to transform yourself into a better you and also helps you to realize your transformation. And also you will find a second family for a life time.

Dear Second Family, I thank you so much for everything and we will meet again soon!

Winnie K

Amaizing spot

Amaizing spot to meditate and practice the real yogi lifestyle. Friendly and knowledgable teacher, wonderful food and lovely family to live with. Highly recommended to any one who wants to have a real Nepalese experience

Mariann C

“Perfect yoga peaceful place near Kathmandu”

We staid for a 3 day/ 3 night yoga package as absolute yoga and meditation beginners. A perfect start and introduction at a perfect place.
The Yoga home is located just 5 minutes out of Kathmandu, still close to town but way outside the hectic at the bottom on a forest.
Prakash is a very experienced teacher who turned out to be able to create sessions for all levels and could even work around my elbow injury.
The sessions were very practical so we can keep on practice also after we left.
The place truly feels like home with good (vegetation) food, fruits and among extremely friendly people..
Thanks for a inspiring and impressive experience and a perfect start of our yoga and meditation sessions

Ferry M

“Amazing experience! ”

Been here for three days and it where some of the best i’ve spend in Nepal! The family took me in like family and i felt at home from the first day. The yoga lessons by prakash where really good and i learned a lot here. The food was superb as well, really worth 5 out of 5 stars!

Jan V

An amazing relaxing place

I must say I had one of my best experiences of my trip to Nepal, at the Nepal Yoga Home.
Prakash and his wonderful family treated us like we were a part of the family.
Prakash is a very smart person that can teach the knowledge and movements of yoga like no one els.

Had a great time!
For sure I’ll come back!


“nice yoga and meditation retreat”

 My friend and I signed up for a 2 day/1 night yoga and meditation retreat which turned out to be a great enlightening, spiritual, relaxing experience. It was much needed at the end of our trip as it was a nice getaway from the busy city of Kathmandu,situated not too far from the city in the valley with beautiful views and fresh air. The stay was nice and feels more like home, as Prakash and his family was very friendly and welcoming to their home. The food was fresh and healthy as its a nice home cooked meal. Prakash is a very knowledgeable and skilled instructor on meditation and yoga. He taught me the fundamentals and basis of pranayama, meditation and yoga which was very enlightening and meaningful experience learning something new. Although it was a short visit there, it was a great experience overall and would recommend it to anyone.

kim berly Canada

“Relaxing place with nice family”

The Nepal Yoga Home run by Prakesh is a very positive, relaxing environment where you can learn or enhance your practice of yoga, prana, meditation and higher consciousness to help get in tune with your inner devine spirituality. The instructor is very skilled and knowledgeable as well as accommodating from newbies to advanced methods to teaching. This was a great experience for me to attend some classes and gain new insight into the mind, body and soul connection. I would highly recommend this yoga home to anyone who is visiting Nepal and is interested in a deeper meaningful experience

chris p San Diego, California

“Excellent retreat”

We stayed at the yoga home for four nights, it was a great experience. Prakash and his family are extremely welcoming, the setting is very peaceful and the yoga/meditation classes were excellent. We really learned something. The stretching was geared a little bit more to the advanced, be sure to be careful when you are a beginner. We wish the family all the best in their ambitions and will return for sure when we visit Nepal again!

Bas G

Such a peaceful and welcoming place

I had a great experience at Nepal Yoga home. I learnt so much from our guru Prakash and there was just a lovely sense of peace, calm and well being at the Nepal Yoga Home. It was so nice being part of the family and we definitely felt very welcome. The food was brilliant as well and everything was fresh and wholesome- I loved the food! The accommodation is very simple but has everything you need and it’s very authentic – it’s all about the love and warmth of the family at the yoga home.


Once in a lifetime experience!

Taking  the 200 hr teacher training at Nepal Yoga Home was one of the best decisions I made in my life. It totally opened my mind to a true purpose of yoga: the unity of body and mind and soul.

I had a chance to learn from and study with wonderful teachers, each of them competent, very knowledgeable and highly respectful. And all that in a relaxed at-home -like atmosphere courtesy of Prakash and his family. Thank you so much !

I also met a lot of amazing people from all over the world there. Such vibrant smart wonderful bunch! I’m so happy I had a chance to meet them all and share our time together. Truly unforgettable experience! I made memories and friendships there that I hope will last me a lifetime and I’m very grateful for that.


500hr YTTC amazing and full of love!

Oh where do I begin. This yoga home is completely and utterly amazing, one of the most wonderful months of my life. I am so grateful for the family and friends I have made there during my time! It is a very down to earth and genuine place, from the delicious vegetarian meals, to the serene view of the mountains, to the fulfilling classes, to the inspiring teachers, and lastly the kind and heart warming, and most welcoming family I have ever met. It is completely family run and they really make you feel like a sister or brother.

