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Yoga in Snow- Snowga

We all know what Yoga is and definitely know what snow is. Now, when snow and yoga comes together, that results in these days hottest trend Yoga in snow.

People practicing yoga always had been creative in their side and had tried many ways in the past to boost the procedure. Hot yoga, Cat Yoga, Goat yoga, Aqua yoga etc. many have come as a trend and has fair share of popularity and advantages. However, now it is time for yoga in snow.

It all started as an internet trend when yogis started hash tagging their yoga exercise in the snow and the trend has just been going upward since then. When one hears yoga, one thinks flexible open clothes, mats, and workout. However, snow yoga is not your typical shorts and mats in snow. It is not transforming your regular yoga in the snow field permanently. However, is a break from your regular yoga schedule and providing one the new space and environment once in a while.

It is pretty different form your day-to-day mat yoga. For starters, you will not be lying in ice with your yoga trousers on. While, you can practice your yoga moves in snow, Afterall practicing yoga moves in the snow is what a Yoga in snow is. One need to wear clothes that can keep one warm on the snowy journey. Moreover, one can only perform simple and easy poses in that thick sheet of clothes.

Is snow yoga dangerous?

Yoga in snow is fun, rejuvenating, and exciting in many ways. However, fun as it may be can go south in many ways if not handled carefully. Freezing weather puts a lot of pressure in the body. In freezing weather if body is not kept warm many things can happen. So, if not cared snow yoga can be dangerous but if proper clothe used and safety considered there is no need to worry. Also, if you have some serious medical issues and terminal diseases yoga in snow is not for you.

Difference between Hot yoga and Yoga in snow?

There are some similarities as well as differences between hot yoga and yoga in snow. The primary difference between Hot yoga or Bikram Yoga and snow yoga is that one is performed in very hot and other in cold temperature. Hot yoga requires hot and humid temperature that results sweating. Oppositely, show yoga encourages conversion of heat and cold temperature prevents sweating. Hot yoga needs to be done in yoga trousers and light clothes. But, snow yoga needs to be done with bulks of clothes that will keep you warm.

Hot yoga and yoga in snow are various form of yoga created to maximize yoga benefits. They both have their own benefits and despite their differences are great in their own way.

Benefits of yoga in snow:

– Break from your schedule

Yoga in snow can give a break from you day to day mat yoga. A temporary break from yoga schedule to a creative schedule can do wonders to one’s mood.

-Near Nature

Being closer to nature can boost yoga results. Forrest yoga, field yoga is known to do wonders. Moreover, yoga in snow also gets you closer to your surroundings as we practice it in open and with nature,

-Stress management

Cold environment also cools your stress. Yoga in snow is also known to cool your temper and relieve of your stress.

-Unleash your inner child

If you are an adult with hard job, chances are your inner child is buried deep deep down. May be one snowy yoga trip with your family or buddies is all you need to find the child within you. Snow can bring out the child in some of the hardest peoples