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Loving the self is to respect and accept the self the way you are. If you don’t hurt yourself for the sake of getting love from others, you love yourself. If you don’t think against your mind and body, you love yourself. When you love yourself and others, when you don’t attach to others, you love yourself. When you find the real satisfaction in your life, you love yourself.

Loving the self is not an easy task but it is not impossible if we really want to change ourselves. The most important fact of the world is that people are searching love outside. They want to be happy and successful by finding someone in their life, finding love from other people. But the irony is that they invite more problems in their life in the quest of problem-solving. Is there any solution to this problem? Yes, the real solution to this so-called problem is, loving the self.

Then, there is the question “Do you love yourself?” Someone can give the answer to this question easily, “Why not. Every one of the world loves themselves”. But the reality is different because most of the people don’t understand the meaning of loving the self. They are unable to find the real source of love, the real taste of love and the real beauty of love.

Loving to self is to love you as well as your friends, family, and relatives. When you focus on giving love to others then remember that you love yourself. When you can love yourself, you have enough love to give others. Most of the people of the world ask love to others because they feel the lack of love. If you can produce love within, you can be rich with a lot of love and you can distribute that love whoever needs it.

The most dangerous problem of the people of the world is the feeling of lack of love. They don’t find the ocean of love inside and they search the drop of love outside. By the lack of love, they feel alone in their life. They are retarded from their life. If they can find the love inside, they really thank their life and live happily. It is unworthy to be sad by the feeling of rejection. We have to be the source of love to the people.

To love the self, we have to be the source of love. Our heart is really a source of love but we have to open our heart. There is an unlimited amount of love within us and we can give love to others as much as we want. We should be the healer of the people of their loneliness. We have to make them understand to find the love within them.

Ego is the main barrier to realizing the love within. We have to overcome our ego first to find the source of love within. Our real nature is love, our real being is love. We are the product of love and we have the capacity to product love every time. It is a saying that love is God and that is right because love brings us to the level of God. Love is the quality which leads us to a very high position.

Real love can give us all the satisfaction in our life, all the positive situation in our life. But most of the people don’t understand what the real love is. Fake love is ruling this world and most of the people of this world think that there is the existence of fake love. The pure love cannot be found. The real love can be found inside. If we feel the love inside, we start to give love to the people.

We have the illusion that we love ourselves but in reality, we seek the love and we feel the lack of love in our life. There is a way to get love from others. The way is to give love to the people. Whatever we give to others we get back the abundant amount of that particular thing. To get love back, we have to learn to give love first.

If we love ourselves, we are never betrayed by others because we don’t aspect anything from others. We focus on giving love not getting love. We can make others happy by giving love without any expectation. We never blame others for our misfortune. We never keep enmity with anybody. Our life becomes a blessing if we really love ourselves. Our life becomes very easy and happy by loving to the self.

We can see that people hurt themselves if they don’t get the person they like. They do so because they don’t love themselves. They want to show their ego harming themselves. Harming the self is not the sign of loving someone because it is the sign of not loving the self. Self-love uplifts us into the higher level where we cannot find any discrimination in any form.

Who loves the self; he or she is satisfied with the life he or she has. Self-love gives you the broader level of understanding. The understanding makes you a real human being. Love is the Godly good quality which can give us the chance to experience the heaven in this world.

Loving ourselves is not to harm us from inside and outside source. If we claim that we love ourselves, we don’t give others to be dominant in our life. We love and respect equally others as we love and respect us. We don’t condemn us and others for our bad situation. We accept the situation and move ahead to the positive path.

If we love ourselves, we forgive ourselves and others for everything. We don’t indulge in the past, we utilize the present moment. We become proactive rather than reactive if we can love ourselves. Loving the self is the completeness of life.

Loving is accepting, accepting is to satisfying, satisfying is having the abundant amount of everything. Love is the combination of all the positive feelings. Love is the extreme point of positivity. Love demands nothing and love have the capacity to provide everything. Love can win the heart of everyone. Loving the self is the best way of living in this world.