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50 Hours Massage Teacher Training In Nepal

Nepal Yoga Home conducts Massage Teacher Training Course for all levels of people. It is situated at a height of Kathmandu valley which is also the base of the beautiful mountainous forest named “Sivapuri Nagarjuna National Park”. Learning Massage Teacher Training course at Nepal Yoga Home becomes very effective in its holy and peaceful environment. Nepal Yoga Home is designed for the spiritual and ancient health classes, which also runs Yoga courses and Ayurveda courses.

massage teacher training in nepal

Physical Health Benefits of Massage

 Massage is a good technique of relaxation and makes free from stress and anxiety. Massage improves sleep, blood circulation and is good for tension and depression. It activates the body and makes injury-free. It helps to decrease muscles tension, give relief from chronic pain. Massage is a good medium to renovate an overall sense of physical and emotional well being. It maintains a healthy posture harmonizing the entire body system. Massage is good therapy for healing both acute and chronic conditions. 

The purpose of massage is to enhance the flow of blood and lymph, promote tissue healing and better functioning of the nervous system. Massage is helpful in following physical problems like Digestive disorders, Headache, Fibromyalgia, Insomnia and related to stress,  Myofascial pain syndrome, Temporomandibular joint pain, Soft tissue strains or injuries, Sports injuries, etc.

Massage has lots of benefits, yet, if it is done in a wrong way then it created different types of problem and affect physical and mental condition negatively. Massage Teacher Training course at Nepal Yoga Home conducts the course including these all the procedures.

Reasons to choose Massage Teacher Training in Nepal Yoga Home

  • Deeper theoretical and practical classes
  • Disease wise massage
  • Peace and naturally beautiful residence
  • Perfection in each type of Massage
  • Healthy, hygienic and nutritious meals and drinks
  • Highly experienced Teachers
  • Individualized classes and personal guidance
  • Time management for your favour
  • Better opportunity for the practice each type of massage to make you  perfect
  • Learning with experiment
  • Ways to live a healthy life
  • A friendly environment like that of your own home
  • Nice opportunity to visit Kathmandu valley

The total duration for “Massage Teacher Training course” is of approximately 50 hours. In 20 hours Massage Teacher Training at Nepal Yoga Home, different short courses (some 2 hours, some 3 hours, etc.) of massage have been included. You can choose any of the massage types to learn or if you have enough time and deep interest then you can take the full course. It uses the Massage steps like- Sliding, Kneading, Tapping, Hacking, Vibration or Shaking. 

List of Massage Training Course:   

1.        Head Massage- 3 hours

2.        Back Massage- 6 hours

3.        Thigh Massage- 3 hours

4.        Facial Massage- 3 hours

5.        Deep Tissue Massage- 4 hours

6.        Whole-body ayurvedic massage (two hands massage & four             hands massage)- 10 hours

7.        Foot Massage- 2 hours

8.        Hand Massage- 2 hours

9.        Neck Massage-  2 hours

10.     Sports massage- 2 hours

11.     Trigger Point massage- 2 hours

12.      Diseases wise massage- (time depends according to diseases)

a)       Hot stone massage

b)       Hot and cold compress

c)        Sand massage

d)       Vibration Massage

e)       Reflexology/ Acupressure  Massage

f)        Shiatsu massage

g)       Swedish Massage

h)       Synchronized massage

i)         Ayurvedic massage

After the completion of the massage course, you can apply in your daily life. If you want to make it a profession, then also you are free for doing so in any part of the world. You will have a golden opportunity to explore yourself as a massage therapist, massage instructor, and massage teacher in any country you live in.