I completed the 500h yttc in February of 2017, and it was one of the best decisions I have made. I feel that in that one month I was given so much information, learned so much about myself, and had such a great balance between theory and practice. We were taught such a variety of information, while still focusing on what was important. I learned so much valuable and helpful knowledge from Prakash, Nabin, and Raj, along with a few other teachers that we had. If you are looking for a yoga retreat or teacher training that is honest, inspiring, and full of warm smiles, this is the place for you.

Sending much love to all of my family here, I miss you all so dearly and can’t wait to return one day!

Lilyflowerlily Chicago, Illinois

I learned incredibly much!

The greatest part of staying at Nepal Yoga home was that I learnt so, so much from all the wise people that teach at Nepal Yoga home – and I’m still benefiting from that. So the most important part as staying there as a Yoga student, which is the teaching, I would rate excellent. All of our 3 teachers have been really great and nice and I’m sure that even just a few hours with them will be very enjoyable for anybody.
Also I felt treated very individually, not only in class but always. Everyone did what she could and wanted, no-one had to go beyond their limits, whether it was the exercise or the studying, teaching or even chanting (which we actually did a lot cause it was so much fun for all of us).
The atmosphere at the Yoga home is really nice and peaceful as well, the only thing that I wasn’t ready for were the cold nights – and even that I can only blame on myself, cause I should have known before arriving..
Prakash’s family is full of such nice and warm hearted people and they cared for everyone individually so much that we all felt like part of the family after a only a very short time. After dinner we would sit together and keep talking which was just beautiful.
For the facilities I would recommend the inside of the house (if you get the choice 🙂 ), but the bungalows are also very nice. Generally you gotta keep the Nepal standards in mind and I’d say that the Yoga home is on a way higher level than that anyways; bathrooms, proper toilets, warm showers .. its all good!
OH, and the food was AMAZING!
I’m still very grateful that I got to stay with Prakash and his family at Nepal Yoga home and for me it was one of the best experiences ever.

Frederike R


I stayed In Nepal yoga home for one month 500hrs yoga teacher training, very nice and peaceful place, welcoming and accommodating family, professional teachers, really good foods, best experience that everyone can have in life ever, learning and sharing nice lessons for having peaceful life, good opportunity to find lovely friends with beautiful souls from around the world .

Hastibrhn Iran

Great experience ~

I joined Nepal Yoga Home for the one month yoga training course and had an amazing time. Even though I’ve been learning yoga for years, I learned more about yoga than I ever had including the core philosophy of it which I loved. Prakash and his family are so welcoming and accommodating as well 🙂 It was a spiritual experience for me and I met amazing people there!

Kura K Santa Monica, California

Home sweet home

Oh! Nepal yoga home… my home in Nepal!!

I will try to say it with words, but I find it very difficult because words are not enough to explain how good I felt there, to explain all the beautiful time that I lived, to explain all the learnings that I learnt!
I did the 200hs yoga teacher training course and to be honest, it was the best decision I made!
It’s not only that you learn about yoga, you learn about life, about yourself… You just have to do this experience and you will understand!
But if you want to know some details… here we go!
The food is just DELICIOUS!!!! Vegetarian meals cooked in the day with organic vegetables, very healthy! It really helped me to change my diet and I feel so good now!
The place is BEAUTIFUL! An amazing landscape of Kathmandu valley, lovely sunrise! The house is so warm that you feel always at home! The room is very comfortable and super clean! Every day they clean it up!
The teachers are INCREDIBLE persons! All of them take care of you and make you really enjoy every class!
So… if you are looking for a place to be calm, quiet and learn a lot, Nepal Yoga Home is the best option!!
Finally I want to say thank you to all the people who works there for such a good time, for all the peace and love that they transmit every day!
Nepal Yoga Home in my heart!

Daniela M

A magical time at Nepal Yoga Home

I stayed for 3 days and 2 nights in late August 2016 at Nepal Yoga Home, and I can’t wait to go back. If you’re looking for a retreat away from bustling Kathmandu, I would definitely recommend coming to Nepal Yoga Home.

What I Loved:
– The yoga classes: Prakash and the other teachers he brings in really know their stuff. I came in exhausted and left feeling very refreshed from my stay. Depending on your stay, you’ll have breathing, meditation, and the more energetic kind that involves strenuous stretching. Note: When I came to Nepal Yoga Home, I was rusty from not having practiced yoga in a long time.

