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Importance of certified yoga teacher training in modern time

Yoga is an ancient technique that people use for various benefits or to keep with the trend. Nowadays yoga has become much popular, it’s something like the trend itself. Some see the immense benefits and numerous healthy gains from the practices while some see the trend of the time. Whatever the case maybe it is certain that yoga has flourished in various parts of the world. In no ages, has yoga become this popular and adored by these many people.

Yoga teaching and yoga learning are available in every corner of the world. Some are involved in the profession of yoga teaching; some are learning so that they will be able to teach yoga while some are learning it for the benefits. Whatever the case may be there is the question of authenticity as some people are not authorized to teach yoga and can be frauds that are making money in the name of yoga. This implies the importance of certified yoga teacher training in modern times and the authorized learning and teaching practices.

Yoga and it’s Importance

Yoga is the gift of the ancient Indian continent to the world, which is present in Nepal, India, and other neighboring countries. In ancient times the techniques were only practiced by the people of these countries, however by the passage of time and migration of people from one country to another in the recent centuries the techniques also flourished and passed to other nations of the world.

There are various tales about the origination of yoga, but one thing is certain that it was created thousands of years ago. Hindu people believe that yoga was the gift of the gods to humankind and is capable is much more than what today we use it for. It is believed that yoga was given to mankind so that they will be able to perform various amazing feats of both the body and the mind.

Mahadev (Lord Shiva) is considered the god of yoga, dance, and meditation. He is depicted often as a male that is always in a sitting position and is meditating. When humans were new to the creation and time itself was an infant, Mahadev appeared as an Aadi yogi in the world and was seen practicing yoga and meditation. The people of that time demanded to learn yoga and the techniques of meditation. Mahadev in the Adi yogi form accepted to teach yoga to the seven individuals. The individuals became the seven celestial sages and they taught techniques of yoga to other peoples, and like that yoga is believed to have been passed down to humans.

Certified yoga teacher training

In this age, there are cases of fraud and many of these kinds of activities. Yoga now has become so commercial that there are many people who are claiming to be false gurus and teaching haphazard things. To alter these and avoid such things, the yoga gurus and various yoga teachers, and yoga associations came together to create an association that monitors the activities of yoga institutes and sets their standards. This has been the necessity of the age of today to avoid frauds and passing of the h knowledge to the students.

Certified yoga teacher training is given by many institutes and the teaching procedure and methods are examined by the association and if the institute can stand on the set standard of the association, they can give certified yoga teacher training.

Importance of certified yoga teacher training

There are various importance of certified yoga teacher training. Rather than the importance, they can be called also as the needs of the certified yoga teacher training. They are as follows:


In this age, there are many frauds of authentic works. Even the branded Equipements have their copies which may even cheat the keenest eyes. This also may be the case of yoga as the people who want the shortcut to earn money to commit such activities in the field of yoga. The experts may easily know that the learning techniques are not authentic and the one who is teaching them is a fraud. However, those who barely have begun to learn about yoga and just have scratched the surface will not know about them.

This also becomes difficult as yoga is very vast and contains various variations, and it becomes hard to say that which one is authentic and which one is not. Certified yoga teacher training and its certificate give proof of the authenticity of the knowledge that they are about to receive from their teacher. In this time where the frauds have been evolving their game, the yoga teachers and gurus also leveled the game by introducing certified yoga teacher training. This keeps the authenticity intact.

Keeps and checks the standard

The association of yoga keeps every aspect of the teaching center in mind and analyzes them. It only gives the institute permission to provide certified yoga teacher training when it is ok or best in every aspect. This is very important because yoga is much more than just postures and positions. Some people may have only theoretical knowledge while some only have practical knowledge without lacking the communicative skill that a teacher needs to have towards their students.

Just by having knowledge and learning can a person be qualified to be called a teacher. The answer is no the key to being a good teacher is to have a good sense of communication towards their students. The teacher does not have to be perfect in all sense and all-knowing God to be a teacher, he/she have to be open and communicative towards their student. And, be adaptive to learn new things with their students as the learning continues. Certified yoga teacher training only gives the individual its teaching license when an individual can complete all the given standards.

Yoga teaching career

As we already discussed earlier yoga is also a commercial practice these days and some people want to build their career in the yoga field. It is good as this field has a huge reputation for yoga guru, good finance to live a stable life and more than that the daily practice of yoga to teach the students give healthy body and healthy lifestyle to the teacher also.

