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Five Kosha of Human Body

As per Vedantic philosophy, there is five dimension of life types of Koshas in the human body:- Annamaya Kosha, Pranamaya Kosha, Manomaya Kosha,  Vijnanamaya Kosha, and Anandamaya Kosha. 1) Annamaya Kosha Annamaya kosha of Human body represents the physical body...

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Swara Yoga / Swarodaya

Swara Yoga is considered to be revealed by Lord Shiva to goddess Parvati which is texted in Shiva-Swaraodaya. This is an ancient knowledge which was limited to the high-level sages. It is concerned with respiration. It is utilized in both physical and spiritual...

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Yoga Asanas for controlling age

10 yoga asanas for controlling age | asanas that keeps you young In this article, we will discuss the Yoga Asanas for controlling age. Asanas can give all-round benefits. Some asanas can be performed for the special purpose as well. In this session, we are going to...

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Is Yoga a Religion?

Yoga is not a religion. It is a kind of philosophy that began in Asia estimated 5,000 years ago. The father of classical yoga is Patanjali. Patanjali wrote the Yoga Sutra. Yoga Sutra scriptures provide a framework for spiritual growth and mastery over the physical and...

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Yoga for Beginners : 5 Frequently Asked Questions

You have heard the benefits of yoga. Yoga helps to relax your mind body and soul. So you are new to yoga. We've got most of the answers for you. Yoga for beginners focuses on the relaxation and other benefits. This article answers the 5 common questions about yoga for...

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44 Benefits of Yoga in Kathmandu

Try Yoga In Kathmandu Once to Get 44 Integrated Benefits of Yoga Nepal Yoga Home is a leading retreat center of yoga in Kathmandu as well as best yoga school in Nepal. The place where the yoga classes conduct is just 5 km from the heart of the Kathmandu, Thamel. This...

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Post On Sat karma


Tratak is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘to see or gaze’. It is one of the practices of meditation performed gazing at a certain object. Generally, it is practiced by looking at the flame of the lamp. Moreover, it also can be practiced by gazing at the symbol, photo,...

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Shankhaprakshalana (The process of cleansing entire digestive tract) Sankhaprakshalana has vital role in yogic detoxification so we can say this is one of the major detox in yoga .  Shanka Prakshalana evacuates and cleanses the intestines and whole digestive track...

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Vaman Dhauti

Vaman Dhauti  (Regurgitative cleansing) Vaman mean 'vomoting' and dhauti mean wash or cleanse so the vaman dhauti mean cleaning of  digestive system by means of vomiting is vaman dhauti. This process is effective to take out acid, indigested food, toxic and other...

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The Seven Bodies of Human

An individual is divided into seven bodies.  The first body is the physical body which is visible and we all know it. Beyond the physical body, there is the second body, etheric body. There is the third body i.e. an astral body which is beyond the etheric body. Beyond...

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