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100-Hour yoga and kundalini meditation certification Course- 10 Nights

Looking for few relaxing days learning meditation and breathing tools we have amazing 10 nights and 11 days course. This is a short and sweet Kundalini yoga certification course in Nepal Yoga Home offers on the lap of Najarjun Jungle in Kathmandu, Nepal. This Kundalini meditation certification gives you overall knowledge about meditation, Kundalini and various techniques of breathing and asana practice. If you are interested in yoga, meditation, and Kundalini but have only a short period of time then 100 Hour Meditation and kundalini meditation certification Course will be the best for you.

Whoever wants to spend the holiday in Nepal learning yoga and meditation they can sign up without doubt. We have complete package of the kundalini course including course, food, accommodation, love, care and safe family-spiritual environment. This is the best way to invest time for good health and peaceful mind. No matter you never tried the meditation before or you are regular practitioner this course assists you to find the way of your regular practice back at home.  

About meditation

Meditation is the art to live in the present. It keeps you aware and peaceful in the present moment. Meditation is the excellent practical way of living being joyful. You are miserable or joyful the earth is making round, sun is rising and setting, whole the world is moving with its own pace. It does not matter to someone you are happy or misery but it makes you big difference to you. If you do not find the right technique of meditation your whole life could be miserable. Awake this moment and mail us to keep your spot safe.

Meditation is the practice of self-awakening being self- aware. With the practice of mindfulness, the self is realized. This practice will wipe away unnecessary thoughts and stress, bringing inner silence. Since meditation is simple, natural, and inexpensive anyone can learn it. It requires no special equipment. You can practice it anytime and anywhere- whether you are walking, riding, waiting for a friend, middle of your work, or while doing exercise. What you need is- to understand the concept and practice methodology with an expert teacher. After that, you can do on your own. Attending the meditation and kundalini meditation certification course in Nepal Yoga Home you can guide yourself rest of the life.

About the Kundalini yoga

The Sanskrit word “Kundal,” which means “circular”, is where the word “Kundalini” originates. Additionally, a snake that has been coiling is described literally it’s accumulation of bio energy in root chakra. It used to visualize the shape of kundalini on the form of coiling serpents in an inactive form at the base of the human spine.

It incorporates repetition of asanas, mantras, concentration, singing, pranayama, and chanting, mudra, movement and many more to invoke the energy. Its primary goal is to awaken the Kundalini Shakti (energy) to align the energy of the body. By arousing this energy, kundalini meditation certification helps you to become more conscious and assist in letting go of your ego, stress and suffering. The approach is occasionally also referred to as “awareness yoga”.

 If Kundalini wakes, what comes up?

People regularly engage in Kundalini meditation in order to experience the energy release known as a Kundalini awakening. During the Kundalini awakening, you might feel your body warming up or tingling, being disoriented and possibly go through a brief period of discomfort, laugher, smiling, crying and screaming may happened. You can feel dizzy or lightheaded if you are not used to it. Take breaks as needed, and drink plenty of water both before and after your meditation.

To experience the Kundalini, however, requires extensive preparation. However, each person will have a unique experience. Despite everything, deep breathing and slowing down breath trough pranayama can control any kind of the emotional distraction during the kundalini awakening. Some individuals believe that Kundalini’s awakening can be dangerous. It is completely safe and beneficial for spiritual growth if done consistently and correctly.

Some Principles of Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini, as defined as bio-energy that stays in the body, generally at the ground of the spine.  It abides in all people but is dormant until it gets activated. According to kundalini yoga- it can be activated by the practice of meditation, breathing and chanting. It can be activated from root chakra to third eye keeping upward through the middle passage. There are several kundalini forces in different parts of the body which are already active and require no further to awakening which we teach you during kundalini meditation certification course.

Just aligning the energy with the third eye and crown chakra can give the best experience. It can be awakened through consistent practice of mantra (chanting), meditation, breathing tools, Yantra (geometrical diagram or object), Yoga (eight limbs of yoga), laya (closure of self and amalgamation with the Supreme Consciousness), Haṭha yoga posture, even sometimes spontaneously (Sahaja yoga).

Kundalini Shakti (energy) from its coiled source can be raised through the six chakras and access the 7th chakra (the Sahasrara chakra )located at the crown. The Kundalini Shakti voyages along the main channels of the pranic energy- ida (left), Pingala (right), and central, or susumna nadi. Kundalini energy sparks during pranayama when prana and apana merge at the 3rd chakra (the Manipur chakra which is located at the solar plexus). Initially, it drops down to the 1st and 2nd chakras before journeying up to the spine to the higher chakras located at the brain- the linking between the pituitary and pineal glands.

The course of study for meditation and Kundalini meditation certification course are as follows.

1.  Meditation (Dhyana)

Meditation is the seventh stage of yoga. Preparing by the discipline, posture, breathing, sensual, withdrawal, focusing awareness finally mind will get ready to do meditation. You can enter the Dhyana as your sixth stage of yoga (Dharana) skills develops. It is simple and easy to learn which can reduce stress, increase happiness and improve relaxation and clarity. This will teach us to live in harmony with joy, peace, and acceptance.

