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Two Nights Three Days Yoga Retreats Course

what is Kaivalya in Yoga practice

Welcome to our 2 Nights Yoga Retreat

“Welcome to the Nepal Yoga Home – the Leading yoga retreats In Nepal’’

I’ve been a yoga instructor for almost a decade. It took me some time to understand why I would learn and benefit from attending yoga retreats as a student. Where are you practicing yoga? Yoga retreat program are a beautiful way to get started. You may be a yoga instructor needing personal rejuvenation or a beginner who only needs to be guided through practice. You may want to introduce something fresh to your pupils.

My experiences have taught me that the finest instructors are always students. Indeed, one should never stop learning; there is always an opportunity for mental, physical, and spiritual development. Yoga retreats in Nepal allow you to learn and develop personally and in your practice.


 Our yoga retreats and what we offer

Based on the teachings of renowned spiritual leaders and gurus, your journey in our yoga retreats will provide you with a taste and experience of practical spirituality, spiritual community, divine friendship, and how to discover peace and pleasure in your life.

With our retreat programmes, experienced instructors and staff, individualized activities and services, we aim to offer the environment and resources to assist you in relaxing your mind and body, finding inner peace, and growing your spiritual life in the most important manner beneficial to you.

This intense two-night yoga retreats experience marks the beginning of a worthy endeavor: sharing yoga with others. With the in-depth study of asana, pranayama, meditation, breathing, chanting, and philosophy, you will exit this course with the required abilities to embark on your spiritual journey. We provide yoga courses and training to assist you in understanding the many facets of yoga.

Philosophy of Yoga at our spiritual wellness retreat

Yoga may be seen as the physical process of uniting the mind and body. This is also a chance to connect with other yogis at this yoga center. You will discover how to feel rooted in yourself and even assist others on their path. By doing so, you are forming a new community of like-minded individuals. You will be introduced to a new world filled with fresh faces, enabling you to connect in ways you haven’t before. The popularity of yoga continues to increase daily. Everyone in the world does yoga to be physically fit and healthy. Enrolling in yoga retreats course has never been a better time.

The philosophical basis and fundamental concepts are as essential as practice skills.
Yoga has several linked advantages if practiced correctly and frequently. Among them include enhanced flexibility, increased muscular strength, weight loss, and improved cardiovascular health.

Advantages of the short course at Nepal Yoga Home

When you return home, you will learn new yoga practices and methods that will enable you to adopt a new habit. Discovering new strategies will assist in diversifying your day by introducing fresh, relaxing methods. These yoga retreats provide a wealth of knowledge.

You can attend any of the four classes conducted daily. These consist of yoga asana, meditation, breathing techniques, and chanting. These courses are designed to teach you all about these spiritual forms’ philosophical nature as well as practice.


Here is a sample of what your day will look like when you join this wonderfully enlightening experience:

7:30 am- Yoga asana and breathing

9:30 am- Healthy balanced breakfast that is backed by the Sattvik diet

11 am- Yoga Asana

2:00 pm – Lunch, supported by the Sattvik diet

4:15-5:15 pm – Yoga asana

6 pm- Meditation

7:00 pm – Dinner, supported by the Sattvik diet

This schedule might change, but you will get four yoga classes a day in this retreat program. You will get two classes on check-in day and two classes on checkout day but four classes on a full day.

Note: Check-in timing is at 12 pm noon, and check-out timing is at 12 pm noon. You will get 2 class in checkin day and 2 classes in checkout day but in 4 classes in full day


Benefits of yoga retreat for your spiritual experience

Yoga retreats are the answer and the exit from this never-ending circle. It will provide you with the ideal setting for relaxation and rejuvenation via various holistic practices, such as yoga and naturopathy, allowing you to rediscover the natural beauty of life.


Experiential learning and immersive experience

Yoga retreats are a well-rounded, holistic experience that enables individuals to attain transformative healing via tried and true practices. It is a location where one may engage with like-minded individuals and return to a healthy lifestyle with a clear mind.
Experiencing a good change promotes a positive outlook on life by bringing about essential adjustments.


Environment for inner peace

The tranquil atmosphere of the yoga retreats will allow you to delve deeper into the therapeutic practices of Yoga, Ayurveda, and naturopathy and help you forget about life’s trivial distractions. As one arrives at the lush and green facilities of our natural healing village, the environment relaxes and invigorates the body, providing an escape to a new world.

Disconnect from technology to connect with yourself

We are all glued to our devices and the digital world. Yoga retreat class at Nepal Yoga Home will help you detox from all digital addictions via various holistic activities like meditation, self-reflection, relaxation therapy, sauna, acupuncture, and many more. Additionally, assist you in disconnecting from the artificial world and reconnecting with nature.


Healthy diet for wellness

At the yoga retreats center, the food plans for the visitors are tailored with flavour and nutrition in mind. The time spent at our retreat provides a chance to socialize while dining on nutritious meals.

Thus, you will fall in love with yoga at the retreat after experiencing its advantages. As you return to your routine, you will want to practice yoga daily. Incorporating these lessons, practices, and lifestyles will enable you to align your mind, body, and soul. Ensure that you experience this holistic experience at least once in your lifetime to grow further in your spiritual journey. Yoga retreat center such as Nepal Yoga Home are just the beginning of your journey.

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