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One Hour Shirodhara In Nepal Yoga Home

Enjoy our 1 Hour Shirodhara In Nepal Yoga Home- Relax Your Mind

Shirodhara is one of the most widely used therapies in Ayurveda. Along with its therapeutic use, Shirodhara has now entered into the realm of retreat packages making it one of the highly demanded therapy for relaxation.

One hour of Shirodhara experience can be a soothing and serene session to relieve yourself from all kinds of hassle. Shirodhara in Nepal are being run in many Ayurveda clinics and retreat centers. Here in Nepal Yoga Home we provide you with one hour of Shirodhara session you have never experienced before.

shirodhara in nepal

What is Shirodhara?

Shirodhara is an Ayurveda therapy developed as a part of Keraliya Panchakarma. Shirodhara is made up of two words – Shiro meaning head and Dhara meaning continuous drip. The procedure of therapy constitutes of continuous dripping of warm oil or other fluids over the forehead which has got magical effects in relieving stress.

Varieties of oil such as Brahmi oil, Chandanadi Oil, Ksheer Bala oil, etc are used for specific therapeutic purposes, warm sesame oil is used for generalized purposes. Other fluids include herbal decoction, milk, buttermilk, and sometimes even plain warm water.

Shirodhara in Nepal Yoga Home is very popular and done by the well-experienced therapist and it is done well and in an Ayurvedic way.

How is Shirodhara done?

  • The recipient is first made ready for the therapy by making him/her lie on his/her back on the massage table.
  • A rolled towel is placed on the forehead just above to the eyebrows to prevent the flow of oil into the eyes.
  • Gentle oil massage is given by the therapist on the recipient’s head (or whole body if necessary)
  • A vessel with a hole on the center of its base is hung about four fingers above of the patient’s head.
  • A cotton plug is place in the hole which will later be useful for maintaining the control of flow of oil.
  • Medicated oil is warmed alongside these preparations.
  • After the oil has been warmed up to a tolerable temperature, then it is poured into the hung vessel.
  • The cotton plug is opened and the vessel is given a small circular motion such that the oil is spread over large area on the forehead.
  • After the therapy session ends, recipient is asked to sit upright and the oil on the head is cleared properly.
  • The recipient is then recommended to take a warm bath.

Benefits of Shirodhara in Nepal Yoga Home

The classical purpose for designing the therapy of Shirodhara was to pacify the aggravated Vata in the head region. Aggravated Vata in head region is responsible for pain, anxiety and sleeplessness. So classically Shirodhara was being therapeutically used for headache, insomnia and anxiety.

Recent scientific studies have hypothesized the working of Shirodhara based on mechanical stress waves. The continuous oil dripping on the forehead at a constant rate generates mechanical stress waves. These waves stimulate the touch and heat receptors which leads to neurological signaling for relaxation.

The general results that can be observed from Shirodhara include reduced heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate and anxiolytic effect. All of these suggest that Shirodhara slows down the sympathetic tone.

  • Migraine and other kind of chronic headache is better relieved by Shirodhara.
  • Effective in alleviating stress related disorder like anxiety
  • Effective in the management of insomnia and improving sleep quality.
  • Beneficial for the patients of high blood pressure
  • Relieves psycho-somatic symptoms of peri-menopause syndrome in women
  • Provides nourishment to the hair and scalp region.

Why chose Nepal Yoga Home?

There are several reasons to choose Shirodhara in Nepal Yoga Home. Situated in the peaceful outskirt of Kathmandu city, Nepal Yoga Home has been serving yoga training and Ayurveda therapies for a decade. Amongst the Ayurveda therapies that Nepal Yoga Home serve, one hour Shirodhara is one of the commonest.

You may find number of private Ayurveda clinics and retreat centers that provide Shirodhara in Nepal. But what makes us different from others?

To have a great experience in therapies like Shirodhara, you would want a good combination of serene environment and well experienced therapist. And a perfect combination of both of these features is something that you can expect from Nepal Yoga Home.

We are located in the northern hillside of Kathmandu valley just at the base of Nagarjun hills in a very calm environment at some distance away from noises of busy city. We have got a team of experienced therapists who are best at what they do.

The therapy rooms are well ventilated and well equipped with heaters. We use quality Ayurveda medicated oil for giving Shirodhara in Nepal Yoga Home. And also we add up singing bowl session along with the therapy to provide you with a blissful experience.


Shirodhara in Nepal Yoga Home is an effective therapy for the management of mental stress. Even a healthy person can try for a blissful experience of one hour Shirodhara session. If you are in Nepal and searching for a good palce to have Shirodhara, be sure to contact Nepal Yoga Home You will never find a place as ours to experience blissful one hour of Shirodhara in Nepal.