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Three Nights Four Days Yoga Retreat Package

three nights four days yoga retreatthree nights four days yoga retreatthree nights four days yoga retreat

If you are searching for relaxing and peaceful days with yourself, Nepal yoga home is waiting for you.

Join our interesting yoga and meditation course on the yard of Nagajrun Jungle at the side of Kathmandu.

Nepal is the best place to enhance your personal yoga and meditation practice as its the birth land of yoga and Lord Buddha.

Take a time for yourself to be away from the stress of everyday life and learn yoga, meditation and self healing techniques on this quiet yogi environment.

Many people want to travel for deep self-reflection and this is the perfect opportunity to add a few days of yoga and meditation to your trip as it will give you benefits not just on your holidays but for your entire life.

One of the most appreciated aspects of our course, Yoga retreat in Nepal is that you can adopt easily our teachings to your everyday living.

These three nights four days course is designed to explore the importance of yoga postures, yogi breathing techniques, deep relaxation, the principles of a yogi diet, positive thinking and meditation. Our course is an inspirational introduction to move towards a happier and healthier life.

You don’t need to have any previous experience to enroll our course. instead, If you are one of the persons who is practicing long time ago, it will be a helpful experience to learn new techniques, unique styles and authentic yoga from Nepal. This makes our yoga retreat course suitable for everyone.

Daily, you will practice at least four yoga lessons, yogic relaxation, breathing exercises, meditation, group discussions and much more.

Your course also includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner and Nepalese tea.

This course provides a peaceful environment to reconnect with your authentic self, learn and adopt healthy habits.

Join us on this interesting yoga and meditation journey that will encourage and teach you to stay positive, to have a harmonious and clean energy and lasting changes for your entire life.

In Our Three Nights Four Days Yoga Retreat Program You Will Get:

  • Practical knowledge about yoga postures, including sequencing, alignment & pose adjustments.
  • The opportunity to experience different meditation techniques.
  • Pranayama sequences (breathing exercises)
  • To explore the yoga philosophy

  • To sing and understand powerful mantras
  • Guide Yogi relaxation.
  • 2 to 3 free hours in between classes every day to explore around

Benefits of Three Nights Four Days Yoga Retreat

  • Frequent yoga practice increase strength, flexibility and positive mental outlook.
  • You will get guide in Self healing and deep relaxation
  • The practice of asanas (postures), pranayama (breath work), relaxation, meditation & mindfulness have a direct effect on our physical, mental and emotional health and well-being and you will discover that.
  • This retreat gives you the bases to find balance in all aspects of your life
  • Mentally it encourages positivity and clarity; it fosters mindfulness and stillness which enhance decision making power.
  • After a few days away you might find that you have resolved some inner conflicts or challenges. You might find that solutions just come to you for those questions that had been lingering.
  • The practice of meditation helps you to be in the present moment. This experience will leave you feeling calmer, more aware and connected to who you really are.
  • The big advantage of a retreat is that you are out of your daily routine- the concerns and anxieties, the habitual routines—are cut off. It is remarkable how a retreat becomes its own universe.

What Does Three Nights Four Days Yoga Retreat Package Includes?

  • At least four yoga lessons and meditation per day
  • Three nights accommodation
  • Three delicious vegetarian meals a day.
  • Three cups of herbal and Nepali tea
  • Wi-Fi services