– The yoga space: This cheery space is surrounded by greenery and protected from the elements and bugs through mosquito nets. It has a very serene, relaxing energy–and there were a few times I was so relaxed from yoga, I fell asleep.

– The food! It was so nice to eat delicious, homemade vegetarian Nepali cuisine, and something I looked forward to every time. The meals were the highlight of the food I ate while In Kathmandu.

– The family itself: they are so nice and will do everything they can to make your stay a good one. When I unexpectedly had my period during my stay, they kindly sent over a staff member to the shops to help purchase feminine products for me.

– The fresh air and being out in the countryside: the views are gorgeous. You’ll also see the biggest butterflies of your life (and a lot of other bugs that are less romantic).

– Mosquitos LOVE me, so I was consistently bitten while I was there in the outdoors, even though I had mosquito repellent. Bring hardcore mosquito repellent and reapply constantly. The family was very kind and gave me mosquito coils for the evenings, which helped keep the nasty buggers away.

– This is out in the countryside and near the jungle, which can be surprisingly noisy. During my stay, I could hear everything from cows mooing to the dawn chorus to construction and trucks honking. Bring ear plugs if you’re a light sleeper, especially because there are roosters and they sure do love to crow.

– Bring cash, as it can be somewhat complicated to pay by credit card. Did you know that Nepal is not part of an international banking system? This was something I learned.

– Be prepared for an authentic Nepali experience, and that includes blackouts that regularly afflict Nepal. Miraculously, the wi-fi stayed on while the lights were out.

Would I do this again? Oh yeah. I’m planning on coming back and staying longer. Even now, a week later and back at work in San Francisco, I hear Prakash’s voice telling me to breathe deeply. 🙂

Moderntime Beijing, China

Couldn’t have chosen a better place for practice yoga!

I stayed ten days at Nepal yoga home, and I am more than satisfied with my stay. The rooms and facilities are simple, but more than good enough. When it comes to the lessons I learned more than I ever hoped for. We had several lessons each day practicing yoga, relaxation, yoga philosophy and meditation and one lesson each day with an Ayurvedic doctor teaching us about the principles of the Ayurvedic medicine and we even got a guided tour in Kathmandu’s oldest Ayurvedic hospital. We had different teachers with different approach, but all very qualified and good! Prackash and his family is a warm and welcoming family and do the best to make you feel at. ” home”. I will for sure come back!

Marthe Fredrikstad

Wonderful Family

I was recently in Nepal for some rest and relaxation and found a second family here. Mornings were used to teach a meditation and yoga class, and then we had yoga in the afternoons as well. Food was amazing, there was enough time to just veg out and Prakash took me into town to go shopping…and to look for some momo 😉 I had a good time here and now have two new brothers and a wonderfully pregnant sister! For an American in Asia for the first time ever, this was a life changing place to go, and one I still reflect on almost daily. Love you guys, take care!

Lauren B Texas

“Zen in Kathmandu”

My girlfriend and I recently did a two day, one night stay here and were welcomed in like family. Prakesh led some amazing sessions and, thanks to his guidance, I was able to really, truly meditate for longer than just a few minutes for the first time ever. The stretching, relaxation and breathing sessions were all unique and inspiring! The typical Nepalese food they serve combined with a great family dinner atmosphere rounded out the overall experience. I wish we could’ve stayed longer!

Mike C

“Great experience of Meditation retreat in Nepal”

I had the great opportunity to spend 2 days at Nepal Yoga Home for a Meditation retreat.
Prakash and his family were very friendly and they gave me all the support needed.
The food was really good, and it was the best way to experience the Nepali life.
Prakash has a lot of experience with the meditation techniques and in 2 days I could learn several types of Meditation and Yoga techniques which helps a lot in my daily life now.
I hope to come back there again.
Thank you for your hospitality !
Cristiano L.

Cristiano L State of Sao Paulo

“make the most out of this unique experience!”

Sadly, my experience at Nepal Yoga Home was all too quick. However, my brief time there was incredibly positive.

Nepal Yoga Home awards those looking for an “only in Nepal” type of experience. Your room is part of the family’s home, framed by lush greenery and blessed with a Himalaya view on clear mornings. It is not just a place to rest your head between explorations of Kathmandu Valley. Nepal Yoga Home is an experience focusing on relaxation and a deeper connectedness to self through yoga, meditation, rest, and healthy eating. In my brief time there I took a yoga class on the roof and another at dawn, meditated by candlelight, ate fresh food, laughed with the family, and took home a roadmap created by Yoga Guru Prakash to deepen my mediation practice. Prakash is a skilled instructor so no advanced skills needed, just an open mind.

Courtney K Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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