Nowadays, many people pursue a yoga teaching career you can start your career on yoga as a Teacher job and some even travel to other countries to get certified yoga teacher training. Most people travel to Indian and Nepal to get certified yoga teacher training as these countries have the historical connection to that yoga and their culture have the deepest roots to the ancient original and authentic yoga which is hard to find anywhere in the world.

Our certificates define our academics to some extent. If we have the certificates of the reputed colleges and universities then we will have a good academic reputation. If you have a degree from the Oxford university then it is not so hard to show your worth in academics. It is the same with the yoga careers also, one may have the required skills and knowledge of yoga but in the absence of the required certificates, one may not be able to teach yoga so if they are going to start the Carrea in yoga they can get certified yoga teacher training from a good institute.

Sharpening the yoga skills

Some people have a yogic family (A family whose members have been involved in yoga for many years or generations). They get involved in the world of yoga from a very small age. If that’s the case then they will be skilled in the forms and methods of yoga which even the adults don’t have at a very young age. However, even they will need some kinds of certification and authenticity for their skill if they going to show their knowledge to the world. Certified yoga teacher training will give their knowledge and skill the authenticity and certification that they need.

Team building

Certified yoga teacher training is generally attended by the people who are going to start their career as a yoga teacher or have already started a career as a yoga teacher and are there to polish their skill as a teacher of yoga. If one is going to start their career as a teacher or begin an institute where that can teach yoga. They are going to need a qualified team to do so.

Where will one find the better teammates and teaching team than the place where people have arrived to take training to be a yoga teacher. However, it is also fine if you don’t build the organizational team and work together. It is always good to have some friends in the same field as it is good to have some help occasionally.

Ancient and deep knowledge

Yoga is not just postures and poses we have discussed earlier here. Yoga is a very deep knowledge that cannot be truly understood without proper dedication, time and practice. Many know the postures and poses but do not understand the philosophy and ideology behind the forms and techniques of yoga. It is very hard to learn because most of the yogic books are written in Sanskrit and those which have been translated also use most words that are of Sanskrit origin and very difficult to understand.

The courses of yoga teacher training and certified yoga teacher training will allow one to understand the texts and the very ideology and theories behind the yoga and yogic postures. By providing the ideologies behind the yogic practices, yogic theories, one can get the real taste of yoga and yogic practices. No matter the postures practices, or poses one cannot be one with yoga and yogic powers if they do not know the yogic philosophies by heart and accept it completely. Certified yoga teacher training will help the one who wants to know the yogic theories and philosophies.

Physical mastery of the practices

The physical practices and techniques cover a significant portion of the yoga and yogic teachings. Yes, yoga is more than postures and poses, as much as yoga is physical it is a spiritual and mental process. However, the physical mastery of the postures and poses is also very important and every yoga teacher should know the physical part of yoga. Certified yoga teacher training will teach one to get mastery over the yogic postures and poses to the level where they can easily teach their students.

Not, just the postures the people attending this course will learn the entire yoga anatomy of the techniques and postures itself. Like which posture targets which muscle and which posture enhances which part of the body and so on. It will take time as the human body have many muscles and parts as well as there are thousands of yogic postures and techniques. One needs to have faith in the learning and accept that it will take some time to learn all. Therefore, it is best to study and begin your learning as soon as possible.

Experience of a lifetime

There is a high chance that the certified yoga teacher training that you are going to have will become the experience of a lifetime. But the question remains why is it going to be the experience of a lifetime?

The first is that it will take you to the place where you want to be. You are taking this course as you want mastery over yogic practices, to the extent where you will be able to teach others the yoga techniques. After this journey one will be able to do so and it is the most pleasing feeling in the world and life experience to achieve what you have wanted from many times and complete a journey for it. Also, if you choose the right destination and right teaching place your journey will be more exciting.

While choosing the place choose a place with more yogic roots and yoga history, like the country in the mountains where the practices of yoga and mysteries of meditation and Ayurveda were born. More the spiritual and natural environment better will be the yoga teacher training experience. After completing this amazing journey, you will go away with qualifications and skills which will be recognized by the yoga centers around the world and by the students, On top of that, there will be a certification that will speak of your qualification of certified yoga teacher training journey you took.