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100 Hours Beginner Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

Nepal yoga Home is offering the 100 hours beginner yoga teacher training in Nepal is to welcome beginner and intermediate students who are searching to train oneself in the path of peace and realization. Our beginner Yoga teacher training in Nepal covers all dimensions of yoga like yoga asana (Yoga posture), pranayama (breathing since), meditation, yoga philosophy, relaxation and mantra chanting etc.

In this beginner yoga teacher training in Nepal, you will learn how to deepen in the enjoyment of research-based Hatha Yoga and tradition based Ashtanga Yoga which is supportive to self-healing, self-transformation and to achieve healthy and happy life.

Take a leap! To transform your life in a new level of peace and health. Enjoy the art to be in the present moment with the practice of awareness and meditation. This yoga and meditation teacher training course will be the most important time to feel the melodious music of your innermost soul. This beginner yoga teacher training in Nepal is the most supportive for an emerging sense of wholeness and deep personal wellbeing.

Beginner Yoga teacher training in Nepal is carried out by Nepal Yoga Home in the breath-taking open air with good energy of Himalaya and lush jungle at the back of. You will wake up each morning with birds singing in the nearby trees and a beautiful view of Langtang range of Himalaya.

yoga teacher training in nepal

The Nepal Yoga Home provides systematic yoga postures combining with breath, awareness, concentration and deep integration of body and mind. Our teachers are very friendly who can provide students a strong foundation of different style of yoga that best suits their physical, mental and spiritual aspect.

 This Beginner yoga teacher training in Nepal is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in yogic life. This course leads to profound peace and joy of yoga and meditation.

Nepal Yoga Home is unique in that we limit our group size so that each student is able to fulfill her or his own personal goals for a beginner yoga teacher training in Nepal. This beginner yoga teacher training in Nepal can provide individualized attention to every student due to a small size which helps to clear in their learning process.

Yoga is inclusive to everyone irrespective of the religion one follows, gender one has, race one represents, the nationality one belongs to, an age one lives. In other words, Yoga doesn’t exclude anyone because of aforementioned reasons. Moreover, it has a more generous philosophy of accepting and welcoming each and every one who longs for the inner journey in addition to one’s physical and social well-being.

In every aspect of life, yoga has significant effect and influence to make our life even better, healthier, happier and prosperous.  Based on the literal meaning of yoga i.e. union and to combine we welcome you in the journey of a divine path through yoga at our ashram (Nepal Yoga Home).

Concerning the growing popularity of yoga, we have launched the 100 hours Beginner Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal to help you for understanding and introducing the idea of yoga. 100 hours beginner Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal offers the fundamental concept of Yoga and its intricacies.

The 100 hours beginner Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal provides insights on asana, pranayama, meditation from the very beginning level so that you could get the foundational concept of Yoga. Unless you strengthen your foundation, the construction may not be trusted for long.

Considering the very fact of Yoga as the growing field of study and practice, our yoga shala (Nepal Yoga Home) has presented you a 100 hours beginner Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal. If you have got the passion and quest to travel into the world of yoga with the root knowledge and practice, your search ends here.

Who can join the 100 Hours  Beginner Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal?

The 100 Hours Beginner Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal is conducted by Nepal Yoga Home situated at the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu which also known as the city of the temple welcomes each and every individual who is in search of the yoga journey to establish a strong foundation and shape their learning in a better way.

An enthusiast who wants to follow the divine path of yoga can be the person eligible to join for the course of 100 hours Beginner Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal. The person with a greater interest in the field of yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, and chanting can be the part of 100 hours Beginner Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal.

How will you fructify your day at Nepal Yoga Home in beginner yoga teacher training in Nepal?

Getting up early in the morning you will see the range of snowcapped mountain shining in the north while the greenery hills and jungle located at the back of the yoga shala (Nepal Yoga Home) offers you fresh air and rejuvenating atmosphere.

Your morning gets started with the asana class in the style of traditional hatha yoga or Sivananda Yoga by the experienced and qualified yoga teacher. You learn asana with no hurry. Your individual ability is kept in mind while running the asana class.

Above all, yoga is an individual journey to be experienced. The life is with us to practice each and every asana. We will not be disappointed if any posture looks hard or out of our ability to perform. Your asana in the morning follows the pranayama.

Before the start of the breathing class which focuses on the breathing technique, you usually have a short break for half an hour. The practice will be concerned with the breathing and its nuances. The importance of breathing stands higher than any other thing in our life.

Pranayama class will be conducted for an hour. Then you will have a breakfast with yogic taste and hygienic ingredients. After the breakfast, you have free time with no class. The time is for your own shake whether you want to go for a short walk along the road to experience the rustic environment or to visit Shivapuri-Nagarjuna Wild-life Conservation Centre spread in the proximity of the Yoga Shala (Nepal Yoga Home).

