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Danda Dhauti – Cleansing of the intestine by  using the catheter

The act of cleansing the stomach with the help of the catheter of a higher number by passing it through the mouth slowly till the stomach so that the acidic water waste is ejected out. The traditional way of  Danda Dhauti is to insert a soft stick, stem of a banana but nowadays this technique is used to perform with a catheter. Drink 3/4 glass of warm salt water. Take a properly cleaned catheter and lean forward then slowly insert the catheter into your throat and push up to your stomach. Then start to come out the acidic water, mucus, and bile from your stomach. When the water stop to come out, slowly take out the catheter from the mouth.


  • Always perform this technique with an empty stomach.
  • This Kriya should be learned only under the guidance of an experienced teacher (guru).
  • It should not practice as a regular practice.


This technique is good to take out the bile or mucus from the stomach.

This cleansing technique is good against bad mouth odor.

Good for acidity and other digestive complaints.