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Vatsara Dhauti  or Kaki mudra (Cleansing the intestines with air)

Sit in a comfortable position and purse the lips like a crow’s beak. Draw the air in one sucking and fill the stomach with air as much as possible and hold as long as possible and feel that the air is passing out through the large intestine and through the anus. This process is good practice to cleanse the stomach and to make the digest powerful.  This is helpful to remove the stale gas and wind. This is the good way to cleansing through our natural air.

Vahnisara Dhauti or  Agnisara Kriya (Activating the digestive fire)

In Sanskrit language ‘Agni’ means fire and ‘Sar’ means essence and ‘Kriya’ means Action. The Agni Shar Kriya means the good action which boosts the digestive fire and makes metabolism strong.


Stand with legs in hip distance. Slightly lean forward then fold your knee and keep your both hands over the knees or just above. Deep inhale through nose and exhale fully through mouth and try to emptying lungs as much as possible. Hold out the breath and take strong support of the hand. Now flap your abdomen inwards and outwards.  Try your best to contract and expand abdomen rapidly then take deep breathe in through nose and release your abdomen. This is one round like this way repeat three round increase the round gradually. Beginner may have difficult to flap abdomen so they can start 10 to 12 times flaps in one round. The regular practitioner can flap about 50 times. The time of breath retention and movement of mussels will increase gradually. When you get full confidence you can practice ten to twelve rounds in one time.


  • During the Agnisar Kriya, the back should not bend but can tilt little forward.
  • The abdominal muscles should be allowed to relax.
  • Please make sure the arms are straight.
  • Do not contract your abdomen upwards.

Awareness: Be aware to abdominal movement and your Manipur chakra.


People with high blood pressure, heart disease, hyperthyroidism, duodenal or peptic ulcers should avoid this. Those who are pregnant and have just undergone abdominal surgery should not practice the Agnisar Kriya. This practice should ideally be done in the morning on an empty stomach but after evacuating the bowels.


  • Agnisar Kriya is helpful to tone whole digestive system.
  • Removes excessive gas, hyperacidity, indigestion, constipation, obesity
  • Massages the abdominal organs.
  • Strengthens the spleen, kidneys, liver and intestines.
  • Activate our digestive fire and Improve the appetite
  • burn out toxins
  • Develops strength of core mussels
  • Activate the manipur chakra
  • Regular practice helps to remove the obesity
  • Removes the lethargy and heaviness in body