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Nepal Yoga Home is a great institution for Yoga Teacher’s Training in Nepal. A perfect system of yoga in a well-managed environment is provided in this institute. It has been spreading Yogic knowledge both practically and theoretically for many years. People from all around the world are welcomed here. It is the institution for Yoga and Meditation.

The institution offers a variety of training on Yoga. Nepal Yoga Home is a complete institution where the learners can learn many things and experts can update their dimension of knowledge.  It is the most favourable place in Nepal to learn basic yoga, intermediate yoga, and advanced yoga. A good practitioner easily understands the essence of yoga in the yogic environment of Nepal Yoga Home.

People from many countries have been behoved at Nepal Yoga Home. There are many students of Nepal Yoga Home in many countries. They share their happiness of learning yoga in Nepal in their country with friends and relatives. The glory of yoga has been increasing day by day. This trend of learning has been continued.  This institution is a friendly and favourable place to explore one’s inner spirituality.

The location of Nepal Yoga Home, naturally beautiful place at the lap of Sivapuri-Nagarjun National Park, is the plus point to enjoy the peaceful environment. The beauty of nature and healthy surrounding of Nepal Yoga Home have made the learning jubilant. The scene of this area is delighted which naturally produce enthusiasm to learn Yoga with the depth.

The teachers at Nepal Yoga Home are experienced and the learning environment is friendly. This has definitely made the yoga workshop effective and convenient at Nepal Yoga Home. The main wish of Nepal Yoga Home is to share the merits of yoga all over the world.

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