You also have a choice to visit Thamel, the hub of tourist 5 kilometers away from the Yoga Ashram (Nepal Yoga Home). If aforementioned options exclude your choice you have books to read and invest time for the self-study. Nonetheless, there are many places and architectures to visit and enjoy in the valley which you can make a plan for the holiday.

Your afternoon session gets started with traditional Patanjali-based Ashtanga Yoga class. The practice of this style will definitely revive you and your journey to Yoga. Yoga is an integral part of the life addressed with the individual differences.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t bend more than your classmate. Every person has brought up with his/her own body, anatomy, atmosphere and schooling. The best way of learning yoga asana is to respect your body at first. You are served delicious sattvic lunch after the yoga and relaxation class.

Having the time of about one and half hour including the lunchtime, you will join the class of stretching and breathing. Your body made stronger, calm, energetic and flexible by the practice of asana and breathing exercises get empowered and revitalized by stretching followed by the breathing exercise.

With the taste of ginger and some other natural herbs, herbal tea is served after your breathing class even though you are served in every break of the class. Moreover, if you request for the tea or hot water, you are provided with affection and hospitality.

The class of meditation starts after your tea. The journey of yoga carries its meaning and value only you combine the meditation along with asana and pranayama. You also chant mantras during this session sometimes. The mantras are spiritual songs surrendered and dedicated to the God which connects us with the aura and bliss of the Supreme Power.

Nevertheless, there are many aspects to be followed along with asana, pranayama, and meditation.  The last class of the day offers you insights on yoga philosophy. What you have practiced in a whole day is realized and understood through the discussion on yoga philosophy.

The philosophy of yoga definitely enhances your horizon of understanding and undergoing the journey of yoga. Moreover, you are also delivered the basic knowledge of yoga detoxification.

In addition to asana, pranayama (breathing science), meditation, mantra chanting, yoga philosophy, lifestyle, detoxification etc.

Daily Schedule of 100 hours beginner yoga teacher training in Nepal

We teach according to student’s requirement and level of practice. This is our sample daily schedule.  It may change according to teacher, topic, requirement, and circumstance.

6.30am Get Up
7.00  to 8.30 am Yoga Asanas (Yoga Posture)
8.30 to 9.00 am Tea break
9.00 to 10.00  am Self-practice
10.00 to 11.00 am Breakfast
11.00 to 1.00 am Rest/ Hiking, sight-seeing
1.00 to 2.00 am Yogic Relaxation
2.00 to 3.00 pm Lunch
3.00 to 3.30 pm Rest
3.30 to 4.30 pm Meditation
5.00  to 6.00 pm Stretching + breathing
6.00 to 7.00 pm Yoga Philosophy/mantra chanting
7.00 to 8.00 pm Dinner
8.00 pm Time to bed

What will you learn by the end of 100 Hours Beginner Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal?

You will learn a yogic way of life first and foremost. You will come to know how the yoga can be assimilated into your life in general. In a specific manner, you will get following things:

  • You will be able to practice and perform asana with alignment by yourself.
  • You will get many tools to regular practice.
  • You will know the names of the asana, pranayama and learn some mantras.
  • You will have an insight and idea to practice pranayama and meditation yourself.
  • You will have an introductory idea of detox.
  • This course will teach you to transform your spiritual practice by connecting with your true self in a deeper way.
  • You will learn about energy center (chakra) and mantra for chakra.
  • Knowledge of yoga philosophy which develops prospective for yoga.
  • This teacher training gives a clearer understanding of how your mind is currently functioning which helps to change your thinking pattern.
  • The practice of yoga asana, pranayama, and meditation delve you into the journey of inner self.
  • Your foundation for yogic life will be strongly formulated.
  • The skyline of understanding about yoga will be no more the same.
  • Your level of observation and awareness will get increased in life.
  • You will realize the power of yoga and will understand how it has integrated into our lives.
  • How to improve flexibility, strength, relaxation within.
  • Art of healthy and happy lifestyle.
  • The sense of respect and value will get increased towards the breath, body, and life.
  • Finally, you will gain confidence in your abilities.


The rooms are simply furnished with bed and tables along with shelf. Depending on the number of students you may or may not have to share the room with your classmate. The availability of hot and cold water is in the bathrooms.

Wi-Fi: Free Wi-Fi is available at Nepal Yoga Home

What is included in beginner yoga teacher training in Nepal?

Ranging from accommodation to lunch, dinner, and breakfast, your yoga and meditation classes, to certification of the course is included in the course fee. The meals served at yoga ashram (Nepal Yoga Home) is prepared by experienced women in a family environment. The food is sattvic, vegetarian and fresh. Most of the foods are prepared instantly after bringing from the local village and garden.

What to bring?

Yoga mat, clothes, towels, flashlight, note copy and pen, soaps, shampoos, photocopy of your passport, warm cloth in winter.

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