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Himalayan Region was the Origin of Yoga

Yoga is believed to be invented by the Hindu god Shiva whose inhabitant supposed to be in the Himalayan region in a mountain named Kailash Parvat. God Shiva had developed 84 lakhs (8 million 4 thousand) poses of yoga and he taught yoga to his wife Parbati at the first time ever. The system of yoga was transferred by many yogis generation to generation. Yoga is the system of balancing the human consciousness.

Yoga can help us to make the harmony of body, mind, and spirit. The Himalayan region is the best place to practice yoga. From the ancient period, yoga has been doing in the Himalayan region by the great Yogis. Yoga can be the great blessing of our life because it gives the opportunity to find the most important output of our life, salvation.

Reasons to practice yoga in the Himalayan region

Himalayan region is full of the green forests and we can find there snow-capped mountains all around us. There are a lot of trees which gives us the pure Oxygen to breathe. The pure oxygen can purify our body and refresh our mind. The environment and the climate are very suitable to practice yoga in the Himalaya region. The calmness of this region becomes the best setting for meditation which can lead us to the deeper level. The pure air becomes the best opportunity to do a breathing exercise. Nature itself helps us to be inspired and to be in the deeper level. This is totally different from the day to day life of the city.

The city life is very irritating to most of the people so people seek the place where they find the peace of the mind. People who live in the busy life of the city want to get rid of that hectic life. They want to be in the place where they can forget all the busy activities of the day to day life, for that purpose the Himalaya region is the best place. If we can get the chance to go to the Himalayan region every year for some days to get refreshed, that will energize us to be inspired in our life.

Yoga is the way to find out the source of the self and real nature of the human. The real nature of outside can be found in the natural background of the place. The outer nature can be the path to find out the real nature of the inside. Himalaya region is the best place to re-energize the inner self. The Himalayan country gives us the most beautiful scenery and pure air with a peaceful environment for the yoga practice. The real nature gives the beauty to our eyes and that beauty of the outside is the path to search the beauty of inside.

It is believed that many yogis are meditating in different places of the mountainous area. Some of them have been meditating for more than 500 years by praying for the better earth in coming generation. Muktinath and Gosaikunda are the holy places of Nepal where many people go to worship and many yogis are staying to meditate. Those places are very suitable places for doing yoga. Not only great yogis but also we can go the places like that for the short period of time to practice yoga. We can experience the different aspect of life by doing yoga in the Himalayan region which places are holy as well.

Nepal is known as a Himalayan country because it is very rich in mountains and the highest mountain of the world Mt. Everest is here. Among 14 higher than 8,000 meters mountains of the world, 8 are in Nepal. So, Nepal is the country, where we can find the good environment to do yoga, the Himalayan region. There are Himalayan regions in Nepal where we can go to do yoga.

Yoga becomes very popular in this era and we find doing yoga by the people everywhere. Yoga itself is the medium of purification of our body and mind. If we do yoga in the pure air, the purpose of yoga can be achieved more easily than in anywhere else. The pure air can be found in the Himalayan region. So, Himalayan region is the perfect place to do yoga.

We can see that the people who live in the Himalayan region are stronger than who live in other regions. The Himalayan region can provide us the organic food and environment which lead us to the way to perfection. The climate of the Himalayan region is cold so this region is very suitable to do yoga. We can do yoga in the cold place with strong and we cannot be tired fast.

Nepal is also the original place from where yoga has been started. This place is also very rich in herbs and vegetations, rivers and water resource. We cannot ignore the beauty of this country in both ways internally and externally. This Himalayan country is spreading the message of humanity and peace all around the glove. In this region, the energy of the Himalayan region is more powerful for doing yoga in Nepal.

Peaceful mind leads us to the eternality and ecstasy. The pure place can energize our body and mind. This Himalayan region gives us the mental peace and satisfaction.

Himalayan region is the home of spirituality so this place can satisfy our spiritual quest. We can take more advantage by doing yoga in the Himalayan region more than anywhere else. Himalayan region is so clean that we can be fresh all the time. The Himalayan region gives us the strength and power to increase our stretch of the body. There is an active lifestyle in the Himalaya region and this active lifestyle makes the people more strong than who are from another region.

In the Himalayan region, the stress rate is less so we can concentrate on yoga. In the city, the stress cannot give us fully involved in the yoga. The busy life cannot give us to focus on yoga in the city. In this way, we can tell that Himalayan region is the best region for yoga practice.

The people of the Himalayan region are very friendly and helping. Their spirit is pure and they respect the people more than other people do. The behavior of the people helps us to be grateful which becomes beneficial to go into deeper level while doing yoga.

The beautiful surrounding is the real inspiration for our life which can lead us to the great pleasure. The pleasure can create the spiritual curiosity. In the Himalayan region, we can feel the earthly touch which is the wonderful experience. The research has showed that the people who live in Himalayan region can live longer than the people who live in the lower land. The people from the Himalayan region are active than from any other place.

Himalayan region is the cleanest place which provides us the great satisfaction in our life. Doing yoga itself gives us the great benefit in our life; if we do yoga in the Himalayan region we get double satisfaction.