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20 Tips On Living In Present Moment

Living In Present Moment Concept:

Living In Present Moment – The foundation of this concept i.e. “living in present Moment” is given in Eastern philosophies like Hindu and Buddhist philosophies. As I have not studied other philosophies and religions I am not sure if this concept is given in other philosophies or religions as well. However Patanjali and Buddha have given importance to living in present. “Patanjali Yoga Sutra”, chapter 3, verse no. 52 and chapter 4, verse number 33 talk about living in present moment.

Similarly, the entire focus of Buddha was to live in the present. This practice made many people enlightened during his time. His entire teaching is based on mindfulness i.e. living in present moment. Living in present moment is the way to liberation. The practice of “living in present” awakens the inner consciousness which clears all physical, mental and spiritual blockages. This is the path of self- awakening. This practice, which raises awareness level, releases the inner impurities and gives complete self- purification.

Twenty tips on living in present moment:

living in present moment1)      Early in the morning, as soon as you wake up in bed, sit down in bed with a straight back and neck. Close your eyes and observe your breath. Be aware, attentive and conscious to recognize inhalation and exhalation. Realize that the moment and activity is impermanent. Realize that you are not a breath (an observed) but an observer. Realize that if you have hatred or clinging in mind, it brings misery in life. Practice this for 10 minutes or longer, morning, evening or before going to bed.

2)      When you go to toilet, excrete mindfully i.e. feel the sensation of abdominal organs and excretory organs. Be aware of your activities. Be aware of your body position. Realize this moment and activity is impermanent.

3)      Wash your face consciously. When you wash your face, feel the touch of palm to your face, feel the touch and temperature of water. Witness the activities, and movement. Realize this is also impermanent.

4)       When you brush your teeth, do it consciously. Feel the touch of brush to teeth and jaws. Try to feel tooth- paste and water in your mouth. Observe the activities like hand movement when you are brushing your teeth. Being here and in now helps you for living in present moment.

5)      When you drink tea, do it mindfully. As you hold the cup, witness it. Feel the movement of the hand as you bring the tea cup to your mouth, also feel the touch of the cup and lip. When tea enters the mouth, feel it with your mouth and tongue. Also feel the sensation as it enters into your abdomen. You can do it for all types of liquid- water, juice, etc.

6)      When you eat a meal, feel the chewing as well. Try to be in the present.

7)      When you go for a morning walk, move every single step mindfully. Feel the sensation of leg movement.

8)      Follow the same as number seven during jogging and running as well. Also observe the breath, heart-beat, circulation, etc. Perform your activities by living in present moment.

9)      When you take a shower, feel the touch and temperature of the water. Feel the touch of your hand to body. Observe the moment and movement of different parts of your body.

10)  When you take off or put on your dress, do mindfully- witnessing your body move to know how it moves. Also feel the sensation of your body during this time.

11)  Be mindful about various postures of the body- like standing, seated, resting, lying, moving, etc. This can be done accompanied with breath awareness.

12)  When you talk to somebody, watch yourself. Observe the movement of your mouth and lips. Witness the words and sentences you are speaking. Observe your emotional mental condition when you are talking to others.

13)  When you give something to others, observe the movement and sensation of the body. Also witness your thoughts and feelings during this time.

14)  When you receive something from others, witness your physical movement and body sensation.  At the same time watch your emotions and contemplations.

15)  When some urges such as sex, drugs, wrong food, misconduct, etc. arise in mind observe it rather reacting to it. Do not make any judgment about it. Simply, witness its process- how it arises, how it sustains and how it passes away. Do suppress nothing. Let it happen, let it go. Your work is only to behold. These things come at the surface from the depth level of the mind. When you remain conscious of them, they will eradicate from the root level. Whenever any urges come in the mind, there are some changes in the body, body sensation, breath, circulation, etc. Try to feel it mindfully. Live in the present and witness all the physical and mental activities carefully without reacting to it.

16)  When some good intentions or tendencies arise in mind, watch them and let it prosper. Also observe the effects in the mind and body.

17)  When someone scolds or slanders you, hates, criticizes, etc. Be aware that the person is in an unpleasant situation. Be conscious so that you won’t receive his bad feelings. Your work is to observe the mental and physical activities in the present moment. You should not miss any moment. If you start harming yourself with the hatred, criticism, slanders, etc. of other people you will miss living in present moment. If you realize that there is some mistakes from your side knowingly or unknowingly, mentally seek pardon with the words like, “May all forgive me for my mistakes whomever I might have hurt or harmed; also I pardon all whoever might have hurt or harmed me knowingly or unknowingly”. Do this every night before going to bed. Further, live consciously every moment so that no mistake happens to you. Do not divide the energy of your consciousness into the past and the future. You have to live completely in the present.

18)  When someone admires, appreciates, or respects you, observe yourself. Observe your physical and mental condition. If any arrogance or haughtiness has been raised in mind, observe its beginning, observe its sustaining and finally ending without being affected or reacting to it. Eventually you will clear out all the arrogance which degrades you. Feel the situation of body and mind by living in present moment.

19)  When you get angry with others, or fear of something or somebody, witness the effects in your mind. Observe the physical changes like heart-beat, respiration, etc. during that time. Totally live in the present to know the present situation of your body and mind. Do not get affected by them, behold consciously those things instead. Eventually, such things will get rid from the root level.

20)  When you have good feelings for others, live in the present and witness your feelings. Let the good feelings prosper.

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