  • Kundalini meditation
  • Breathing meditation
  • Here and now meditation   
  • Vipassana meditation
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Mantra meditation
  • So- Ham meditation
  • Blissful meditation
  • Dynamic meditation

2. Pranayama for chakra opening and Kundalini awakening

Pranayama (breathing exercise) has a direct impact on your body. Chakra and Kundalini are influenced by the proper way of breathing. In this course, you will study a variety of pranayama which purifies your body from diseases and keep you healthy leading to Kundalini awakening. You will learn following pranayama for unblock the energy channel in this kundalini meditation certification course:

    • Akara pranayama
    • Ukara pranayama
    • Makara Pranayama
    • Aumkara pranayama
    • Divine pranyama
    • Udar pranayama
    • Vakshya Pranayama
    • Skanda Pranayama
    • Yogic pranayama
    • Khanda Pranayama
    • Prakartik Pranayama
    • Ujjayi Pranayama (victorious breath)
    • Kapal bhati Pranayam I, II
    • Swana Pranayama
    • Anulom Vilom pranayama I, II, (slow and fast)
    • Bhastrika Pranayam (bellows breath)
    • Nadi Sodhana Pranayama (Nadi cleansing)

3. Yoga philosophy and lifestyle

The philosophy of yoga, including its origin, objectives, meaning and definitions will be taught in detail. You will get the clear goal of life. This Kundalini Meditation Certification course provides you the best opportunity to know about the body, mind, intellect, ego, emotion, consciousness, soul and supreme soul. After this kundalini meditation certification, you will get the connection of yoga philosophy with your everyday life.  Yoga itself is great art of living completing the course you can apply this art to make your life more artistic.   

4. Yoga poses for stiffness and chakra

In this training, common and effective yoga asanas will be taught. Micro yogic exercises, sun and moon salutation, core strengthening poses, some restorative posture etc will be taught. Your body will become stronger and more flexible as a result of this. Asana stimulates the body’s chakras as well the flow of energy throughout the body. You will comprehend the connection between a yoga pose and a chakra as well as how asana stiffness is affected.

5. Relaxation and Shavasana

Shavasana and proper relaxation techniques are crucial for achieving rapid relaxation. Shavasana allows you to achieve better awareness so that you can develop the habit of here and now. It releases the stress from mussels, joints, nerves etc. It is equally working for mental and emotional relaxation. It has believed one-hour yogic relaxation (yoga nidra) is equal to the four hours of sleep.

It’s quick and easy method of revitalization of body and mind. It gives the strength to cope any kind of stress that may comes in our daily life. It also has a lot of therapeutic advantages for stress, high blood pressure, migraine, sleep disorder etc. The practice of mindful relaxation (also known as yogic sleep) helps you feel more rested and energized.

6. Mantra Chanting for chakra and Kundalini

Mantra is a vital part of kundalini meditation certification. It governs your various metaphysical bodies. Ancient texts consist of various types of mantra chanting. We select the few mantras which can regulate the energy in our body. Mantra can be used for different purposes such as- concentration, meditation, healing diseases, self-help, energy activation, horoscopic tonics, etc.

7. Banda and Mudra for energy awaken

Banda and mudra are an inseparable part of yoga. They are of various types. You will learn them and apply them for Kundalini activation.

You will learn following lock and mudra

    • Throat lock
    • Abdominal lock
    • Root lock
    • Great lock
    • Gyana mudra
    • China mudra
    • Bhairav mudra
    • Bhairavi Mudra
    • Yoni mudra
    • Hirdaya Mudra
    • Bramanjali Mudra
    • Pranic mudra

8. Yogic Detox to clear the energy channel

Yoga is a natural healing method as well it has art of removing the toxic from body. Pranayama, bandas, asanas, mantra help to cleansing the physical and mental body. There are some specific yogic methods to unblock your energy channel, which will be taught in the kundalini meditation certification course.

9. Chakra cleansing & emotional balance

Chakra cleansing will also happen along with the cleansing energy channel. There are some other methods as well for chakra cleansing and emotional balance. Regular practice will lead to chakra cleansing and activation.

There are various types of emotions in us. They should be in balance. They should not overpower you. If our emotions are out of control, it will ruin our life. If you learn the art of balancing your emotions, you will start experiencing bliss within.

For what type of people Kundalini Yoga is beneficial?

Kundalini meditation certification is good for all types of people. It is focused on all age group and people from every part of the earth. It is adaptable for all beginners to advanced yoga practitioners. We target following types of people for this course-

  • those, who want to experience the yogic and feel spiritual ecstasy.
  • Those who want proceed toward the self-realization
  • those who are curious about ancient teaching of Kundalini, and meditation.
  • those who are keen to awaken the hidden energy in the body
  • those, who want to activate chakra and clean energy channels
  • those, who want to release negative emotions- like fear, anxiety, trauma, stress, bad habit etc.

This course is good for both- self-transformation as well as profession. Whether you want to do inner change or make yoga a carrier; this course will be very helpful. It also increases your abilities in normal activities in your duty. After this course, you will be gifted with better health, a lighter body and mind, bliss, and ecstasy.

Here is sample schedule for kundalini yoga in Nepal

7 am to 8 am Yoga Posture

8 am to 9 am meditation / philosophy

9 am to 10 am breakfast

10 am to 12 pm free time

12 pm to 1 pm relaxation and chanting

1pm to 2 pm Silence seating / self-practice

2 pm to 3 pm lunch

4 to 5 pm Kundalini practice

6 to 7 pm breathing and meditation

7 to 8 pm Dinner

9 pm Silence

This is just for rough schedule do not expect the exact schedule it can be change according to climate, teacher, topic and other situation. It’s just a rough schedule.

Looking forward to welcome you in this life-transforming kundalini meditation certification course.   

Om Shanti! Shanti! Shanti!