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Two Weeks Pranayama and Meditation Retreat in Kathmandu For Beginner

meditation in kathmandu

Two Weeks Pranayama and Meditation Retreat in Kathmandu For Beginner

Introduction to the retreat

When we are in a happy mood, our breath is more smooth and natural. But when we are stressed and anxious, breathing pattern also becomes unnatural. Learning the relation of breath and our emotion, yogis had discovered different kinds of yogic technique to regulate our breath through which we can control our mind and emotions. This brings easiness in meditation. This meditation retreat in Kathmandu brings you a very systematic method of learning meditation and getting stepwise progress to deepen inside. The two weeks breathing and meditation retreat in Nepal will focus on learning these techniques and applying it as tools for succussing in every stage of meditation.

Why this breathing and meditation retreat

In yoga, we learn five different sheath of our body which is physical, energy, mental, intellectual and spiritual body. Generally we understand ad think about only a physical body.  People are becoming conscious about the aspect of emotion and mental body. We don’t give as importance to the spiritual body as other body. It is the soul of all the body. What happens if we don’t water the roots of the plants? Meditation is like water to the true self.

The two weeks breathing and meditation retreat in Kathmandu is a journey that helps to unite your body and mind with the soul. Yoga is defined as the unity between individual soul and universal soul. We will understand and learn how to have overall growth in our life with this ancient yogic techniques and practises. It will help to provide us physical, mental and spiritual growth and health. This meditation retreat class is helpful to every aspect of life. The main advantage of this meditation retreat retreat in Kathmandu are;

  • learn ancient techniques of breathing exercises
  • understand the characteristic of mind
  • understand and remove the obstacle and blockage of meditation
  • learn a systematic method of meditation
  • learn various school and types of meditation
  • learn relaxing and rejuvenating meditation
  • learn sanskrit chanting and vajans
  • learn about the eastern tradition and philosophy
  • learn Buddhist philosophy and meditations
  • learn and practise silence meditations
  • enjoy the being with nature
  • enjoy the inner journey of self-transformation
  • learn how to cope with stress and anxiety
  • get an peaceful and natural environment for the practise
  • learn with very experienced teachers
  • guidance from basic to advanced level of meditation
  • organic and healthy satvik food

Who can join this breathing and meditation retreat in Kathmandu?

If you are a beginner and want to learn from very basic and also want to have a glimpse on the ancient techniques of pranayama and meditation, you will find this retreat as best for you. You will learn a systematic way to progress on each level from beginner to intermediate. Here you will get an environment to practise and experience meditation with our well-structured schedule and experienced teachers.

Syllabus of Retreat

According to hatha yoga sutra, when one succeeds to become still in a fixed asana, the practise of pranayama is done. When the breath is regulated, mind is more focussed. Hence, the meditation begins with a focus mind. This retreat will cover the detail study of asana, pranayama, mudra and bandhas and its uses in the meditation.


Generally we understand pranayama as a technique of breath control, which is somehow true if we consider the practises of pranayama. Pranayama is the extension of vital force of life. It helps to cleanse and activate energy channel and regulate the energy in the Pranamaya Kosha (energy body). It just not oxygenates the cells of the body but also prepare us for the meditation. As the breath become still, the mind automatically starts to become still. So, it is a very systematic practise that helps us in the inner growth, and enhances us in the spiritual journey.

breathing training in nepal

You will learn following pranayama

  1. Akara pranayama
  2. Ukara pranayama
  3. Makara Pranayama
  4. Aumkara pranayama
  5. Divine pranyama
  6. Udar pranayama
  7. Vakshya Pranayama
  8. Skanda Pranayama
  9. Yogic pranayama
  10. Khanda Pranayama
  11. Prakartik Pranayama
  12. Throat lock
  13. Abdominal lock
  14. Root lock
  15. Great lock
  16. Ujjayi Pranayama (victorious breath)
  17. Kapal bhati Pranayam I, II
  18. Swana Pranayama
  19. Anulom Vilom pranayama I, II, (slow and fast)
  20. Bhastrika Pranayam (bellows breath)
  21. Nadi Sodhana Pranayama (Nadi cleansing)
  22. Sitali Pranayam (cooling pranayama)
  23. Surya vedi pranayama (Right nostril breathing)
  24. Seetkari Pranayama (hissing breath)
  25. Chandra vedi pranayama (Left nostril breathing)


Meditation is the natural state of the mind. When the mind is calm, we attain the peace within self. According to Patanjali Yoga Sutra blissfulness is our true nature. But as we are busy in competitive world, with ambitions and never ending desires, we stay in the very unnatural state of mind. As a result, we become more stressful and anxious. Yoga brings us the technique to calm down our mind.

