Dhauti: The process of cleansing the stomach along the food pipe is called dhauti. It is done basically in the empty stomach early in the morning for removing the undigested food particles as well as for removing the gaseous that are deposited in the stomach. There are various types of dhauti. The main type of dhauti are:

  1. Varisar dhauti  or Sankha Prakashalana  (Cleansing of an entire digestive system)
  2. Vatsara Dhauti or Kaki mudra (Cleansing the intestines with air)
  3. Vahnisara Dhauti or Agnisara Kriya (Activating the digestive fire)
  4. Vaman Dhauti (Regurgitative cleansing) 

This kind of dhauti is further divided into three types

  • Kunjal Kriya (Practice of vomiting water )
  • Gaja karma Kriya or elephant style of vomiting
  • Vyaghra Kriya or tiger style of Vomiting
  1. Vastra Dhauti (Cleansing of the intestine by using cloth)
  2. Danda Dhauti ( Cleansing of intestine by using catheter)

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