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 5 Hours Advanced Online Meditation Training In Nepal

For the majority of their lives, people are perplexed with the notion as to the procedures regarding increasing one’s concentration power and the ability to cope up with stress. To attain this objective, people have gone to extreme lengths. Many of them spent countless hours on the internet searching concentration techniques but to no avail. Their YouTube recommendations are also filled with videos that carry false promises. If you want to accentuate your concentration power and simultaneously develop as a person, then the best way to do it is through meditation. And what better way to do it by taking a 5-hours advanced online meditation training in Nepal. 

When you were grossing through the internet, you might have stumbled upon this topic. Even if you haven’t do not fear as we shall explain about it to you in a summarized manner. Meditation is defined as an approach that aims to train the human mind in the same manner that exercises train the human body. The main concept behind meditation is to enable the body to focus primarily on one matter at a time. Most of the time, we find ourselves unable to prioritize a single task as the human mind tends to wander elsewhere.

Through meditation, one can learn various techniques that enable a person to keep unwanted thoughts at bay and focus on the task at hand. For people invested in learning the art of meditation and for those that know a thing or more about it, Nepal Yoga Home is organizing 5-hours advanced online meditation training in Nepal.If you wish to expand your knowledge regarding meditation, then this course should not be missed.

You might be wondering as to ‘why should I take this course?’. Don’t worry as we will answer your query. Taking part in meditation is in itself wonderful but the thing that matters the most is the guidance as well. In our class, you will be taught by the best teachers that you can find. These teachers are equipped with years of knowledge and expertise. They shall breeze you through the curriculum of meditation and enable you to understand the crux of meditation.

The second reason as to why you should take this course is the uncountable benefits that meditation provides. These benefits include lowering the blood pressure, improving blood circulation, reducing anxiety levels, and an immense feeling of self-satisfaction. So, do not miss out on this 5-hours advanced online meditation training in Nepal!

Now, that we have cleared your doubts regarding the perks of meditation, let’s head into the program schedule that you will comply with during your time in this course.  

Day 1: Introduction of chakras

On the very first day, you will meet our teacher and other staff. The first topic of this course includes learning about chakras and how they affect our bodies. The 7 chakras differ from each other in the form of a symbol, color, and meaning. You will learn in detail about them from our teacher so sit tight!

Day 2: Seven body system

Once the basics of chakras are over, we will move on to the advanced topics. The seven-body system will be the second topic that you’ll learn in this course. You will learn about the relation between these systems and how each of them is different from one another.

 Day 3: Mantra meditation

We now proceed to the philosophical and ancient aspect of meditation. The word ‘mantra’ is related to Hinduism and it refers to a word that is spoken to aid in concentration and meditation. This class will be about learning the various mantras, their meanings, and how to properly apply them while meditating.

Day 4: Soulful meditation

Soulful meditation is a crucial aspect of the entire meditation procedure. Our teacher will thoroughly take you through the details and help you master it as well.

Day 5: Question answer and way of practicing

On the final day of this class, you will have an interactive session with the teacher. He shall answer your queries and teach you the way to practice meditation and setting the routine.

The 5-hours advanced online meditation training in Nepal will undoubtedly teach you vital things about meditation and life too. Before participating on advanced meditation course, join our 5 hours basic meditation class which gives you the idea on it and then you can join this advanced course.