The journey starts with learning the nature of thought and emotion. We learn to control and direct them. We attain this state without any effort, which is meditation. When the meditation enhances we attain the final goal of yoga that is the blissful silence state of mind which is complete by itself. It is called Samadhi. following meditation are included during this meditation retreat in Kathmandu:

  1. Aumkar meditation
  2. Kaya Sthiyarya meditation
  3. Anapana meditations
  4. Vipassana meditation
  5. Breathing meditations
  6. Here and now meditations
  7. Navidarshan meditatiosn
  8. Silence meditations
  9. Nadbramha Meditations
  10. Dynamic meditations
  11. No head meditations
  12. No mind meditations
  13. Kundalini meditation etc


During two weeks you will get the concept of breathing and meditation through philosophy class.  It helps to make clear concept how to take spiritual journey further ahead. Thee part of philosophy we will be discussing in the following topics.

  • What is Yoga
  • Different concept of yoga from enlightened masters
  • What’s the relation of yoga and meditation
  • What is the main goal of meditation
  • Types of Yoga and meditations
  • Origin and history of meditation
  • Stress management through meditation
  • Concept of chakra (energy center) and Nadies ( Energy channel)
  • Pancha Pranana and Pancha Bhut
  • Different aspects of pranayama
  • Benifits of pranayama in modern lifestyle
  • Importance of pranayama in spiritual journey
  • Mind, Intellect and ego

Mudras and Bandhas

Mudras are the gestures that enhance our psychic level. It is generally practised during meditation to bring more alertness and calm down the mind.  Especially the hand gestures like gyana mudra, china mudra, Bhairava mudra are commonly practised during the meditation. It has a very subtle but powerful effect in our mind. It enhances our awareness and concentration. Bandhas are the locks that are generally practised in pranayama to regulate the energy flow. Jalandhar banda (the neck lock), uddiyan bandha (abdominal lock), mula bandha (perineum lock) and mahabandha ( the great lock ) are the main bandhas that is practised in the advance form of pranayama.

You will learn following mudras during your stay in meditation retreat in Kathmandu

  • Hasta mudra
  • Pranic mudra
  • Mana mudra
  • Meditative mudra
  • Relaxing mudra
  • Element mudra
  • Balancing mudra
  • Kaya Mudra.
  • Banda Mudra
  • Adhara mudra etc

yogic relaxation - savasana

Chanting and relaxation

Chanting and relaxation has equal importance for meditation. After chanting mind and emotions are ready for mediation so chanting will be including daily basis to resist the continuous involuntary thoughts. Yoga Nidra and other relaxation tools are helpful to self-healing process.

  • Gayatri mantra
  • Shanti mantra
  • Universal mantra
  • Ganesha mantra
  • Durga mantra
  • Peaceful mantra
  • Guru mantra
  • Mahamirtunjaya mantra
  • Mantra for success etc

Highlights of the Two weeks pranayama and meditation retreat in Kathmandu

  • Daily practise of pranayama
  • Preparation tips for meditation
  • Learn basic to advance technique of pranayama
  • Daily discussion of different subject of pranayama and meditation
  • Daily two times of practise of meditation
  • Practise different means and mediums of meditation
  • Daily practise of mantra chanting, vajans and kirtans
  • Learn different mudras used in meditation
  • Enhance to the newer dimension of the spiritual journey.

Why this retreat?

Life has different aspects. Spirituality is the core of the life. Without it every aspects of life is incomplete. Today we find more people stressful and depressed. They don’t know how to keep balance state in life. Here, in this meditation retreat session in Nepal we will learn life changing tools that will bring more awareness, joy and wisdom. It is like gifting shining pearls to the self. It will enrich life and knowledge.

Sample Schedule

Sample schedule for breathing and meditation retreat in Kathmandu

7 am to 8 am Yoga Posture

8 am to 9 am breathing and meditation

9 am to 10 am breakfast

10 am to 12 pm free time

12 pm to 1 pm relaxation and chanting

2 pm to 3 pm lunch

4 to 5 pm self-Practice /silence seating

6 to 7 pm Philosophy and meditation

7 to 8 pm Dinner

9 pm Silence

This is just rough schedule can be change according to topic, teacher, climate and other circumstances.

What is included in this retreat

Life changing classes

Comfortable accommodation according to your selection depending on price

Three times food

Many cups of herbal tea

What is excluded?

Pick up and drop off


Extra expanses around Kathmandu

Sunday is day off can go around Kathmandu, temple, monastery, heritage center

Extra food if you want to buy from city

Personal stuff

We welcome you in this very precious land of Buddha, in the lap of Himalayas, providing you the peaceful environment to learn and experience the true essence of yoga and meditation.

Om shanti ! shanti !! shantihi !!!