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Goat Yoga- Procedure and Benefits of It

The term Goat Yoga is very new to the world. Some of us are hearing it for the first time in our life. We all have heard about yoga, little or more know about it benefits but What is Goat Yoga?

Caprine vinyasa, or goat yoga was originated on a farm located at Oregon in 2016 A.D. The owner of the farm Lainey Morse founded the bizarre and awesome form of yoga. According to the creator of the technique it was completely accidental that she invented it. Morse was dealing with depression after dealing with divorce and her auto immune disease diagnosis.

During her battle with depression, she found comfort in spending time with her goats. After her new find ease to the pain, she invited some of her friends to the farm to try it and one of the friends happened to be a yoga instructor. The yoga instructor then suggested Morse to conduct yoga classes in the farm with goats in it. One after another spontaneous event occurred after this and Goat yoga with its amazing results came in the view of the world.

The Goat yoga procedure

Goat yoga is very simple. You just carry out your everyday yoga session with some goats in it. The procedure is amazingly simple but have tremendous positive effects in you. However, the procedure may be simple but there are lots in consideration to do a Goat yoga.

The size of the Goat

The Goat size that will aid to perform a Goat yoga is one of the most important aspects to be considered. The Goats should be small as big goats can hit you with their horns and can injure when you are performing your yoga posture. Another important thing for which goat age should be considered is that they can jump in your back and can injure you during your yoga session.

The hygiene

How much cute they may be goats in the end are animals, they do not understand manners and hygiene. The goats might pee and poo in your mats or the surrounding. So, the area needs to be continuously disinfected and sanitized after the session.

Animal friendly

The most important thing considered during your session is that no harm should come to your yoga companion goats.

Advantages of Goat Yoga

Stress release

It has been found in many studies that being with animals in a natural environment highly reduces the stress. A normal yoga routine also reduces stress and enhance the performance but introduce a goat in that yoga it boosts stress reduction, improve mental health, and further enhances the performance.

Good yoga companion

A goat is a good yoga companion for you. During the whole session it will keep you occupied and will not let you feel alone. Goats are very playful animal that continuously shows high mobility. It will sleep in your lap jump in your spine but will not ever leave you alone.

No Prior training

Goat yoga is performed to reduce stress, evade loneliness, tackle depression, it is amazing. However more amazing thing is that you do not need any prior yoga training to do goat yoga. You can decide and immediately start your goat yoga.

Play with Baby goats

If you have goat yoga you can play with adorable baby goats. They are one of the cutest things in the world. They are cute, small and will hop around you a lot. Spending times with baby goat will decrease your stress, give a break from your mundane routine if you have one. It will help you to focus the positive aspects in your life.

Due to the positive aspects, easy to do and acting as a new trend goat yoga is gaining famous day by day. The practice of using cats and puppies instead of goats are also somewhat popular.

The people who have experienced goat yoga has said it is very relaxing to feel some small cuties jumping in the back. The hooves running at the spine can also act as a massage to your body.

The main reason goat yoga is gaining so much popularity is its bizarre premise and surprisingly amazing results from that premise. The premise alone is enough to raise the curiosity of the people and try once to see the benefits.