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Yoga for depression

Depression is the continuous feeling of sadness, loss of interest in daily activities, fear for extended period. Depression can last from days to months to years. Depression can be simply said as continuous swings in mood in a negative and harmful way. Due to social media, busy life schedule, modern living, increased people are getting into depression year by year. This article deals with how helpful is the yoga for depression and gives the techniques like asana, pranayama & meditational technique to cure depression.

Potential causes of depression

  • Childhood trauma
  • Abuse history
  • Job failure
  • Love failure
  • Drugs use
  • Medical condition
  • Brain structure

One way or other these are the major causes of depression in most of the peoples. While, these factors may not be the only reason by which a person may venture into depression. Every mind is unique and have own reason for its problems.

A person in depression may have many symptoms. Some of which may include

  • Frequently sad and tired appearance
  • Lost interest in daily activities
  • Anxiety is not a symptom of depression but high chance that both may occur at the same time
  • Untamed mood swings and uncontrollable emotion
  • Easily irritated
  • Desire to isolate oneself and avoid gathering
  • The desire to harm oneself or other may also cause by severe depression

Anyone can venture into depression. However, one can also come out of depression. Various kinds of helps and methods are available to counter depression. Yoga for depression is one of the key elements in battling depression.

Some of the yoga asana to counter depression are as follows

  • Bal asana
    It is the child yoga pose. To do this pose all you need is a mattress and little bit of space. Just sit by your knee, then bend down your head to touch the ground keeping the knee in that position. Then extend your hand to touch the ground above your head. This technique is amazingly easy to perform and is said to get relive from stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Sav asana
    In simple terms it is called as corpse pose. In this technique all you need to do is lie down on your back in the mattress. Take a deep breath and lie down in your back like a corpse. The goal is to lie down and relax as much as you could. This asana helps you to relax and get rid of stress by supporting air element in your system.
  • Hal asana
    It is also called the plow pose. To perform this pose you need to first lie down on the mattress. Then slowly lift your feet and torso region to touch the ground above your feet by bending the mid and end section of your body. The asana is said to calm your nervous system which in term reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Setu bandh asana
    It is the bridge pose. To perform this pose at first lie down and take a deep breath. Then bend the leg region to standing position lifting the mid body region. This asana not only help to get rid of depression and anxiety but also strengthens back muscles. It is one of the popular yoga for depression removal.
  • Urdhva mukha svanasana
    Urdhya mukha svanasana or upward-facing dog pose is one of the key yoga for depression removal. To do this pose lie down in your back and take a deep breath. Then try to lift your body by pushing the ground with your hands and looking in the sky. It is used to get rid mild fatigue and depression.
  • Adho mukha svanasana
    It is also called as downward facing dog. To perform this technique, lie down on your stomach, then push the ground with your hands. Then the mid-section body must be raised to its peak. It is used to strengthen abdominal muscles and back along with helping with depression, anxiety, and stress.
  • Uttan asana
    Also, sometimes called as standing forward fold pose is one best yoga for depression relief. As the name suggests stand straight and lean forward grabbing the ankle of the legs backward by the hands of same side. It is said to relive stress, back pain, and improve circulation.
  • Ardha Chandra asana
    Commonly it is also known as half-moon pose. In half moon one must lie as side part of the body is the base. Then raise your body lying in the side part with one hand and leg of the downward part. Then the final part is to stretch the upward hand and leg. Ths half-moon pose builds confidence and courageous attitude in the person.
  • Paschimotan asana
    Also, sometime referred as seated forward bend position is one of the key yoga for depression relief. To perform this yoga, one must lie on his back and push the ground with elbow and knee lifting the body upwards. It also helps by stress relief.
  • Viparita karani asana
    It is also known as legs up the wall pose. In this one must lie down on the back and slowly lift the legs acting bottom as the support. It aids to get calm after a stressful day.

5 breathing techniques of yoga for depression are:

  • Anuloma Villoma
    In this technique one must insert air from one nostril blocking other with the thumb and letting go of the second covering the first with the thumb. It has been found to boost confidence in the person. It is one of the best breathing yoga for depression.
  • Kapalbhati
    In kapalbhati breathing technique, one must sit down comfortably. Then inhale air through nostrils slowly followed by fast exhale then repetition. It has been found to balance air in the body.
  • Sitali
    To do this technique one has to inhale air through mouth keeping tongue in a rolled position and exhaling the air out repeatedly. It gets rid of irritation and keeps body calm.
  • Ujjayi
    For this technique one inhales through both nostrils, holds the breath for some time and releasing slowly. It is said to supply calmness to the mind.
  • Bhramari
    In this method one inhales deeply through nose and exhale slowly making the sound of humming like a bee. It is said that the humming sound supply calmness to the mind. It is also one of the best yoga for depression.

5 meditation technique yoga for depression relief are:

  • Chakra Meditation
    This type of meditation focusses on the balance of chakras in human body. Unbalanced chakras can physically and mentally disturb the body of the individual.
  • Mantra Meditation
    Mantra meditation is the way to meditate in which the meditator focuses on special phrase during meditation. For example, Om, Om nama shivaya etc. It is popularly used method of mediational yoga for depression compared to others.
  • Kundalini yoga meditation
    This type of yoga meditation focuses on strengthening the nervous system and nerve receptors of the body. It has various forms and methods also.
  • Vipassana meditation
    This form of meditation focuses on your reality and life to transform the chaos of their lives into calmness. It aids the mind to find the purpose of one’s existence.
  • Mindfulness meditation
    It is a unique type of meditation in which one becomes aware of his life and boost the concentration. This type of method is used to boost one’s concentration and confidence.

Yoga for depression relief is one of the best techniques for fast comfort. However, aside from yoga, there are various technique to get rid of depression.

  • Talk to your friends and family to get help.
  • Good exercise and balanced diet.
  • Get enough sleep at night.
  • Keep yourself busy by immersing yourself in work and daily activities.
  • Take a trip and travel more.
  • Get medical help if have severe depression and any other method not helping.